15 Things Polite People Never Do in Someone Else’s Home

Even the most well-meaning people can come across as rude if they aren’t careful. Here are fifteen things you should never do when invited to someone’s home, lest you get a warranted side-eye.

Hide a Mess

Making a mess is embarrassing. But having a host find your mess after you left, knowing full well you’re the culprit? That’s much worse.

Show Up Too Early

It’s safest just to show up slightly late; you don’t know where in the party preparedness the host is.

Overstay Their Welcome

Watch for cues suggesting it’s time to wrap things up. Chances are, if you’re one of the few left and you’re seeing some yawns, it’s time to say goodbye.

Snooping Around

Leave the medicine cabinet be! Curiosity will get you uninvited from every other get-together if you’re caught snooping around.

Bringing Someone Uninvited

Your host is ready to entertain a set amount of people. Bringing someone they aren’t expecting or don’t know is downright disrespectful.

Moving Things Around

You can argue that a plant has better feng shui in the corner all you want. But you’re just moving things when you haven’t been asked, which is impolite.

Feeding Pets

You might be used to tossing your dog a meat scrap of two, but you don’t know if that dog has a special diet. You could also reinforce bad behaviors the owners are actively trying to have the dog unlearn.

Leaving Shoes On

Not every home has the rule to take your shoes off at the door. But when in doubt, ask. And when prompted, remove them.

Not Cleaning Up After Themselves

You don’t necessarily have to wash the pots and pans, but you should at least offer to help clean up and pick up any garbage you’ve left lying around.

Expecting the Host to Feed Them

This is especially important if you’re staying with someone long-term: don’t expect your hosts to handle all your dietary needs to a tee. Be grateful for what they offer, but be ready to pick up lunch for yourself.

Showing Up Without a Gift

If invited to someone’s home, you should show up with something. Coming empty-handed is gauche.

Expecting to Get a Tour of the House

You’re interested in seeing how the new basement is coming along. However, they’re not interested in showing you, so leave it be.

Disrespecting House Rules

Hosts that make explicit house rules are doing so for a reason — it’s their way of keeping personal peace while they have someone else in their space. And if you ever expect to be invited back, respect these rules.

Turning Children Loose

Bringing your kids to someone’s home doesn’t mean it suddenly becomes a playground. Teach them to be respectful in someone else’s home, always say please and thank you, and ask politely if they need or want something.

Criticizing Decor

The last one seems incredibly obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people get this wrong, even if they mean well. It’s okay if you don’t like their stuffed owl collection. They do, that’s why it’s in their home. So zip your lips, nod politely, and move on.

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