20 Things That Are the Worst, No Matter What

Let’s face it, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Certain things have managed to maintain their status as sucky over the years, through generations and eras. From minor nuisances to major irritations, some things seem to have a knack for persistently sucking!

One Redditor asked, “What sucks, has sucked, and always will suck?” The thread has thousands of comments, but we have selected the top 20 for you!

1. Mosquito

Dangerous Malaria Infected Mosquito Skin Bite. Leishmaniasis, Encephalitis, Yellow Fever, Dengue, Malaria Disease, Mayaro or Zika Virus Infectious Culex Mosquito Parasite Insect Macro.
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From caveman times to now, mosquitoes have been the OG party crashers. 

A discerning Reddit user commented, “Mosquitoes. Only female mosquitoes suck. Male mosquitos are just there nibble on pollen and make more mosquitos.”

Another replied, “Right now, one particular mosquito is buzzing near my ears, yes, it definitely sucks. Speaking from experience. They’re getting worse, too. EEE, West Nile, malaria appearing in the USA. None of these things were a thing 50 years ago.”

2. Cancer

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A Reddit user wrote, “Going through it right now. Bile Duct Cancer. I was diagnosed last year at age 39. Not exactly what I thought my 40’s would look like. Not looking too good, either. I keep waking up and pushing forward each day, though. 

I want to bank as many good memories with my wife and 8-year-old son before this thing wins. It will be what kills me; just a matter of when. I’m hoping for a good amount of time. Cancer is a stupid, pointless disease. It’s terrible to have, and it’s even worse to fight. I’m on high doses of pain meds just to stay upright at this point. ”

Someone else added, “Agree 100%. My wife and I are 38, 8-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy. Her and I are both the definition of healthy. She just got diagnosed with bladder cancer, if you’re in medicine you’ll know that is something that just doesn’t happen. First round of a very intense chemo yesterday. Once chemo rounds are finished, she gets to have a robotic radical cystectomy. At 38. ”

And let’s not even talk about the whole process of dealing with cancer. The diagnosis hits like a ton of bricks- your world gets turned upside down, and suddenly you’re thrown into this whirlwind of treatments, appointments, and endless medical jargon.

3. Loneliness

Miserable displeased man has sick look, red swollen eyes, smirks face.
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Remember those teenage years? Yeah, it’s like a breeding ground for loneliness. The awkward dances, the lunchroom cliques- it’s a recipe for feeling isolated and wondering if you missed the “How to Fit In” memo. But here’s the kicker- even as adults, the loneliness game doesn’t retire. 

One said, “That acting like a lonely person sends social signals that make people even less likely to want to get to know you.”

Another replied, “Been there. Loneliness breeds desperation, and desperation breeds loneliness. Vicious cycle.”

4. Disabilities 

woman surprised.
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Someone commented, “Being born deaf-blind. Ask how I know. :(“

Someone else added, “Usher’s Syndrome is a genetic disorder that left me with deafness and blindness caused by retinitis pigmentosa (eye disease). A lot of people without disabilities don’t realize how lucky they have it.”

And it’s not just the physical challenges- it’s the whole package. The looks from people who don’t get it, the subtle pats on the back like we’re some kind of brave warriors fighting a cosmic battle. Sure, some people mean well, but it’s like disabilities come with a side order of pity, and that adds to the suckiness.

5. Kidney Stones

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A Reddit user wrote, “Kidney stones. Try 3 in one month! No. Don’t. It really sucks!”

Another added, “My mom says they’re worse than childbirth. So them in particular. I hope no one ever has to go through the pain, mental trauma, and the PTSD.”

So, kidney stones have been sucking the joy out of life for ages, and they’re not showing any signs of retirement.

6. Period Cramps

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Since the dawn of womankind, our bodies have decided to throw a monthly fiesta of pain right in the middle of our regular lives. We mean, can’t we catch a break? Ancient ladies probably had to deal with the same rollercoaster ride of discomfort, and here we are, still experiencing the same old crampy carnival. Thanks, evolution. 

A discerning Reddit user commented, “Period pains. Endometriosis period pains….my god. Feels like being split in half. Ripped apart is how I’ve described it to male doctors who have no. Idea.”

