12 Seemingly Useless Skills That Can Actually Make You Money

In a world where specialized skills are often valued above all else, it’s easy to overlook the potential of seemingly useless abilities and useless skills. 

However, these underrated talents can hold surprising opportunities to generate income. From whistling and finger snapping to knitting and origami, there’s a range of often-dismissed skills that can be transformed into profitable ventures.

Here are some of the seemingly useless talents that can help you make some money!

1. Whistling

Portrait of attractive smiling girl brunette holding blue whistle in her hand and looking at the camera. Happy young woman with long hair in white shirt on isolated background. Fan, coach, counselor.
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Whistling may be dismissed as mere entertainment or a simple pastime, but it can actually be monetized in various ways. Talented whistlers can showcase their skills in public spaces and attract crowds, potentially earning tips or even invitations to special events. Additionally, skilled whistlers can offer their services for voice-over work, commercials, or jingles, providing a unique and distinctive sound that sets them apart.

2. Pen Spinning

Woman hold pen spinning in your hand on pink background. Hand motor skills.
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Pen spinning, a mesmerizing art form of manipulating a pen around one’s fingers, might seem like a meaningless trick. However, this skill can be transformed into an entertaining performance act for events, parties, or even corporate functions. A proficient pen spinner can command attention and make a lasting impression, leading to opportunities as a performer or entertainer.

3. Handwriting

Calligrapher hands writes phrase on white paper.
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In an increasingly digital age, the art of beautiful handwriting may appear obsolete. Nevertheless, there is still demand for calligraphy and handwritten invitations, especially for special occasions like weddings or formal events. Skilled calligraphers can find clients who appreciate the timeless elegance of personalized handwritten notes, certificates, or unique artistic pieces.

4. Knot Tying

A child learns to knit a knot from a rope. A little boy is trying to tie a knot. Scout training. Children's hands and safety rope.
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Knot tying might be considered a survival skill or a hobby, but it can also serve as a valuable skill for specialized fields. Sailors, climbers, and outdoor enthusiasts often require assistance with intricate and secure knots. Those who possess expertise in knot tying can offer their services as trainers, consultants or even create instructional videos or books for aspiring adventurers.

5. Recreational Gaming

Young man playing video games
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While gaming is often seen as a leisure activity, skilled gamers can actually monetize their passion. Competitive video gaming has evolved into a professional sport with massive prize pools and sponsorships. By dedicating time and effort to becoming exceptional at a specific game, individuals can participate in tournaments, stream their gameplay on platforms like Twitch, or even become professional esports athletes.

6. Finger Snapping

Young woman snapping fingers on blue background
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Finger snapping is often considered a casual and rhythmic gesture, but skilled finger snappers can utilize their talent to add an interesting dimension to musical performances or recordings. They can be sought after to create unique sound effects, contribute to soundtracks, or even collaborate with musicians to enhance the overall rhythm and melody of a composition. Their ability to produce crisp and precise snaps can add an unexpected touch of creativity to various artistic endeavors.

7. Balloon Sculpting

Beautiful woman is hiding behind red balloons and looking aside secretly.
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The art of balloon sculpting may appear whimsical and childlike, but it has gained popularity as an entertaining skill that can captivate audiences at parties, festivals, and special events. Talented balloon sculptors can create intricate designs, ranging from animals and characters to elaborate decorations. Their unique creations can be in high demand for private parties, corporate functions, or even as decorative elements for photo shoots and promotional campaigns.

8. Hand Shadows

Hands gesture like dove on white background.
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Hand shadows, the art of creating recognizable shapes using only one’s hands and light, may seem like a mere pastime. However, skilled hand shadow performers can mesmerize audiences with their ability to conjure up lifelike forms and tell stories without uttering a single word.

These talented individuals can find opportunities in various settings, such as theatrical performances, children’s entertainment, or even as part of educational programs that teach storytelling and creativity.

9. Knitting

woman laying under knitted blanket
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While knitting is often associated with cozy sweaters and handmade gifts, it can also be a profitable skill in the modern era. Skilled knitters can create unique and personalized clothing items, accessories, or home decor pieces that cater to niche markets.

Online platforms and marketplaces provide opportunities to sell these handmade creations, catering to individuals who appreciate the charm and craftsmanship of one-of-a-kind knitted goods.

Is this a useless boomer skill that could be turned into real money?

10. Origami

Colorful paper origami birds tied to strings hanging in air.
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Origami, the traditional art of paper folding, might be seen as a creative hobby, but it can be transformed into a lucrative skill. Expert origami artists can create intricate and delicate paper sculptures, decorations, or even provide their services for special occasions such as weddings or corporate events. Moreover, they can offer origami workshops or tutorials, sharing their knowledge and techniques with others who are eager to learn the art form.

11. Paper Airplane Making

Teenagers making paper airplanes sitting at the roof of a building at sunset. Young people holding paper aeroplanes, love, relations concept
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While paper airplanes are often associated with childhood pastimes, skilled paper airplane makers can harness their expertise to create eye-catching designs and impressive flying capabilities. They can participate in paper airplane competitions, showcase their creations at events, or even offer workshops to teach others the art of constructing high-performance paper planes. Their talent can appeal to both hobbyists and those seeking innovative team-building activities.

12. Lip Syncing

woman happily listening to music on headphones.
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Lip syncing, the art of mimicking song lyrics or dialogue, might be considered a mere form of entertainment, but it can be transformed into a money-making skill. Skilled lip sync performers can be in demand for various events, parties, and talent shows, adding a touch of humor and creativity to the entertainment lineup. They can also create lip sync videos for online platforms, potentially gaining a wide audience and attracting brand partnerships or sponsorship opportunities.

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