I’m a Frugal Shopper: Never Buy the Cheapest Version of These 20 Items

When budgeting and saving money, trying to cut corners wherever possible is tempting. However, some items are worth investing in due to their better durability or quality compared to their cheaper counterparts.

One Reddit User asked, “What is something that you used to be cheap about until you tried the high-quality version, and now you can’t go back?” 

We have compiled a list of the responses; proceed with caution; some serious splurge potential ahead!


woman with cheese in mouth
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What a fun start to the list, one Reddit user commented, “Cheese. My dirty little secret: I keep a budget for housing, utilities, etc. and one of the items I budget for are delicious cheeses.”

Another added, “I once mentioned to a friend how much I love Cheese and she replied that she loved it too. But I meant actual Cheese and she meant sliced American cheese food product and blocks of sharp yellow cheddar.” Man, cheese compatibility is IMPORTANT!

However, the comment that takes the cake: “Parmesan cheese. Once you go Reggiano, you don’t go backiano.” Straight-up facts!

Bed Sheets

Young beautiful woman sleeping on bed on blue background
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A good night’s sleep sets your tone for the day; as one person said, “Bed sheets. I used to not give a s*** about what I had on my bed. If my sheets were too old, I’d just go to Walmart, pick up a new cheap set, and be good until those wore out too. But then I was introduced to high thread count flannel sheets, which was just the beginning. Now I have 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets. They were expensive, sure, but it’s like sleeping in a cloud now.”

Someone else agreed, “It’s more cost-effective, too, since they’ll last for years.”


happy woman in green dress
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A user commented, “Underwear. I used to wear cheap Walmart underwear until it fell apart. Then my S/O bought me an expensive pair and it felt like my junk was floating on a cloud. I’m never going back.”

Someone else added, “Definitely agree. Good quality underwear makes me feel like I’m wearing nothing at all.”

Comfortable underwear for the win! Worth the price tag for sure.


Young beautiful woman sleeping on bed on blue background
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Someone wrote, “Pillows. Pillows are so important. After I got one that’s pretty expensive, yet the most comfortable I could possibly get, my sleep quality has increased 10/10.”

Another shared, “My wife was tossing and turning for a couple of weeks and annoying the heck out of me, so we eventually bought a new bed, and I insisted on these top-of-the-line pillows to go with it. She currently averages 10-12 hours a day in bed, and she’s always going on about how great her pillow is.”


Beautiful young blonde woman in green leaves background
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When a user commented, “Bras, good quality properly fitted bras.” That led to a flood of comments from females all around.

One of them wrote, “Since shopping at a local bra boutique in town I realized that there are amazing, amazing (and expensive) bras in the world that support AND are comfortable and pretty. I just dropped $170 on an Empreinte bra the other day. My 20 year-old self would have a heart attack, but my 33 year-old self is so grateful every time I get through the day with the ladies held high and without bulges, ride-ups, shoulder indents, or spillage.”


Playful Young Woman Holding Toothbrush in Bathroom
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Someone said, “My toothbrush. Its one of those Sonicare vibrating ones. I will never forget how fresh my teeth felt after using it the first time, and my dentist even compliments me on how much less plaque I have now. Also I use to get a bunch of cavities, 2-3 would be filled every 6 months despite good dental hygiene (bad genetics), and now I have 1 filled every other year or so.”

Another added, “I thought those things were stupid until I tried my husbands, then immediately ordered a second one.”

Oral health matters, guys! Take care of your pearly whites. Your smile is precious.


Family Eating Meal
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One user said, “Syrup. I used to buy the cheap no name high fructose corn syrup. Then someone gave a bottle of good maple syrup for Christmas one time. I’m ruined. I can’t go back. If I can’t have real maple syrup on my pancakes I’d rather just not eat them. And that stuff is expensive.”

Another hilariously shared, “The mom across the street still hasn’t forgiven my family for ruining her children with real maple syrup…”

Toilet Paper

Happy emotional business woman
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Someone shared, “Toilet paper. It’s absolutely worth spending extra on the good stuff.”

A student shared their woes with poor quality toilet paper saying, “My University uses the ultra thin, basically thin wrapping paper stuff, in every washroom on campus. I’m considering bringing my own from home.”

P.S. Once you try a wipe or bidet, your life will be changed forever!


Beautiful young woman selfie in the park
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Many Redditors replied saying “Jeans,” but this comment wins:

“Jeans. I was raised on $20 jeans from Old Navy, then when I was in college, my girlfriend convinced me to try on a pair at Nordstrom that was $200. Thinking there was no way in hell I’d ever pay that much for jeans, I played along to make her happy. When I slipped into those jeans, the clouds parted, God’s rays of holy light cascaded down between them, and the angels sang from the high heavens. It felt like someone had cast those jeans from a mold of my own body. I paid for those jeans three minutes later, and I’ve never been able to settle for the cheaper stuff again.”

We are SOLD, brb heading to Nordstrom.