Someone else added, “Period pains and cramps suck balls. Have you seen those videos on YouTube of guys trying a period cramp simulator thing? They literally needed proof that they were painful as anything.”

7. Death

Crying woman at funeral
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michaeljung via DepositPhotos.com.

One said, “Death is not some normal return to an awaiting void; it’s seen as a cancellation of everything people hold dear. It is this deprivation of life that makes death a bad thing. It removes all the endless possibilities one could have had to see and experience additional things.”

Another replied, “Only if you believe you become nothing after you die. That means there is no point in living life. I have learned nothing doesn’t exist. But then again, most people don’t know if they will ever see their family or friends ever again, and that honestly does suck.”

8. Taxes

Close up view of the income tax return.
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A Reddit user wrote, “You do have to pay taxes even when you die, one last jerk you from the govt. It doesn’t matter what political beliefs you ascribe to; no one honestly enjoys paying taxes. At best, it’s like eating your vegetables.”

Someone else added, “The United States needs to fix the tax code to incentivize fair and equitable economic decisions instead of perverse political ones. Taxes . … much of the hatred is simply because the act of filing one’s taxes is a drag, or even a trick, like the specter of the IRS.”

Oh, and let’s not forget the emotional turmoil that comes with tax season. The panic of deadlines and the frustration of forms. It’s a whirlwind of stress that only ends when you hit “submit” and pray you didn’t mess up.

9. War

Cheerful military man in uniform and cap smiling near american flag
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Lives lost, families torn apart, cities reduced to rubble- it’s a horrific spectacle that humanity can’t seem to quit. This user shared, “Wars. Testing weaponry and making the rich richer…oh, and culling the poor.”

One said, “War is always horrible, and humans losing their lives for the elite is unjust and a tragedy. “There is no hunting like the hunting of a man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter” Ernest Hemingway.”

10.  Shifting Houses

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Saying goodbye to your old place, the memories embedded in the walls- it’s like leaving behind a piece of yourself. And the new place? Well, it’s too unfamiliar!

Someone commented, “Packing your stuff up and moving.”

Another replied, “Yep. My family moved practically every few months growing up. I went to probably 20-something schools in those days. And packing everything up and loading it was  n e v e r  fun.”

Another added, “I moved around a lot growing up; the worst moves were the overseas ones from Europe to the US, especially since we always moved in the summers, which is when my birthday is…don’t know how many birthdays I “celebrated” in a mostly empty house with no friends and just my brothers/parents.”

11. Bedbugs

Girl in the bed looking mad
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Let’s not sugarcoat it- bedbugs are like those annoying guests who come over uninvited and refuse to leave. They’re not content with biting you; they also make themselves at home in your precious mattress, sheets, and furniture!

One said, “Bedbugs. Figuratively AND literally!”

Someone else added, “My mother-in-law brought them home when she lived with us. At one point, I counted 32 bites on one arm alone. Sleep was impossible because of the itching. And I knew that sleeping would only result in more bites. Out of 4 people in the house, I was the only one with bites.”

12. Ticketmaster

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A Reddit user wrote, “Stubhub. $600 to see Muse? No way. It’s criminal, I agree.”

Another replied, “All tickets have to be bought online, and they charge you the equivalent of 2-3% of the ticket. Then you still had to print out the voucher and go to their branch to “claim” the ticket. Makes you wonder if we can’t have an option to just buy in person.”

Even back in the day, when bands were jamming in smoky bars, Ticketmaster was there, waiting to slap on extra fees and make us question why we were even bothering. Fast forward to today, and guess what? They’re still at it, giving us the privilege of paying a fortune for a ticket that should’ve cost way less.

13. Healthcare

Doctor with female patient
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A discerning Reddit user commented, “Healthcare in America. Quality of care can be great, but the system surrounding it is indefensible.”

Someone commented, “My employer (south America) recently changed healthcare policy to a copay model. They said it’s the same model used in the US, like that’s supposed to be a positive, not the worst possible way, ha!

The cost of insulin is way too high. According to NBC, Insulin costs an average of $1000 per month if you don’t have ‘good’ insurance. The American healthcare system sucks. We spend about twice as much money per person as our peer countries to achieve roughly the same.”

