12 Phrases You Should Never Utter on a First Date

Entering the world of first dates can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking. When meeting someone new for the first time, the words you choose can have a powerful impact on the course of the evening. Creating a positive and engaging atmosphere to foster a genuine connection is essential.

However, certain phrases can immediately put a damper on the experience.

1. Bringing Up Exes

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Bringing up exes during a first date is a surefire way to put a damper on the romantic atmosphere. Mentioning past relationships can make the other person feel uncomfortable or even insecure. It’s important to focus on getting to know each other in the present rather than dwelling on the past. Discussing ex-partners might lead to comparisons and unnecessary tension, diverting attention from the potential connection both individuals could be forming.

2. Overly Personal Questions

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Asking overly personal questions too soon can create an awkward and invasive atmosphere on a first date. Everyone has their boundaries, and revealing deeply personal information right off the bat might make one or both parties feel uneasy. Respectful and gradual sharing is key to establishing a comfortable environment where both individuals can open up at their own pace.

3. Money and Materialism

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Discussing finances and material possessions can introduce a sense of tension into a first-date conversation. Mentioning expensive purchases, boasting about wealth, or complaining about financial problems can give off the wrong impression. Focusing on these topics might make one seem shallow or materialistic, taking away from the opportunity to connect on a deeper, more meaningful level.

4. Negative Self-Talk

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Engaging in negative self-talk or constantly putting oneself down can be a major turn-off during a first date. Confidence is attractive, and constantly highlighting one’s flaws or insecurities can overshadow the positive qualities one brings to the table. A first date is a chance to showcase the best aspects of oneself and build a positive impression rather than dwelling on perceived shortcomings.

5. Controversial or Sensitive Subjects

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Bringing up controversial or sensitive subjects, such as politics, religion, or divisive social issues, can lead to heated debates and potentially ruin the mood of a first date. While discussing such topics can be important in the context of a more established relationship, tackling them on the very first meeting might create unnecessary tension and even conflict. It’s best to stick to lighter, more neutral topics that allow both individuals to explore common interests without the risk of sparking disagreement.

6. Constant Phone Checking

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Constantly checking one’s phone during a first date can send a clear message of disinterest or distraction. Being present and engaged in the conversation is important rather than giving off the impression that something else is more important. The focus should be on getting to know each other, not on digital distractions.

7. Talking Only About Oneself

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Dominating the conversation by talking solely about oneself can be a major turn-off on a first date. Healthy conversations involve active listening and balanced sharing. Hogging the spotlight without showing genuine interest in the other person’s thoughts and experiences can come across as self-centered and uninterested in building a connection.

8. Disparaging Comments

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Making negative or disparaging comments about others, whether it’s about appearance, behavior, or any other aspect, can create an uncomfortable atmosphere during a first date. These comments can reflect poorly on the speaker’s character and personality. Instead of fostering a positive environment, such remarks can lead to feelings of judgment and criticism.

9. Complaining Excessively

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Excessive complaining about various aspects of life can cast a negative shadow on a first date. While sharing life’s challenges and frustrations is a natural part of getting to know someone, constant complaining can make a date feel like a venting session rather than an enjoyable experience. Focusing on more positive and uplifting topics can help create a more enjoyable atmosphere.

10. TMI (Too Much Information)

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Sharing overly intimate or graphic details about personal life, bodily functions, or past experiences can make a first date uncomfortable and awkward. While building openness is important, oversharing can come across as lacking in boundaries and emotional sensitivity. It’s crucial to strike a balance between being open and respectful of each other’s comfort zones.

11. Offensive Jokes or Comments

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Using offensive jokes or making insensitive comments can quickly derail a first date. Humor is subjective, and what might seem funny to one person could be hurtful to another. It’s important to be mindful of the potential impact of words and avoid anything that could be offensive or hurtful.

12. Comparisons to an Ex

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Drawing comparisons between the date and an ex-partner can be a major turn-off. Such comments can make the other person feel like they’re being measured against someone else, creating feelings of inadequacy or discomfort. Focusing on the present interaction rather than past relationships is key to building a new connection.

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