28 Things People Think Are a Waste of Money, But Totally Aren’t

We all have that something we think would be a waste of money if we bought it or experienced it, no matter how much it costs. A Reddit user was also curious to know what people thought was a waste of money, but that didn’t seem to bother others. The thread went viral. We have sampled some of the best responses from this thread here.

1. Fast Food

Excited hungry pretty girl eats fast food, cheap burger, holds a cheeseburger and soda, open mouth.
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One user thinks fast food is a waste of money, “There’s no such thing as “fast food” anymore. It’s now simply drive-thru food. The prices aren’t much cheaper and it takes sooooo long to go through a line thanks to nonstop online orders combined with staffing cuts.”

2. This Year’s New Phone

woman smiling at phone in her hand
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Buying a new cell phone every year is also pure wastage, notes another user, “A cell phone can be used for five years without any negative effects. Then the downfall begins: accumulator deteriorates, no more updates, purposefully worsening by the manufacturer. So you’re absolutely right. There’s no need to buy a new phone every year. Buy one every fifth year and save 80%.”

3. Huge Pickup Trucks

Modern pickup in the middle of the desert. Car at the offroad. Big red truck stopped at the during off-road trip
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Huge pickups may look wonderful, but they are money pits; according to one user, “Huge pickup trucks for people who never have to haul anything bigger than groceries. My SIL has always had a massive lifted truck; she is 5ft tall her knees are shot from jumping in and out of the stupid things.”

He illustrates further how this could be an issue, although most people do not see it that way, “When I suggested she get a car or crossover, so she and her elderly mastiff could easily get in and out. She replied with “ I’ma country girl, and having a truck lets a man know I’m gonna rock his world.”

She’s 35, divorced, and has her lifestyle funded by her parents. She ain’t rocking nobody’s world. Unless “ rocking” is a new term for running and fleeing as fast as possible.”

4. Lawns

cute man mowing lawn in the backyard of his house.
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“Usually an introduced monoculture grass species that takes water, fertilizer, and repeated mowing to look good,” said another user sarcastically.

5. Donating To Political Campaigns

Democrat Party and Republican Party Symbol on an American Flag Background
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One person argues that donating to political campaigns is also another waste people do not seem to worry about, “People say they agree, yet millions donate every election cycle.”

6. Satellite TV

People paying for satellite TV while they could subscribe to a streaming platform is also confusing to another member, “Why ppl still buying those huge packages of 100+ canals and watching like 5 of them … when there’s so many streaming platforms or online tickets which doesn’t require legal action to just unsubscribe them is beyond me.”

Couple watching tv
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7. Buying a New Car Every Couple of Years

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New cars depreciate in value yearly, yet some people do not seem to mind, “My former boss did this, traded in his car every 3 years so he didn’t have to get an MOT done. £60 for a test (which a very lightly used Range Rover should definitely pass) or £20k+ in depreciation. No brainier, right?”

8. Diamonds (Jewelry Specifically)

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Diamonds are precious metals to some people, but others do not seem to agree. One user said, “If you wanna see just how worthless. Just try reselling one…”

Another added, “Pawn Shops will offer to take the diamond out of a wedding ring; the diamond is worthless; they only pay for the gold.”

9. Starbucks

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Another person thinks spending money on Starbucks coffee is a waste, “Like, once in a while, fine. But daily, or more? No thanks.:

Someone else agrees, noting that homemade coffee is much cheaper, “Starbucks. Coffee from home is a whole lot cheaper. If I have to stop for a coffee on the go, I stop at 7-11. They have great coffee, and it is cheaper.”

10. Weddings

Cheerful young couple in love having fun outdoors
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Some people are not too fond of wedding expenses: “The entire wedding industry is such a huge waste of resources. People spend thousands of dollars, families go into debt, for a party.”

11. Door Dash/Postmates

Mobile app icons of assorted food delivery services are seen on a smartphone, including DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, delivery.com, Seamless, Postmates and Instacart.
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Other people do not find value in delivery apps, “I looked the other day at getting something for the first time and saw it would cost me almost 30 dollars for a 7-dollar meal. I was like no I’ll just make something.”

12. Branded Clothing

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One person argued that buying branded clothing is like paying the company to advertise their brand, “You’re paying them to advertise their brand.”

Another agreed with this, saying, “100% this. And the people who try to follow high fashion and Ballenciaga crap. They are selling you sweatshop quality clothing for such an absurd markup, and then it’s not even popular in 6 months.”

13. Tanning Salons

Woman in bed solarium with protect glasses
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Tanning salons are not legal in some countries, and where they are allowed, it is like paying money to get cancer, said one user, “Basically paying to get skin cancer.”