And guess what? No matter how many healthcare reforms or policies are thrown around, it’s like the system can’t seem to get its act together. We might hear people promising change, but at the end of the day, it’s still a chaotic circus that leaves many of us feeling helpless.

14. Politicians

Democrat Party and Republican Party Symbol on an American Flag Background
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The bickering, the finger-pointing, the endless political games- it’s a never-ending reality TV show that nobody asked for. Instead of working together to get things done, these politicians are more interested in scoring points and staying in the spotlight. 

One said, “Politicians. Came here looking for politics!”

Another added, “Gosh, I couldn’t agree with this more.  Our society rests on self-governance and self-determination. We reward politicians who lie to us, argue with each other, and play games, so generally, it’s a feeling of frustration over not feeling like one person makes any difference.”

15. Mental Illness

Young Caucasian hipster guy wearing white shirt holding hands on head looking desperately at camera going to cry while found out about something awful. Crying man with blue eyes having troubles.
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Mental illness doesn’t care about age, gender, or background, but society can be downright clueless about how to deal with it. 

A Reddit user wrote, “Mental illness sucks the life out of everything. Yeah, my genetics have particularly messed me over with regard to mental health. I spent the entire summer of 2022 battling a type of OCD called pocd. At times, that stuff almost felt like a fate worse than death.”

Another replied, “Living with chronic mental illness sucks. It can be hard to view it as anything but negative. Mental illness isn’t fair, and it is bad—there’s no way around that.”

16. Shingles

Photo of young girl disgusted dislike bad smell negative
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Someone commented, “Shingles. I didn’t expect it to s**k as much as it did. I pray it never comes back. Shingles took 80% of my mom’s hearing. Get the vax!”

Someone else added, “I went to the doctor too late; no anti-virals! I thought childbirth was rough, at least that ends eventually, that shingles hung on for years, I still get twinges.”

Another added, “My mom got super sick yesterday after getting her shingles vaccine. Her response was “well, it’s better than shingles.””

And guess what? No matter how many vaccines or antiviral medications we have, shingles always seem to find a way to be around.

17. Andrew Tate

Bucharest, Romania - January 25, 2023: Andrew Tate and his brother leave the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime.
Image Credit: llcv via DepositPhotos.com.

A discerning Reddit user commented, “I hate that this guy’s videos are constantly popping up in my shorts. The algorithms are supposed to make me want to stay on YouTube as long as possible, not to smash my phone on the floor and never go back there.”

Another replied, “for those of you who don’t know: “Tate’s statements about women have been criticized for being misogynistic and disrespectful. He has made comments that many consider objectifying and demeaning towards women, which can contribute to harmful stereotypes and attitudes.””

Andrew Tate dishes out advice like he’s some kind of life guru, but he’s got a permanent blind spot for empathy and basic human decency. His “wisdom” reads like a how-to guide for being a terrible human being.

18. Back Problems

man wearing red tshirt looking upset
Image Credit: vova130555@gmail.com via DepositPhotos.com.

One said, “Back injury/pain. It sucks the life out of you. Been there and done that as well, crushed fractured spine, and two vertebrae in my early twenties. It might suck, there are bad times, but you have to get on with life.”

Another added, “Truth! The worst pain I’ve ever felt. But honestly, any chronic pain pretty much sucks.”

But you know what? We’re not giving up without a fight. We’ll do our stretches, visit the professionals, and maybe try some questionable remedies that our great-aunt swears by.

19. Getting Older

Portrait of grey haired old nice beautiful annoyed woman with palms on head. Isolated over violet purple background
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The fear of the unknown is real, from health concerns to retirement planning!

A Reddit user wrote, “Getting old. Been there, doing that, it sucks.”

Someone else added, “You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about this whole getting old thing lately, and I’ve gotta admit, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Health problems and physical changes suck.”

20. MAGA

Make America Great Again, MAGA hat on a white background
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The idea behind it might sound pretty catchy- who doesn’t want to make their country better, right? But here’s where the rollercoaster starts. MAGA became associated with a particular political movement and came with its own controversies and policies.

Someone commented, “MAGA. “Some critics are concerned about the approach taken toward international diplomacy and relationships during the MAGA era, believing that it might have strained alliances and weakened America’s global standing.””

Another replied, “Changes in immigration policies, environmental regulations, and international relations due to maga just suck.”

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