The 20 Most Hilariously Stupid Things People Brag About

Look, we all love to share our achievements, no matter how big or small. But there’s just something so amusing about how some people can turn the most mundane things into epic tales of their triumphs. They’d brag non-stop about things that are either super simple or stuff they shouldn’t be bragging about in the first place!

One Redditor asked, “What is the stupidest thing people brag about?” The thread has thousands of comments, but we have selected the top ones for you!

1. Murder

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Murder is the ultimate line-crossing, the top-tier of messed up actions. It’s not some game you win or a cool achievement to unlock. Nope, it’s a human life we’re talking about. 

A discerning Reddit user commented, “Getting away with a crime. There was a mass murder in the Chicago suburbs that went unsolved for 9 years until one of the two perps told a new girlfriend about it and turned them in.”

Another replied, “I know a forensics expert, and she says 50% of their cases come from people in jail who are told, by the people who committed the crime, where the bodies are. 

Apparently, it’s extremely common for people to get to jail, brag about where the bodies are buried to anyone that will listen, and then those people go immediately to their lawyers looking for a reduced sentence for that information. That’s at least half of her cases.”

2. Theft

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One said, “Kid in my class bragged about how he stole an air freshener from the school bathroom. He was holding an unwrapped, wet urinal cake in his hand.”

Another person shared similar thoughts and mentioned, “Ok, you win. That is incredibly stupid and hilarious!”

Let’s make one thing clear: It’s not impressive, it’s not cool, it’s just downright obnoxious. You’re essentially patting yourself on the back for being a lowlife who preys on unsuspecting victims!

3. Lying

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Lying is not a talent to be proud of; it’s a sign that you’re willing to break trust and honesty for your own selfish gain. And guess what? No one’s applauding your Oscar-worthy performance. 

A Reddit user wrote, “People who lie and then stupidly brag about it and then get caught.”

Another added, “Reminds me of the guy in high school who bragged he had weed. It was oregano. He ended up getting arrested for possession of cocaine a few years later.”

4. The Hustle Culture

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One said, “Anything to do with hustle culture… Wow, you got s****y sleep under your desk?? I was comfortable in my bed, haha, a strange flex.”

Another replied, “They think it demonstrates that they work harder than others, to the detriment of their own lives and health, and that’s somehow a positive thing.”

Sure, it’s cool to be dedicated to your goals, but there’s a fine line between this and self-destruction!

5. Intelligence

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Someone commented, “Intelligence. The dumber they are, the more they brag.”

Another person agreed to it and said, ““Intelligence is like peanut butter. The less you have, the more you spread it.””

So remember, real smarts aren’t just about IQ; they’re about emotional intelligence, common sense, and being able to relate to others on their level.

6. Sleep

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A Reddit user wrote, “How little sleep they got.”

One said, “‘I sleep 4 hours a night’ Good for you, man, have a nice migraine.”

Bragging about how little sleep you get is not exactly a measure of success. Sure, we’ve all had those nights where Netflix and random YouTube videos kept us up till dawn, but turning sleep deprivation into a competition? Come on; we can do better!

7. Work

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A discerning Reddit user commented, “How late they stayed at work.”

Another added, “This. Times are changing, though; Gen Y and Z go for work/life balance, which is the only right thing to do. Friend of mine was asked by his employer whether he wants a raise or work half the hours for the same money. He didn’t even think for a second.”

Another person pitched in to say, “Hours of work. We shouldn’t be glorifying getting overworked.”

People aren’t going to give you a standing ovation for neglecting your personal life and well-being. In fact, they’re probably going to offer you a coffee and tell you to seriously consider getting a life outside of your cubicle.

8. Body Count

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One said, “How many people they’ve messed up.”

Another replied, “There was this guy at work who used to go on about “getting s***faced and banging b****es”. I really don’t get people who think that kind of trash talk impresses other people. When I found out weeks later that the guy was married and had a kid, I just thought he was contemptible.”

And guess what? Bragging about your body count doesn’t make you a romantic hero; it makes you look like a player who’s more interested in keeping score than in meaningful connections.

9. Company Loyalty

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Someone commented, “bragging about their time at the company. I have worked with dudes who are somehow proud that they stayed at FedEx for 30 years, getting treated like s*** and being paid less than a janitor. What the… is there to be proud of? You’re a patsy.”

Another person shared similar thoughts and mentioned, “What’s wild is, you ask for a 7k salary increase, they say no – you leave. A week later, it’s posted at 15k more than you were making (and 8k above your asking price)… and you reapply, and they call you back in. Maybe it’s for some weird tax benefit cook-the-books type thing. But still. How does that make sense.”

Newsflash, people: loyalty is great, but adaptability and growth are important too.

10. Being Built Different

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One shared, “Guys who brag about being “built different”. Sure, dude. You have a beard, a “full sleeve” tattoo, and a pickup truck. You’re so different.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “My buddy once said to me, “All these id**ts who proclaim to be such individuals seem to always  look alike”. Still cracks me up to this day.”

You might think you’re turning heads, but what you’re really doing is making people roll their eyes and question your grasp on reality. Your “unique” traits might just be a neon sign flashing, “I’m craving attention.”

11. Alpha

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A Reddit user wrote, “Being an “alpha”. Sorry homeboys, if you feel the need to announce it, you ain’t it… and you know that.”