14. Gambling

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Gamblers think they get free stuff while on cruises, but according to one user, this is not the case, “Yes! I have so many friends that are like “we get free rooms because we gamble” and “We get free drinks on cruises because we gamble” like uuuuuuh you’re just paying for your room a different way. They’re making WAY more on you by giving you free things. Why else would they do it?”

15. Country Club Memberships

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The sense of exclusivity these clubs have is not worth much to another user, “…despite spending my childhood summers at the local club pool. I would never spend that kind of money for some sense of exclusivity as an adult.”

16. New Baby Items

newborn baby smiling wearing a baby hat
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According to another user, safety is more important when buying new baby items, “We got a used, but safe crib, changing table, and rocker for our first kid and used it through our second. My friends spent hundreds on all-new furniture; it just seemed like such a waste to me. It wasn’t even like our furniture looked bad either.”

17. Tithing

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One user faults religion for keeping his family poor through tithing, “I grew up with just the basics, and sometimes my parents couldn’t do basic stuff or buy us clothes bc they gave 10% to the church their whole lives. Imagine saving 10% of your money for 50+ years? They could have retired, but no, still working for the church.”

18. Food Festivals

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Another person feels that food festivals are too extravagant for no reason, “I feel like I’m throwing away money for four bites of something after waiting in a long line.”

19. Expensive Dinners at High-end Restaurants

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One user questioned the essence of spending too much money at a high-end restaurant, “There’s a happiness index at a certain price point that makes me really question what I’m getting for the money. We ate at one place in Philly that was $175 per couple. I felt like I got fleeced despite being a coveted place to eat.”

20. Makeup

Makeup mascara woman with hair rollers getting ready looking in pocket mirror.
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On a topic close to many ladies’ hearts, a user wonders why they cannot be natural, “It takes time to put it on, people might notice you’re wearing it but don’t care, you have to take it off, lest you ruin your pillowcase. If you sweat or it rains, you have to touch it up. It can irritate your skin. Quality makeup is really expensive, and it can collect bacteria, and you have to replace it frequently, not to mention fashions change, so last year’s colors aren’t fashionable this year.”

21. Purebred Dogs

Woman playing with her dog and toy in autumn park
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The hype about getting a purebred dog escapes another user, “You want a dog? Go to the nearest animal shelter. There must be half a million dogs in this country waiting for a permanent home,” he adds that one can save these animals if they want, “Some are euthanized because there’s no more room and not enough food, but someone with money to burn adds to the problem by getting one deliberately bred with designer genes.”

22. Eating Out

Girl in restaurant had been expecting a reasonable price, but the total seemed much higher.
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Eating out drains the wallet, according to another user, “My recent experiences were severely overpriced average or below-average food. Hidden fees are called “promotion” or “support”. Tip on top of this nonsense. Half a waffle and a root beer float can’t cost $24+.”

23. Alcohol

man toasting with beer
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One user urges that people spend too much on alcohol despite its negative health effects, “It causes deaths and injuries and isn’t healthy but yeah, let’s spend our paycheck on it so we can have earth-shattering headaches in the morning.”

24. Tattoos

young adult girl with baseball hat and tattoo
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According to one user, people who get tattoos are idiots, “Imo they are the biggest waste of money, and when someone gets a new one and shows it off, I automatically think they are an idiot.”

25. Baby Showers

Happy mother with baby in hands
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Baby showers which happen at expensive venues, are a waste of money, says one user, “…it does seem like a bit of a dumb financial decision to have it in a whole venue with catering, and then you’re in credit card debt/debt with the venue provider. Just have it at your house, have a little get-together, exchange advice and gifts, cook food and bake desserts or smth when that’s worlds cheaper than all the pomp and circumstance.”

26. Lottery Tickets

lottery ticket with hypothetical numbers, QR code and barcode,
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There is a reason why the jackpot possible winning is high; according to another user, “Someone at work commented about the high jackpot…but it’s because no one has won since April. When will people stop throwing their money away?”

27. Weight-loss Surgery

Portrait of angry furious offended senior person with bob hairdo wear pink shirt scream in conflict isolated on blue color background.
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One user does not make sense of this kind of surgery, “After the surgery, you have to follow a diet or you can regain the weight. If you can follow a diet, why do you need surgery? If you can’t follow a diet, why risk surgery for something that’s not gonna work?”

28. Professional Family Photos

fall activities: Happy family playing with autumn leaves in park in
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“Respectfully, the photographers are talented. I just don’t get why people must have professional family photos around the house everywhere. I’ve always appreciated candid photos more,” says one user emphasizing the beauty of capturing raw moments with your family.

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