12 Visualization Techniques To Help You Achieve Your Goals

When life can get overwhelming, losing track of our goals is easy. The good news is that there’s a way to get back on the right track. It’s called visualization. Visualization is a technique that helps promote relaxation and reduce stress. This practice is perfect for people who have anxiety and have trouble sleeping.


Using visualization techniques allows people to see their vision and imagine themselves achieving future goals. In short, visualization is a method for seeing a successful version of ourselves and creating actionable steps to get there.


Here are some steps on how you can start visualizing:


Write Down Specific Goals

Let’s do some investigating. Answer the question: do you feel balanced in your life? If so, are there areas in your life that you want to improve? These can be your goals. Be specific when jotting down your goals is helpful, whether this can be an outcome for a presentation next week or committing to a workout schedule. Your goals can be anything as long as they are not vague. Make sure they are also achievable, measurable, and time-bound. The point of writing down specific goals is to come up with actionable steps to achieve them.


Make a Vision Board

Visualization techniques have parts where you create a map of your goals. This map is called a vision board. A vision board is a collection of words or images that inspire you or are related to your goals. You can add lists to your vision board, including the list of goals you wrote down. Post pictures of places where you want to work or where you want to be. Create mockups of motivational posters or book covers if you want to write books in the future. Let your creative subconscious run wild here. Once you’re done, post your vision board where you can see it every day to help motivate you to take steps.


Draw Your Goals

Another way of visualizing your goals is to draw them. If you’re more artistically inclined, paint a portrait of your future self or sketch out a symbol that represents your success. Focus on the visual elements that are related to your goals. This is an excellent way to explore mental imagery and clarify what your goals look like. Like a vision board, you can hang it where you can see it regularly to keep inspiring yourself.


Take Small Steps Every Day

Once you have a map of your goals, it’s time to take some steps. If you want more confidence for a presentation next week, try talking to yourself in the mirror. If you want to eat better, get healthier options instead of depriving yourself of snacks immediately. Take small steps that can help in habit-building. Don’t be so hard on yourself when you don’t see immediate progress or results. Rome was not built in one day, as the saying goes.


Mental Rehearsal

Mental rehearsal is a technique where you picture yourself accomplishing tasks. Visualize yourself taking action. What were the steps that you made? Were they easy or difficult? This allows us to see how we will achieve our goals and gain more confidence by knowing how to do it. It’s also best to describe when you imagine your success. What will it look like? In that situation, how does it make you feel? Mental rehearsal can boost your motivation and confidence.



Visualization meditation is a relaxing way to picture our successful selves. It requires us to explore our subconscious mind and let go of present things that cause us stress. When you practice meditation, do it in a quiet place with fewer external distractions. Focus on your breathing alone and release any heightened emotions that you may be feeling. Allow yourself to have some relaxation during this moment. Practicing meditation is also good for your mental health.


Listen to a Guided Visualization Meditation

Many guided meditations focus on visualization techniques. Apps such as Calm and Guided Imagery offer these services at low-cost subscriptions. There are also free YouTube videos that also have guided visualization meditation. Thanks to modern technology, you can now listen to these anytime, whether you’re driving, taking public transportation, or sitting at a park for a well-deserved relaxation time.



Imagine finally achieving those goals. What is the best way to describe it? Affirmations are ways to describe the best version of yourself. Creating self-affirming statements helps you visualize and focus on accomplishing your goals. Examples of affirmations are like this: “I am a successful business owner with two office branches,” or “I am a confident speaker who knocks out presentations.” You can either jot down or say affirmations in front of a mirror to motivate yourself to become the person you want to be.



Journals can be a chronological record of the success and lessons learned you may have while in the process of achieving your goals. Think of it as telling your own story. Journaling can be in the form of exploring your emotions, planning steps, or visualizing the future. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to writing down your experiences or expectations. This process is to help continue the practice of visualization in your day-to-day life.


Success Map

Data visualization techniques are also helpful. This is where you can gauge where you are in achieving your goals. A success map is a detailed map of all the progress you’ve made from the steps you’ve taken and the goals you’ve achieved. This can be in the form of a timeline, bar graph, or any other graphical representation. Data analysis comes into play with this visualization exercise. It requires you to look at data sets and trends to help you see how well you’re doing and how close you are to accomplishing your goals.


Letter From Your Future Self

Writing a letter to yourself is another effective visualization technique. Picture yourself as the successful person you want to be. What would you say to your present self as you try to achieve those goals? This affirming exercise is great for motivation and a way to reflect on how far you’ve come from the start.


Seek Out Resources

When accomplishing goals, you learn new skills and develop new habits. Many resources are available that provide guides and tips on successful visualization techniques and how to grow into this practice. These can be classes, videos, and online forums. You can also seek a mentor, someone who you admire and someone who can motivate you to keep yourself on track.



The power of visualization techniques can be astronomical in helping you achieve your goals. Knowing that you have a good plan and a solid understanding of how you can accomplish goals can help you succeed. With continuous practice, you’ll find yourself less anxious and less stressed about the future. You’ll have more time to do things that will improve your life.


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