12 Frugal Trends That Are All Hype and No Substance

What are today’s most overrated frugal trends? This question sparked an intense online discussion. Here are some of the best responses!

Being an “Influencer”

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Another adds, “Seems like that’s the new aspirational career. People don’t realize how much work it actually is, though, and how fickle the internet is.”

“I know a woman who became a professional tiktok influencer and quit her job after hitting like a million followers,” adds another, “At first, I was really happy for her, thinking she basically hit the lottery, but the content she posts just seems to require so much enthusiasm and energy only to get a ton of negative commenters. And there’s clearly a constant hustle to please sponsors. Now my regular 9-5 doesn’t seem too bad compared to the influencer gig.”

Lip Injections

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A user points out hilariously that lip injections “Reminds me of forehead donut.”

Disorders That Are Not Present

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One user can’t stand people lying about disorders they do not have, “Lying about disorders mental and physical, I can’t say how much I hate it.”

Another user agrees with this, saying, “Over usage of labeling things as mental disorders-like those TikTok girls be saying things like “not me hyperfixating on my homework” like you mean focused?? They’ll also label anything as depression, anxiety, ADHD, etc. it’s super annoying as someone who has all three of those to see people “faking” them.”

Documenting Every Detail of Your Life

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“Filming and taking pictures of absolutely everything you do,” said another user.

Huge Eyelashes

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Some body enhancements make one look abnormal, “Huge eyelashes that look like spiders.”

Long Nails

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These are also overrated body enhancements and additions, according to another user, “Especially those ones in a point at the tip. They look so ridiculous. Plus, honestly, anytime I see fake nails alls I can think of is how gross they are.”

Wearing Mom Jeans

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“Mom jeans are awful, and the only time they look good is when they’re being worn by someone who is super attractive to begin with. Even then, it’s just a downgrade,” notes another user.

Overusing the Narcissist Word

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Someone pointed out that people cannot stop overusing this word, “I wonder how many articles you could find from 2020 onward with the word “narcissist” in the title. I’m guessing tens of thousands.”

“Gender Reveals,” Said One User

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Buying Celebrities Beauty Products

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Another user notes that these products are overrated, “Supporting celebrities’ beauty products. They are so rich. Stop buying their $20 lipsticks and $80 shapewear unless they turn their business into a non-profit and do it just because they enjoy business – not to keep getting richer making money off the little people and their fans.”

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