Another added, “I agree and was going to put quotes around the whole thing, but wanted to focus on the word itself. I imagine “being an alpha” is just a toxically misguided version of “manly man” like trying to be a jacked AF Schwarzenegger or Dwayne Johnson or Jason Momoa, etc.”

So, here’s a thought: instead of going on about how you’re the ultimate “alpha,” how about focusing on being a good human being?

12. Internet Fame

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One user sarcastically joked: “I don’t want to brag, but I have 2 whole followers, 10 half ones, that will show those stalkers.”

Another replied, “Reminded me of this guy that came to the auto shop I used to work at., Drove a Nissan Juke, had some questionable mods done to the car, tried to have small talk to him until he blurted out, “don’t you know my dog?” He was literally riding on the fame of his chihuahua on Instagram…”

So, let’s all agree to leave the online popularity contest behind and start celebrating the stuff that matters offline: love, laughter, and the kind of connections that can’t be measured in likes and retweets.

13. Relying on Family’s Money

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One said, “Family money. Especially in college. Yah, bro, that yacht you’re showing off is totally yours.”

Another person pitched in to say, “Or the kid who just inherited a company from their dad and say I helped build this. Sure you did. The little bit of work you did for him at 16, then the 15 years of nothing really helped build the company.”

Here’s the truth: People aren’t going to shower you with admiration just because you’ve got a well-stocked bank account without putting in any effort.

14. Drinking Too Much

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A discerning Reddit user commented, “How drunk they get.”

Someone commented, “Winning the race to liver disease, bro!”

Another person agreed to it and said, “My ex used to stay up the entire night almost every single night drinking like an alcoholic, and he would also make sure I knew about it. He really thought it was super hot or something.”

Sure, we’ve all had our share of party nights, but turning it into a competition of who can handle the most booze? Sounds ridiculous, right?

15. Getting High

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Getting high might give you a temporary escape, but it can come with a bunch of not-so-fun side effects that you might not want hanging around. 

A Reddit user wrote, “How high they can get.”

Another added, “I know a 15-year-old who does that. She flexes vaping. She was vaping in my mums’ car, talking about how high she gets off weed, and now my mum refuses to take her anywhere.”

16. Mental Issues

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One said, “I’m not sure if it’s intended as so, but people talk about their mental issues like it’s a flex. It’s not a flex; it’s a disease.”

Another person shared similar thoughts and mentioned, “As a mental health professional who also has a couple of diagnoses myself, THANK YOU. It is NOT a flex, it should never have become a trend, and it isn’t a Special Unicorn pass to just act however you want. I really hope we close the gap soon between compassion and enabling, between no compassion and ableism.”

We’re all dealing with our own stuff, right? Life’s like a giant puzzle made of mood swings, stress, and occasional existential crises. But why turn it into a competition?

17. Reading

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Someone commented, “People who brag about not reading. You don’t want to read, whatever. But it’s not like… an achievement to not read a book.”

Another replied, “I once Got some books on leadership delivered at work. I’m not a manager, I just find managing interesting. A manager saw the books and asked what they were about, and I told him that they were on leadership.

He told me leadership books are nonsense, and that leadership is just about making a choice and then acting on that because it’s mostly the correct thing to do and that the people who write these know nothing. This guy has 30 people on his team, lol.”

Imagine if we applied this logic to other areas of life. “Oh yeah, we don’t exercise. Who needs those endorphins and a healthy body, right?” or “Cooking? Nah, we’ve survived on instant noodles and frozen pizza for years.” It’s like the Olympics of self-sabotage!

18. TV Shows

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Look watching TV shows can be awesome or not, depending on your mood. But turning it into an ego-driven parade? Sure, it’s a skill, but is it really something to write home about?

A Reddit user wrote, “Not being a fan of popular things. “I’ve never seen an episode of Game of Thrones, and I never will”. Ooooh, you’re so interesting and special !!!”

Another added, “”Have you seen GOT / other series?” “No,” “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU DONTCHUKNOW THATITSSOGOOD…” … I don’t brag about not seeing these things, but people seem to be offended when they want to talk about those shows, and I haven’t seen them. 🙁

19. Not Caring

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In the “Who Cares Less?” competition, people love to top each other. “You care about your job?” “Well, we care so little, we haven’t shown up in a week, and no one’s noticed.” Slow clap!

One said, “When people brag about how they don’t care about something when they should. In most cases, yes, that means they do care; repeatedly saying you don’t care is a defense technique used to hide the fact that you do care.”

Another replied, “It could be. I think, more often than not, it’s a sign of emotional immaturity.”

But seriously, who decided that not caring is the new cool?

20. Wasting Money

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A discerning Reddit user commented, “How much money they waste.”

Another person shared similar thoughts and mentioned, “This makes me think of people who buy European luxury cars, aka Land Rovers, BMWs, Audis, Jaguars, Maseratis, Aston Martins, etc. “Oh, you got a new Defender? Cool, let me know if that was a wise financial decision in 5 years when it inevitably breaks down and loses 45% of its value.””

Let’s agree that financial responsibility isn’t boring; it’s smart. Your reckless spending might get a few laughs, but building a stable financial future- now that’s something to truly brag about.

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