12 Dumbest Purchases You’ll Ever Make

In our modern world, there is no shortage of “stuff” to spend money on.

Some purchases are game-changing, useful innovations that improve your life and offer tangible value to your daily routine. Other purchases are quite the opposite.

In this article, we’re taking a look at 12 items that are widely considered to be a complete waste of money. Read on to learn which items NOT to buy so you don’t have to learn the hard way!

1. Fast Fashion

ecstatic woman in dress standing inside wardrobe rack
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Seeing an ad for a shirt that is only five dollars can certainly be quite tempting. However, when it comes to clothing, if a price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Items that are mass-produced at extremely low costs are not built to last. They are not sustainable investments that you can wear again and again over the years. In many cases, you might only wear your new item once before it gets banished eternally to the back of your closet.

2. New Phones

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It seems like a new and improved phone model is coming out every other week. The entire Internet begins to buzz during these releases, with netizens sharing their excitement over the potential features and additions.

But when people scrap or trade in their current phone to get the newest, shiniest gadget, they often regret it. Their original phone could have served them well for many years and been a wise long-term investment.

Plus, whatever tech specs the new phone offers will likely be marginally better than the previous model.

3. Watering the Lawn

golf ball on grass with golf driver
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Perfectly green, manicured lawns are definitely a trendy staple for the ideal family home.

However, when you really stop to think about it, all the effort that goes into meticulously maintaining your greenery doesn’t really provide much payoff. If you live in a moist, tropical climate, nature might do the work for you so you can enjoy a lush lawn without shoveling over bags of money for constant watering.

But if you live in a dry, arid place, it might be best just to leave your lawn be.

4. Satellite TV

man watching TV on couch.
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Paying hefty sums of money just to get saddled with a million channels you never want to watch? No thanks. Today, subscribing to one or two good streaming services that have your favorite shows is the smarter idea.

5. Weddings

Reflection of a young woman in wedding dress fixing her make-up.
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The wedding industry has made a fortune brainwashing brides into believing that their big day has to be the bash of the century. In reality, this celebration should be about the love and union of two individuals surrounded by close friends and family.

There’s no need to go into debt just to throw an extravagant event.

6. Branded Clothes

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For some reason, lots of fashion aficionados are happy to splurge thousands of dollars for simple clothing items that have a famous name-brand logo printed on the front.

Instead of wasting money on a look that will only be trendy for a few months, prioritize quality over brand name.

7. Food Delivery

Mobile app icons of assorted food delivery services are seen on a smartphone, including DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, delivery.com, Seamless, Postmates and Instacart.
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With delivery costs, cart fees, and driver tips, ordering food to your house can rack up a huge price tag in no time.

On special occasions, it might be nice to treat yourself to a meal without leaving the comfort of your home. But on a regular basis, taking the time to walk or drive to the restaurant yourself is much more budget-friendly.

8. Luxury Bags

Redhead woman in sunglasses with shopping bags on yellow background.
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For many people, owning a bag from a big brand is a huge pride point. However, the truth is that a $5 bag and a $1000 dollar bag can hold your belongings just the same.

9. Fireworks

Fireworks over the river
Image Credit: kapustin_igor via DepositPhotos.com.

Let’s be real: if you’ve seen one minute of a fireworks show, you’ve seen the entire show.

One or two sparklers with friends can be fun for a special party, but at a certain point, spending tons of money to secure fireworks is like throwing away your funds for an experience that will only last seconds.

10. In-Game Purchases

Computer game competition. Gaming concept. Excited girl playing video game with joystick.
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Whether it’s your favorite online game or the app you’re simply addicted to, shelling over money to buy your character a cool new outfit isn’t the best idea. Although it may make you feel good for a moment or two, it’s just not worth it to waste money on items that you can’t even enjoy in real life.

11. Greeting Cards

Restful young woman with cup of drink reading greeting-card
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Spending $5-10 dollars to get your loved one a card from the grocery store is a waste of money. Most cards simply contain generic quotes that we’ve already heard a million times or worse – failed attempts at witty comedy.

Instead of making this unnecessary purchase, use the construction paper you already have at home to make your own blank card.

12. Lottery Tickets

lottery ticket with hypothetical numbers, QR code and barcode,
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It’s nice to dream, but the reality is that your chances of actually winning the lottery are extremely, extremely, EXTREMELY low.

You are more likely to die in a plane crash than you are to win the lottery: that’s a true statistic. If you’re hoping for the lottery to be your saving grace, try saving or investing your money wisely instead of throwing it away on this wasteful game.

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