10 Tips the Frugal Community Is Afraid Will Be Ruined by Too Many People

What’s a frugal tip you fear will be ruined by too many people? People who are always frugal are worried that if certain frugal tips “get out, ” they will be ruined.

For example, many people believe that coupons were destroyed by the show Extreme Couponing.  Everyone started doing it and now extreme couponing is much more difficult.

While visiting a popular frugal community, they volunteered these ten frugal tips they are worried about being ruined by others.

1. Thrifting

Thrifting. Several noted that the stores are catching on, and finding buried treasure is more challenging. The rise of the for-profit thrift store is already destroying it.

One noted that EcoThrift and The Goodwill search online for each item’s value before setting a “competitive price,” marking it, and putting it on the floor.

Another mentioned that thrift flippers pick all the good stuff and sell it on the Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, and flea markets for a profit.

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2. Restoring Furniture

Restoring old furniture is another concern because several pieces are purchased and then flipped for online stores or sellers who now want the corrected value of the furniture because they “know what they have.”


Several people despised that people painted solid wood with “hideous colors.” One added, “It bothers me when they call them antique. They might have been until you ruined them!”

3. Estate Sales

Estate sales were discussed heavily as something already on the verge of being ruined. From more people discovering them to estate sale auction house companies marking everything up, people complained that they’ve changed.


However, others alleged they still find good finds if they go early and the estate sale is hosted by a family, not the housing companies.

4. Buy Nothing Groups on Facebook

Buy Nothing Groups on Facebook. You may only sometimes get the item, but many admitted to getting many amazing things gifted to them from their local buy-nothing and other giveaway sites.


Additionally, people regift items they no longer need, so it helps with frugality and decluttering. Some people attempt to get every item posted in these groups which can be annoying. However, they’ll be banned if they get caught reselling free items.

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5. Flea Markets

Flea markets are popular among many frugal people, and they are concerned they will become destroyed like so many other treasures. One person explained that she explicitly wants people to avoid the ones that require haggling and only accept cash.

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6. Ethnic Grocery Stores

One expressed concern over people finding Asian grocers. She elaborated the one next to her had reorganized the shelves, labeled the aisles with English, and increased prices by half on several items.


Another suggested that any ethnic-themed store, including Hispanic and Middle Eastern, is cheap for food staples like rice, beans, and spices.

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7. Sportswear Lifetime Warranties

Columbia, North Face, Jan Sport, Patagonia, and L.L. Bean were mentioned as incredible at honoring sportswear lifetime warranties. Several people shared instances when a zipper broke or something had a rip or a tear, and the companies fixed or replaced it without hassle.

People worried that if too many people take advantage of this, then the companies will get more strict about what they will honor.

8. Thrift Store Frames

Artists volunteered that they love purchasing framed art at thrift stores, removing the “crummy art” and replacing it with their own. Somebody explained that they buy cheap paintings to rip the canvas off and repurpose the stretcher bars to stretch their own canvas on.

9. Libraries

Libraries are excellent places for free entertainment and other things. In addition to books, many have movies, music, and toys; some even have tools to check out. While everyone agreed they love the idea of people reading, crowded libraries and waiting longer to check things out wouldn’t be fun.

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10. Rotisserie Chicken

Finally, people confessed to already being fed up with the rotisserie chicken lineups at warehouse club stores. They called it a “Black Friday-style lineup near the chicken case.” One said they watched somebody load up on ten at once while she grabbed her one.

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We hope you enjoyed this Reddit discussion. Do you have anything to add to this list?

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