Amazon Prime

woman smiling at phone in her hand
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Does someone else wait for their packages eagerly as soon as you place an order? We know we do.

One Redditor wrote, “Amazon’s free shipping over 25$ or whatever. I feel like I would wait so long for my stuff just because it was free. Then I tried Prime. I don’t think I can ever go back now.”

Someone else said, “I buy almost everything (except for food) on Amazon using Prime. Stuff like granite polish, sneakers, office supplies that I never knew I needed. Addicting.”


Barista pouring milk into coffee
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An avid coffee drinker shared, “ Coffee. I used to buy the cheapest brands I could find and use creamer to mask the flavor. Man, was I doing it wrong all along.”

One hilarious reply stated, “Reminds me of Quentin Tarantino in Pulp Fiction, where Pitt is like “man, you must buy some of that gourmet {stuff}!”

We speak from personal experience; good quality coffee hits differently.

Shaving Cream

Panoramic shot of cheerful repairman holding ladder and smiling
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A user commented, “Shaving cream. I used to buy the cheapest one where I live, for like $1 per can. Then one day I had to buy some 10 dollar can (because the store only had those), thinking it would be the same s*** as the one I ordinarily use. Boy was I wrong.”

Have you ever spent extra bucks on good shaving cream? Was it worth the price?


Side view of handsome installer holding screwdriver near kitchen cabinet
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Someone commented, “Tools. Quality tools will get the job done quickly without breaking the tool, the thing being tooled, or your skin. And they will last more than a lifetime.”

Another user added, “I know more than a few people with 60-100k sitting in their garage in tools.”

Are good tools worth investing in?

Computer Chairs

Displeased businesswoman with pink hair holding folder and looking at laptop
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Someone wrote, “Computer Chairs. I’m 29 and have been using the same chair for most of my life, I changed to a new one when my chair’s back cushion started falling apart. I bought a legit gaming chair for $400. Holy s*** the difference is unreal; I never knew my posture would change so much.”

Comfort over everything! Would you spend a few hundred dollars on a good chair?


Natural SPA cosmetic products background
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A fellow makeup enthusiast wrote, “Makeup. It’s f*** expensive… but once I find the right brand for whatever the product is, it will take a lot for me to choose anything else, no matter the price.”

Another user agreed to say, “I’d also like to add that higher quality makeup not only performs better, it lasts longer, not only when applied, but in terms of how often you have to buy it. The product is much denser with pigmentation, which means you need to apply a lot less.”

Since Makeup goes on your face, it’s important to invest in quality products with a safe ingredient list.


Happy young woman shopping for sports footwear
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A Redditor wrote, “Shoes; my god, the difference between a cheap $14 pair of shoes and a well made pair of $80 to $120 shoes is amazing.”

Another added, “I’ll sure as heck spend a fortune on a good pair of heels. Nothing kills the day more than hard and painful cheap heels.”

For sure! Good shoes put a pep in your step, literally!

Dress Shirts

man buttoning cufflinks
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A Reddit user commented, “Dress Shirts. Growing up I bought the cheapest stuff that had a design / color I liked. I thought the way they aged and came out of the dryer was normal. Then I bought some $50-100 non-iron shirts from a suit place. Holy cow. They come out of the dryer needing no ironing (duh) if you remove them promptly. The material is thicker and hangs better. They last years. The cloth doesn’t shrink as much. The color stays longer.”

We’re convinced, are you?


honey in a jar with a dipper
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A honey enthusiast said, “Honey. I now buy raw Honey. Everything else is just corn syrup.”

Someone else added, “Same way. The farmers market ruined it for me. Now I shell out $20 for a few jars of the good stuff. I also love the different varieties, its weird how different they can taste.”

$20 for a jar of organic Honey is a steal??? Sign us up!


Mysterious redhead girl with smokey eyes with scarf
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One female emphasized, “WHY IS TAMPONS NOT ON THE TOP OF THIS LIST?! If you ever had to shove a cardboard tube up your lady parts and then tried a Tampax Pearl with the glorious plastic applicators, I know you heard angels sing.”

Another woman added, “This is correct. Cardboard applicators are the devil’s work.”

You deserve the best during your periods. With all the cramps and mood swings, investing in good quality, comfortable menstrual products makes sense.


Angry woman cleaning carpet with blurred vacuum cleaner in living room
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HayDmitriy via DepositPhotos.com.

Someone shared, “Vacuum. I have two furry cats and my partner is allergic. I invested in a Dyson animal vacuum… I have never looked back! I cannot believe all the dust and fur that comes up! He has had zero problems since I got it 7 years ago. Will never go back!”

We all have our preferences regarding splurging. Would you splurge on cleaning supplies?

Luxury Items

beautiful and elegant old influencer woman
oneinchpunch via Depositphotos.com

While choosing the cheapest option when making purchases may be tempting, certain things are worth investing in. Regarding safety, health, and comfort, it’s important to prioritize quality over price.

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