11 Things That Seemed Like a Splurge but Turned Out To Be Frugal

Have you ever spent on something that seemed extravagant in the short run but turned out to be frugal eventually? One Reddit user did just that, and he posted his experience on the platform.

He also wanted to hear other people’s take on the issue. According to him, a natural orthopedic bed that cost him over 5 times the price of a normal one was one of his frugal purchases. It turned out to be comfortable and durable.

Other Reddit users chipped into this discussion, and here are some of the best responses.

A Good Office Desk

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One user says such a desk saved her from back pain and therapy,” This also includes the office desk chair. For years, I had back and neck pains and frequently needed massage or other therapy until I invested in a setup that worked for me. Not only saving on therapy, but I’m sure my body will thank me in the coming decades.”

3D Printers

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Another user was able to create a business from what was initially a hobby, “I bought it as a toy for me to have fun with. Turns out, just by making plastic parts for appliances and odd modeling and printing contracts, that thing paid itself 4 times over by the end of the first year I had it.”

Backpacks That Last Forever 

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One user swears by JanSport backpacks, “JanSport backpacks, I spent $79.99 on a backpack in 2017 for my KINDERGARTENER, and she still has the same backpack. Same for her brother, who purchased it in 2019 and is still going. The backpack from 2017 looked dirty, but I gave it a wash in the tub, and it is as good as new. No scuffs to the fabric, and no split or damaged zippers. And again, these are being handled by grade-school kids. Plus, JanSport also has a lifetime guarantee.”

Tap Water Filters

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This small investment changed how one user drinks water at home, “We bought a tap filter for the kitchen, and it’s been a godsend in a town where I don’t trust the water. Also, a water filter pitcher for the fridge. No more bottled water, and it tastes great! I also bought a glass carafe set for my bedside table. It has silicon around the bottom to keep it from sliding, and the glass fits over to the top of it like a lid. It was only $9. I’m drinking more water without having to think about it due to these purchases. Total investment: about $70.”

Litter Robot

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This is a good investment for people who hate scooping litter, “ I hate scooping litter more than anything, I hate the smell of cat pee.. but love my kitties. I was using premium litter in a normal litter box. I was able to switch to a cheaper litter without increasing smells, and I go through litter about 40% slower with the auto sifter. In 4-5 years, the litter robot should pay for itself in litter savings.”

Acoustic Guitar

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Some hobbies are expensive but worth it, “An enjoyable hobby. I bought an expensive acoustic guitar 15 years ago, but I have played the hell out of that thing and enjoyed it so much. Even though I play less often now, it’s a lifetime purchase that I’ll be able to enjoy at 90, god willing, “ says one user. 

Anything Made of Cowhide or Leather

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If it is made of cowhide, it has to be of great quality, as one user notes, “Boots, wallet, coat, belt, etc. If it’s the skin of a dead cow, I’m not buying the store brand. I’ll spend triple knowing I’m getting quality leatherwork that will last at least 5x longer than the cheap alternative and look/feel better while I’m using them.”

Instant Pot

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One user says that if well used, an instant pot is a game changer in the kitchen, “For day-to-day living, I’d say, an Instant Pot. Such a great, easy, effortless way to cook inexpensive food. But it’s a waste of money if it’s just going to clutter up your counter space, unused.”

Electric Cars

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“They’re more expensive than gas cars, but the savings you get from the cheaper fuel source and less maintenance, combined with the federal and state (if you live in one that doesn’t suck) money you can get for it, makes them cheaper in the long run if you keep it for a while,” argues another user

Massage Therapy

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One user says that massage therapy keeps the doctor away, “I use my HSA funds and go once a month. Keeps my body moving right and prevents long-term issues. Most people see it as an indulgence, but it’s cheaper than a chiropractor, and I feel like it works better. Also, I’m more active now that things don’t hurt, which means I am overall healthier. Lower medical bills in the long run.”


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One user recognizes that although this may not be popular with others, it has served him quite well, “Might be unconventional, but an iPhone. They have serious buy it for life energy. I bought an iPhone 7 Plus the month it came out, and I’m still using it. You can pay Apple to replace the battery. Best $750 I ever spent. Other phones straight up are unusable after two years.”


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