8 Clean And Sustainable Picks Your New Mom Friends Will Appreciate

Did your friend just have a baby? While traditional baby gifts are lovely, sometimes it’s great to break the mold with a new and exciting product. These clean and sustainable picks will delight your new mom friends and cement your status as an awesome friend forever!

So when you get that baby shower invite or hear the joyous new baby news, grab one of these awesome new products and delight the new mom in your life.

Well Told Insulated Tumblers

well told tumbler
Image Credit: Well Told

There is nothing more powerful than the thirst of a new mom. So skip the traditional blankets and head to the hospital with one of these insulated tumblers. They come engraved with different maps so you can make them personal and choose a map that is meaningful to your friend. No more plastic water bottles- these tumblers will keep your friend’s drink cold all night. I have a Tumbler with the night sky etched on it, and I LOVE it!

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MyBevi Tumbler

Image Credit: MyBevi

MyBevi is the new mom’s best friend this summer. What sets this brand apart from competitors is how easy it is to carry your diaper bag, phone, keys, and a tumbler while on the go. The collection offers stainless steel tumblers for everyone manufactured to endure all weather conditions and activities. So get your coffee fix for the day, or quench that thirst with ice-cold water. Eco-conscious consumers will be glad to know that this small family business is doing its part to provide sustainable solutions for a healthier future for our planet. I constantly use MyBevi and drag it in and out of the car. I love it!

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Smelly Proof Reusable Bags

SMELLY PROOF - Reusable Black Odor-Proof Storage Bags - 10-PACK - Barrier Technology - Made in the USA

New moms know that so much stuff comes with a baby! I have these reusable bags that I use for practically everything! My mother once told me that a mom should always have a b

Smelly Proof reusable bags’ multi-track zipper means it seals in freshness. They are 100% odor-proof, FDA-approved, and eco-conscious! You can use them to make your life easier: Smelly Proof can be used to soak meats ahead of time, prep chopped ingredients, or store leftovers. Also, you can use them when you travel for dirty baby clothes: The smell-proof bags come in various sizes and are liquid, moisture, and puncture-resistant. No mess, no smells!

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Creative QT Slideaway

Creative QT - SlideAway Toy Storage Organizer & Play Mat for Kids - Organizer Storage Bin for Toys - Kids Toy Box for Boys & Girls - Playroom Storage - Toy Holders for Kids Rooms - Beige

Babies mean chaos, and Creative QT puts chaos in its place. It’s a fun and useful source for organizational products and toys that inspire play, learning, and clean-up. The award-winning lifestyle brand, best known for the SlideAway and Stuff’ n Sit, makes decluttering homes simple with toy storage systems to organize the messiest playrooms. I like to think of them as the

Wayfair for kids that makes home life less chaotic! Moms love these clean and easy storage containers to keep all those lovely toys from Grandma right where they belong!

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Clean Age – Essential Kit

Untitled design 24
Image Credit: Clean Age

This item was not made for moms. It was actually made specifically for teenagers, but… I got one to test, and I love it. As a mom, it has so many useful applications. The adorable tote has deodorant, hand sanitizer, and…. chewable toothpaste. These toothpaste tabs are a lifesaver for every new mom who can’t make it to the bathroom before they have to feed the baby.

The line of daily essentials is good for the earth and good for humans, created with top formulators in New York to ensure efficacy and pure ingredients. For instance, the dehydrated toothpaste tabs are great for conserving water. In addition, everything is recyclable, bamboo, biodegradable, and creatively different from contenders, such as milk carton packaging for the toothpaste tabs!

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LoveHeld Baby Carrier

Image Credit: Love Held

These beautiful baby carriers were created by a busy mom of five, sewing each item herself at home! So rest assured, they take great when crafting every item to be gentle on babies, moms, and the environment. Only the best and softest certified natural fibers ensure the highest quality. In addition, LoveHeld offers luxury home items, including soft linen bedding, blankets, throws, swaddled, baby bunnies, and loveys.

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Brandless Green Seal Certified Cleaning Essentials

Brandless Refillable Glass Cleaner, Non-Toxic Glass Cleaner Refillable Bottle, Dye and Ammonia Free, Streak Free Shine, Sustainable Household Cleaning, Cucumber Mint, 1 Pack with Glass Spray Bottle

Cleaning products are a dime a dozen, so when you stumble across a brand that offers genuinely effective, affordable ($6.00!), and refillable products, you know you’ve hit the cleaning jackpot! From glass to tub and tile, multi-surface, granite & stone, and even laundry detergent packs, Brandless offers an entire range of home cleaning essentials in delightful, refreshing scents. Non-toxic, cruelty-free, and dye-free, Brandless makes you feel safe while bettering your home.

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morepeas Baby Products

Image Credit: morepeas

morepeas creates innovative kids’ tableware and accessories that do it all, so parents don’t have to. Purposefully designed by moms to help parents stress less and enjoy the moments more. morepeas will help you whip it up with ease and then take it to go if you like – to the yard, the park, or maybe the moon. The collection is non-toxic and BPA-free. They use 100% plastic-free packaging to reduce their carbon footprint and silicone for its durability and eco-friendly features.

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Having a baby is a challenging and expensive time. Give your mom friends gifts that are good for them and the planet!

Disclaimer: PR Samples were provided to the author. 

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