12 Skills That Are More Impressible in a Toddler Than a Retiree

6As individuals grow older, some skills that were once considered impressive tend to lose their appeal. Whether due to advancements in technology or changing societal expectations, certain abilities become less impressive as time goes on.

1. Memorization

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While the ability to memorize large amounts of information was once revered, it has become less impressive in the digital age. With virtually limitless access to information at our fingertips, the skill of memorization has taken a backseat. Today, people rely more on critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to analyze and interpret information rather than simply reciting facts from memory.

2. Basic Computer Skills

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In today’s technology-driven world, basic computer skills have become a necessity rather than a distinguishing trait. As digital literacy becomes more widespread, the ability to navigate operating systems, use email, or perform simple tasks on a computer is expected rather than applauded. Employers now seek more advanced and specialized technological skills that cater to specific job requirements.

3. Penmanship

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In an era dominated by keyboards and touchscreens, elegant penmanship has lost much of its former allure. With the advent of digital communication and the prevalence of typing, handwriting skills have become less relevant in daily life. While legibility is still important, the emphasis on perfecting the art of handwriting has diminished, making it less impressive and valued in contemporary society.

4. Spelling and Grammar

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In the age of autocorrect and grammar-checking software, the skill of impeccable spelling and grammar has become less of a rarity. While strong language skills are still important, the availability of tools that automatically correct mistakes has lessened the significance of this once-impressive skill. Attention to detail in other areas, such as critical thinking and communication, now holds greater importance in various professional and personal settings.

5. Typing Speed

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In the past, a person’s typing speed was a source of awe and admiration. However, with the ubiquity of keyboards and the rise of touchscreens, typing proficiency has become a commonplace skill. The widespread use of smartphones and tablets, coupled with predictive text and swipe-to-type functionalities, has reduced the need for exceptionally fast typing. Nowadays, more emphasis is placed on communication skills, digital literacy, and adaptability to evolving technologies.

6. Cursive Writing


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Cursive writing, once considered an essential skill, has diminished in importance as digital communication takes precedence. With keyboards, touchscreens, and voice-to-text technology dominating our daily interactions, the need for proficient cursive handwriting has diminished. While it may still hold sentimental value for some, it is no longer a sought-after skill in most practical settings.

7. Mental Math

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The ability to perform complex calculations mentally was once seen as a remarkable skill. However, with the ubiquity of calculators, spreadsheets, and other computational tools, mental math has become less impressive. In today’s world, efficiency and accuracy in using technological aids for mathematical tasks are valued more than the ability to mentally calculate complex equations.

8. Landline Phone Etiquette

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In the era of smartphones and instant messaging, the once-vital skill of proper landline phone etiquette has lost much of its relevance. The rise of mobile communication has shifted the focus to concise, efficient exchanges rather than the formalities associated with landline conversations. While basic phone manners are still important, the specific nuances of landline phone etiquette are no longer as impressive or widely practiced.

9. Map Reading

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Once a skill that showcased navigation abilities and spatial awareness, map reading has taken a backseat in the age of GPS and digital maps. The convenience of mobile devices and navigation systems has made the ability to read physical maps less significant. While a sense of direction is still valued, reliance on technology for accurate and real-time navigation has made map reading less impressive as a standalone skill.

10. Manual Typewriting

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The once-impressive skill of manual typewriting has become obsolete with the widespread use of computers and digital keyboards. While the rhythmic clacking of typewriter keys may hold nostalgic charm, it no longer holds the same appeal it once did. The speed and accuracy required for typing on a manual typewriter are no longer in high demand, as modern keyboards offer faster, more efficient input methods.

11. Morse Code

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Once an essential skill for communication, Morse code has significantly diminished in relevance in today’s digital age. With the advent of instant messaging, email, and other advanced communication technologies, the need for Morse code proficiency has dwindled. While it may still be appreciated in certain niche communities or as a historical curiosity, it is no longer seen as a practical or impressive skill in most everyday situations.

12. VCR Programming

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The ability to program a VCR to record television shows was once a sought-after skill. However, with the transition to digital recording technologies such as DVRs and streaming services, the knowledge of VCR programming has become outdated. As more convenient and user-friendly options have emerged, the skill of setting up and operating VCRs has lost its appeal and significance.

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