The Ultimate Guide to Microsaving: How TikTok Is Revolutionizing Your Money Management

TikTok is a place to share videos, funny dances… and money advice? Money influencers are moving over to TikTok to encourage people to save money and practice frugality. One of the new trends that are sweeping across TikTok is ‘microsaving.’

Financial and Budgeting Influencers

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TikTok has seen a rise in the popularity of financial and budgeting influencers across the platform and viral budgeting trends, challenges, and hacks. The hashtag #moneysavingtips has received a staggering 958.7 million views, and the #moneysaving challenge has been viewed 19.6 million times.

Microsaving Hacks

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With the growing popularity of everyday people turning to TikTok as their source for saving tips and tricks, trends expert Nick Drewe from Wethrift has provided a round-up of the top microsaving hacks that are attracting attention online.

Envelope Saving Challenge

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With a whopping 104.3 million views, the #envelopesavingchallenge hashtag is one of the most popular savings hacks on TikTok right now.

The viral challenge sees users getting 100 envelopes and labeling them from 1 – 100. On day one of the challenge, they will add $1 to envelope 1 on the second day, $2 to envelope 2, $3 on day 3, and so on.

Despite the challenge focusing on 100 envelopes, many people opt for a smaller number in line with their personal budgets, as the original challenge is designed to save participants $5,000 over 100 days.

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Last Digit Hack

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Another money-saving hack that is circulating online is the last-digit challenge. At the end of each day, check your bank balance and add the last digit to your savings account.


For example, if your bank balance is $1,756, add $6 or 6 cents to your savings account, depending on your own personal budget. By repeating this process on a daily basis, the money in your savings will soon begin to add up.


The Round-Up Hack

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Another clever microsavings hack is the round-up challenge. This involves rounding all purchases up to the nearest full number and adding the difference to your savings. For example, if you were to spend $5.75 on your lunch, you would round this up to $6 and transfer the 25 cents to your savings account. Over time, adding the difference to your savings from all of your purchases will soon increase without the need to transfer significant amounts.


52-Week Savings Challenge

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This hack involves adding increasing amounts of money to your savings each week. On week 1, you will add $1, $2 on week 2, $3 on week 3, and so on until you reach a full year.


If you commit fully to the challenge, you should have saved $1,378 over the course of 52 weeks. And with 1.3 million views on the TikTok hashtag #52weekmoneychallenge, it seems that many people are utilizing this popular saving method.


No Spend Week Challenge

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The #nospendweek hashtag has received 1.6 million views on TikTok – this hack is where you commit to a week of only spending on essentials such as groceries and travel to and from work.


No spending should take place on any leisure activities or non-essential items, and it is designed to encourage more mindful spending.

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You can assess how much you have saved at the end of the week by cutting out day-to-day expenses on things such as takeaways or going to a bar after work.

1,000 Savings Challenge

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While not a TikTok viral challenge (yet), the $1,000 Savings Challenge is a great way to start saving money.

Saving $1,000 is the first step towards taking control of your financial future. Doing this will ensure that you are on the path toward financial freedom. Join the 1,000 Savings Challenge and change your life today!

Join The $1,000 Savings Challenge!

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