Your Wife Will Likely File for Divorce if You Get These Things for Her on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day might not seem like a big deal when you’re married, but your wife still cares.

Gifts Are Important

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She can also tell the difference between a gift you spent 2 minutes picking out and one you spent time and effort on. Make sure to avoid getting her these things unless you want your gift to be divorce papers.

1. Appliances

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Appliances are good purchases but make terrible gifts. It implies that the only thing you appreciate about your wife is her cooking and cleaning skills.

Show Appreciation in Other Ways

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Try to go more for something that reflects her personal interests and your appreciation of her as your wife, not your cook or maid.

2. Gym Membership

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This one should be common sense. Even if she specifically asks for it, which is highly unlikely, you should still get her something different. A gym membership sends a message that you don’t like the way she looks.

Be Compassionate

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Women are sensitive about their figure, and giving her something as obviously offensive as a gym membership will get you nowhere but divorce court.

3. Fake Jewelry

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If you’re going to get your wife jewelry for Valentine’s Day, at least make sure it’s real. Yes, you could go spend $50 on a necklace from Walmart, but she could just as easily go get that herself.

Don’t Be Cheap

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Get her something nice that reflects your appreciation of her in your life. Fake jewelry will make you come off as tacky and cheap.

4. Handmade Gifts

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Handmade items are nice, but if you built something for her at the house, she likely already knows about it, so there goes the surprise. She also won’t have the option to exchange it if she doesn’t like it.

Go Custom

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Instead, get her something that is custom designed. It still has the custom quality that comes with homemade gifts, but it will be far easier to maintain the surprise.

5. Overly Cheesy Gifts

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Stores are always selling super cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts, like teddy bears and personalized pillows. Teddy bears were cute in high school, but you’re grown up now. Your wife deserves something well thought out and sentimental, not cheesy and tacky.

Time for an Upgrade

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Consider upgrading her ring. If you’ve been together for a while, consider getting her a new “engagement ring” to upgrade from the one she was given when you originally proposed.

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