Living Stingy: A Guide To Saving Money

I wanted to ask you all this question…

Are you stingy?

It’s a hard one. When you are obsessed with frugal living, there is a fine line between being frugal and stingy.

But on the other hand….

Is being stingy bad?

Does it depend on who you are being stingy with?

Living stingily with yourself is entirely different than being stingy with other people.

Being stingy with yourself and living a stingy life is just another way of saying that you are good at forgoing luxuries. 

Your financial status is a product of your financial goals and decisions yesterday. In the same way, your financial future depends on the choices you make today.

As someone who wants to make money and attain financial freedom, you should commit to certain best practices, one of which is living stingy. 

Deciding to live stingily now will help secure your financial future and save you from the frustration of not having enough money when needed.

Although living stingy has its downfalls, the benefits far outweigh them. This guide explores everything you need to know about living stingy, why you should, and how to go about it. 


Let’s dive in! 


What Is Living Stingy?


Living stingy is all about making the best decisions to manage, multiply, and get the most value from your money. Unfortunately, the idea has a bad rep because of the stingy part of the term.

Stinginess on its own has negative connotations of selfishness, unwillingness to give, self-deprivation, etc. But that’s not what living stingy entails. 


The concept is similar, if not the same, to frugal living. It is a proven method to save money without earning more. You’d be surprised at the amount you can save over a period by following simple practices to curtail spending and better money management.

Living stingy is particularly helpful for people who spend more than they should and want to do better. 


Why You Should Embrace Living Stingy


If you’ve never been stingy to save money, then read on! Let me convince you that being stingy with your money is the way to go! And, if you’re already living stingy, here are some reasons to continue. 


Better Savings


Have you noticed that it is easier to spend money than make it? This is because human wants are insatiable, meaning we always want more. So, there is a tendency to overspend, especially when you have money and aren’t living stingy.

If you live stingily, you will be forced to spend less and save more. Don’t get it wrong; you will spend only when necessary. 


For instance, living stingy requires going to the mall or grocery with a list. A list helps you make a budget, and the budget helps you avoid impulse buying.

In fact, several studies show that people who go shopping without a list or budget mostly buy more stuff. And if you’re one of those people, you’ll probably come back home each time wondering why you spent all that money. 


If you only get what you need per time, you will save more money than you’ve ever saved. That savings can fund your goals and relieve you from financial stress. In summary, it is rewarding. 


Bill Payments


Some people are overwhelmed with bills they cannot pay, which will make them work more jobs and spend more time away from home. In most cases, the problem isn’t that they’re not making enough money; they’re not financially savvy.

Living stingy solves this problem because you will have enough to pay the bills when you avoid things you don’t need or cash in on offers. 


A typical example is using gift cards for your shopping. Instead of paying the full price all the time, you can get the same products from the same store at half price or lower. 

Sometimes, you can get household items free of cost by requesting free samples directly from suppliers. This way, you’re still getting value from the product and saving money that can go toward other bill payments.


Financial Freedom


Imagine what it would be like not to have money problems. Imagine not having to spend most of your life struggling to pay the mortgage, work multiple jobs, or worry about the children’s school fees.

That life is possible through living stingy. You can become financially independent and not worry about all these things. But you have to make the sacrifices now. 


Living stingy entails putting off some things now for a better financial future, and it means denying yourself some pleasures and adventures while focusing on the ultimate goal – financial freedom. Of course, you may face some stigma to dissuade you, but you’ll get the reward if you stay the course. 


Preparation for Emergencies 


If there’s anything life has taught us, it is that anything can happen at any time. While you cannot stop some things from happening, you can better prepare yourself to manage them.

Having a saving culture will ensure you have spare money in the bank for emergencies. You don’t have to feel defeated or depressed and run around for solutions; living stingy is the solution. 


And emergencies don’t have to be negative; what about the good ones? Have you heard that a longtime friend is getting married? You will have spare money to get them a gift.

You found that you have more leave time than you anticipated. You’ll have the money to add more adventures or destinations to your road trip. Living stingy means more money, and more money means you can handle any unplanned financial situation.




If you want to build wealth and truly achieve financial freedom, you must begin to invest. Investing when you’re saving money is easier because you have the capital.

And as you invest and continue to save, you will make more money in the long term – perhaps enough to retire early and start a business. That’s, of course, if that’s what you want. 


Although investing is good, you could go bust if you don’t do your due diligence. Many people lose life savings on bad investments and start all over.

Always investigate before investing to ensure you don’t lose all that money you’ve saved up by living stingy. Also, be interested in the field, whether real estate, stocks, crypto, or sports. And lastly, get professional guidance.


How To Live Stingily and Save More Money


Get Gift Cards


There are different ways to get gift cards; you can buy, earn, or receive them as gift items from loved ones. In addition, gift cards offer discounts on stores and products, effectively reducing your spending while shopping.

For instance, you can get a gift card to buy a product for $25 instead of $35 or more. Imagine how much you can save on multiple items. 


You can also sell your gift cards for cash if you have a card to a store you don’t patronize or a product you don’t use. That way, you never lose value. 


Some gift card platforms to earn, trade, and win gift cards are – GiftCash, Gift Card Granny, CardCash, and ClipKard. 


Remove Unnecessary Subscriptions


As you embrace the stingy lifestyle, one thing you want to do is check your subscription list. But unfortunately, the internet is rife with offers and subscriptions, and you may have accepted a few you don’t need, and it’s time to get rid of them. 


It may be a music app offering not to show ads, YouTube promising background play, or other streaming services. While there’s nothing wrong with subscriptions that add value, you must pick and choose only the most valuable ones and let go of others. Then, you can save those monthly recurring payments. 


Sell Items You Don’t Need


As you find time to spring clean your home, take the opportunity to weed out all the things you don’t need or use. Instead of having them lying around and gathering dust, sell them!

You’d be surprised at how much money you could make from this opportunity. Those things you don’t need might be what someone else needs. Your clutter can turn into cash for you!


Organize a yard sale or put the items on online marketplaces. After the sale, you now have some extra money to save and settle bills. 


Make a Budget


A budget is one of the crucial aspects of living stingy; you are more likely to succumb to impulse buying and overspend without one.

Create a budget for shopping, household needs, your business, the children’s school, vacation, and just about anything. It will help you plan and achieve your goals while being frugal. 


And, of course, budgeting helps you save money since there’s a plan for everything. The next step is to ensure you stick to the budget, and if you can do that, you are good to go!


Start Living Stingy


If you want to secure your financial future and become financially independent, the stingy lifestyle will help. You’re effectively delaying gratification, and that’s not a bad thing. If anything, you’d be making one of the best decisions of your life. 


It’s a decision that can help you secure your dream family house, start a business, retire early, send the kids to great schools, or improve your quality of life. Whatever it is, living stingy is an excellent avenue to achieving it. 


BUT remember not to take things too far; live stingy responsibly. Don’t become obsessed with making and keeping as much money as possible. Don’t let it overwhelm or overtake you. And don’t avoid or neglect all activities with family or friends because you need to spend some money. 

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