Texas Drivers Think They Are the Calmest Drivers in the USA

Do you think you are a good driver? How about a calm one?

“Good driving isn’t just about skills; it’s also about attitude,” asserts Michael Bissona from the International Drivers Association. A recent survey supports his assertion, unveiling American drivers’ divergent feelings towards traffic nuisances such as slow drivers, non-indicating drivers, and older drivers.

The Control Center: Texas

Brownsville, Texas, USA - February 26, 2022: Charro Days Grand International Parade, a group of Classic Ford trucks part of the parade.
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The Lone Star State has earned its stripes in road courtesies. Based on the survey, a composite 70% of Texan drivers professed calmness when faced with these disturbing driving behaviors, breaking down into:

  • Slow drivers: 72%
  • Non-indicating drivers: 73%
  • Older drivers: 65%

According to Mr. Bissona, “It’s a testament to the strong driving culture in Texas. They deem driving more a public service than a competition.”

Traffic Turbulence: Los Angeles

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Meanwhile, the City of Angels seems to be deviating from its divine moniker. Only 48% of its drivers feel unaffected by these same road conditions. The separate figures scale towards:

  • Slow drivers: 50%
  • Non-indicating drivers: 45%
  • Older drivers: 49%

LA’s extensive vehicular congestion is oftentimes a source of stress. This possibly explains its almost bare-bones level of composure on the road.

All-around America: The Running Percentages

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The US is a vast expanse with a diversity of driving conditions and road courtesies. As we dig deeper into the survey data, here are the responses from the other states:

  • Alaska: Calm drivers at 65%
  • Arizona: Composed drivers at 62%
  • Florida: Coolheaded drivers at 59%
  • Maine: Serene drivers at 67%
  • Mississippi: Calm pilots of the road at 68%
  • Oregon: Composed road-users at 64%
  • Rhode Island: Mild-mannered motorists at 66%
  • Vermont: Peaceful drivers at 70%
  • Washington: Patient drivers at 63%
  • Wyoming: Tranquil captains of the wheel at 72%

These numbers speak volumes about the distinct driving cultures across states. Different factors like population density, infrastructure condition, and local attitudes shape these norms.

Gearing Up for a Calmer Drive

angry man driving a vehicle without seat belt.
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Everyone can contribute to roadway tranquility, irrespective of the state. Some tips from Bissona include:

  1. Adopt a cooperative mindset: “See driving as a cooperative task. We all share the road, we all have places to go.”
  2. Practice empathy: “Understand that everyone has different driving abilities. Patience is key.”
  3. Follow traffic rules: “Traffic regulations exist for everyone’s safety.”
  4. Avoid aggressive driving: “Acts of road rage solve nothing. They only escalate the problem.”

Statistics are a snapshot, not a death sentence. By adopting some of these habits, any state’s future driving calmness might change.

Reflecting on Road Etiquettes

Hilarious male driver feeling lost.
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In the grand scheme of road travel, the US presents a rather interesting puzzle of driving attitudes. With Texas taking the easy road and Los Angeles a bit on edge, it underlines the power of local environments and cultures in shaping road behaviors. Though a composed driving attitude may influence safety standards positively, irritation with slow drivers, non-indicating drivers, or older ones, seems natural to many. Ultimately, it’s striking the right chord between understanding, patience, and the urge to get quickly from one point to another that makes all the difference.

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