8 Easy Tips To Make the Newborn Stage Easier (From a Mom of 5)

So, you’re getting ready to have a baby, or you’ve just recently had one- and you’re wondering what you can do to save time with a newborn. I recently had my 5th baby, so I am here to say that it does get easier!

There are simple things you can do right now to make your days easier, your nights calmer, and to keep your sanity. Whether you’re preparing for a new baby or you (like me) just had one, you’re in the right place!

As a mom of 5, these simple tips have really helped me! Here are my best tips to make the newborn stage easier!

Surviving the Newborn Phase: Proven Tips for a Smoother Experience

1. Take Care of the Baby Bottles Right Away

If you’re a bottle-feeding mama, this may seem like a mundane or small task, but this really saves time AND keeps that baby bottle fresh and clean!

I have a bad habit of leaving the bottle on or near the couch once my son has eaten. I’ll clean it right before feeding him, which is not a great idea because sometimes when he’s hungry, he’ll cry until the bottle is made.

However, the times when I DO take the time and clean it right after he’s done, all I have to do is add the formula and make his bottle, so that’s less time baby is waiting for the bottle!

It sounds silly, but it really is something that goes a long way if you think about it (actually, you could say that with all of these tips!). It’s also not a bad idea to have more than one bottle..but don’t be like me and let them pile up at times!

For breastfeeding moms, yes, I have a few tips for you too!

  • Have your area ready and stocked (with baby things, snacks, water, etc.!)
  • Cleaning equipment right away if you’re pumping
  • Decide on a show to binge-watch while you’re breastfeeding! I chose Grey’s Anatomy when I was breastfeeding my 3rd baby for a short period of time

2. Pick Up Around the House Whenever You Can

Now, I’m going to tell you right now- with a house of 5 kids, I can clean up any room, and it will be torn up in 10 minutes. It’s really important to understand that there is no doubt that’s going to happen. But you can pick up as you go throughout the day to avoid a super messy house!

This makes it much easier whenever you are ready to start cleaning up. This way, there is only a little bit to do as opposed to it being overwhelming, and if you’re like me, you end up putting it off sometimes.

My kids all help out when they can, too. They make a mess, and they clean it up. If I notice someone has brought their shoes downstairs after I have told them for the millionth time to put them upstairs, by golly, I’m going to make sure they put them back. Or, at least, I try to. Some days are better than others; can you relate?

3. Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

Okay, don’t roll your eyes at this one! I know that this is something that new mothers are told repeatedly, and you keep hearing it again and again. But it’s so true. Especially the newborn stage and especially if you’re a first-time mom. If you have kids already, depending on their age, it will be much harder to accomplish this.

Before I started working full time again, I got my little nap all the time during the day. I would time it perfectly when my toddler took a nap. Some days it worked, and sometimes it didn’t. But I still tried. It’s important to get your rest. Also, if someone is offering you help, take it! Take that nap!

One of the things I hear the most is that once the baby sleeps, it’s hard for some to go right to sleep. I get it; I really do. But if you can’t sleep, at least try to lie down and get some rest! I bet you’ll be asleep before you know it. This is one of the best ways to make life easier with a newborn.

Tip- Try to feed and burp the baby right before you’re ready for a nap!

4. Keep Up With Your Laundry

I hate to love laundry! I actually love doing laundry but have such a hard time folding it. This brings me to…you guessed it, staying on top of your laundry!

There are few things more annoying than wanting to put your baby down for the night and realizing you’ve got no clean pajamas and you have to either a) dig for a pair in the unfolded clean laundry or b) head into your sleeping toddlers room to see if you have any clean ones.

I sometimes struggle with this, so I know someone else does, too. Find a good system that works for you, and do it! Don’t let it pile up. A good system to use is folding and putting it away right after it’s done… if not right after, don’t wait for more than a day to put those clean clothes away!

5. Give Yourself Grace

Getting stressed out is not only detrimental to your health and well-being, but it’s also not good for the baby. It’s not good when they’re in the womb and it most definitely isn’t good when they’re finally out of the womb.

Your baby depends on you; babies can sense if you’re stressed out. Try to stay calm, breathe, and think happy thoughts, whatever gets you to that place of contentment. Your baby will be much happier, and so will you!

You’ll be more focused and able to make better decisions. So give yourself grace, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

6. Make Time for Yourself

Making time for yourself is a must. As a mother of 5, working full time, I tend to be cranky if I don’t get at least a half-hour to an hour of time to myself daily. I normally get this time when the kids are in bed.

I re-focus and get re-charged. It works every time! Sometimes all I need to refresh is to watch the latest episode of the TV show I’m binge-watching or a movie with my husband. Find that thing that brings you joy, and do it!

7. Make Time for Your Spouse

This is something I see all of the time in Facebook groups. Women post that after having their baby they feel that their relationship lacking. So, make time for your spouse and find something to do together.

My husband and I like to watch movies and sometimes play video games. It does get hard at times to find that time. It’s also important to communicate!

8. Ask For Help

This is one of the most important rules! If you struggle with any part after having your newborn, please don’t hesitate to ask for help. Aside from family and friends, so many community resources are available to you. I encourage you to call around and see what is out there and what kind of help you can receive.

How To Make the Newborn Stage Easier

In addition to these eight tips, I’ve also learned that the main thing truly is CONSISTENCY. So, do not just do any of these tips for just one day and then stop! Do it all the time, whenever you can! I hope you enjoyed these tips to make the newborn stage easier from a mom of 5!

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