16 Non-Frugal Purchases That Will Make You Say “YOLO!”

There are some purchases people make that dig into their pockets, but they do not seem to mind them. A Reddit user wanted to know what kind of purchases frugal people made they didn’t mind. He specifically wanted to know what people bought because it made them happy and not to save money

Other Reddit users chipped into this conversation, and here are some of the best responses.

Soft Towels and Mattress

woman in pink towel making turban on head after spa
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“Really soft towels. They changed my life 🙂 A top-of-the-line mattress and pillows. You almost can’t put a price on good sleep,” said one user


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Another user has a sweet tooth, “I regularly buy the $23 a pound stuff from a local factory, plus a few times a year, I’ll buy chocolate that comes out at closer to $40 or $50 a pound.”

Vacuum Cleaner

Angry woman cleaning carpet with blurred vacuum cleaner in living room
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HayDmitriy via DepositPhotos.com.

Who knew that a vacuum cleaner could bring such joy? “I bought an $800 vacuum cleaner, and it’s like driving a BMW of the vacuum world. It’s actually made vacuuming fun for me,” says one user.

Another adds, “My wife and I just spent $475 of our cashback on a Shark robot vacuum because our Dutch Shepherd is the best, but she also sheds her body weight each week. Just got it last night, and we are already thankful.”

High-End Gym Membership

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One spends a lot at the gym because they feel like they are rewarding themselves when they work out, “I know I could do the same thing for cheaper, but I like guilt-tripping myself into going, and I like the reward of being somewhere nice when I workout.”

Scuba Lessons for Kid

Young woman with scuba gear on in a pool smiling at the camera showing the OK sign.
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After seeing how happy his kid was, this user’s money was well spent, “I bought my 14 yo son scuba diving lessons and scuba gear rentals to continue going scuba diving after he got his certification. All in all, it’s cost me about $2000 so far in the last year. He is so happy, and it enriches his life so much that I feel like it’s worth it.”

Heated House

Mother At Home With Son Adjusting Smart Central Heating Thermostat
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One user cannot stay in a cold house no matter what, “I keep my heat in my house around 70 in the winter, the heating bill be damned! I still wear warm socks, sweaters, etc., but you can only do so much in an old, uninsulated house. Winter is depressing enough, and I’ve chosen comfort over coins. It’s made a significant, positive impact on my mental health.”

High-Quality Spices

jars of spices.
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If you have to get spices, go for the best as one user says, “2-3 times per year, I will go into a dedicated spice/vinegar/oil shop and stock up, as well as pick up a few gifts. Getting high-quality spices can go a long way to doctoring up cheaper meals, and you typically don’t have to use as much if it is fresh/good quality.”

Fancy Candles and Medieval-fantasy Costumes

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One user is living in a medieval era through costumes and candles, “They serve no purpose, but cleaning the apartment is much more fun when you can pretend to be a medieval barmaid.”


woman leaning on kitchen counter and holding washing sponge
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This purchase greatly impacted this user’s life: “I lived in a second-floor walk-up without a dishwasher. One of the best purchases I ever made was late one night while drunk – I impulse-bought a countertop dishwasher. I used that thing for years and LOVED IT!!! I eventually moved into a different place with a dishwasher and sold it, but I still think back about that purchase. Worth it.”

Good Makeup

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Another loves makeup and can spend extravagantly on them, “Good makeup is a game changer. I don’t even wear it that often, but putting on good lipstick or nice nail polish is very satisfying.”


Young couple receiving head massage at beauty spa
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A good massage can be life-changing, as one user notes, “Deep tissue massages twice a month. They greatly improve my quality of life.”

Luxury Brand Cookware

Image of young happy lady standing in kitchen while cooking fish.
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Another loves cooking in fancy cookware, “Yes, I am boiling hoarded frozen chicken carcasses/bones and kitchen scraps in them, but god damn do I love my overpriced pretty cookware.”


blonde woman artist paints a colorful picture
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bezikus via DepositPhotos.com.

“As someone who writes, it’s soooooo nice to see the art of my characters coming to life. I have spent more than I would like to admit on the art I purchase, but every time I look at it, it makes me so happy,” explains another user

Espresso Machine

An Illustrative editorial of Wacaco Minipresso machine in which you can make expresso coffee on the go.
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It is hard to put a price on good coffee as one user found out, “$3K plus espresso machine….saving so much money now that I pull 120-150 shots a month. It will pay for itself in no time.”

An Expensive Horse

A horse with beautiful eyes stares off into the distance. Could be a sad lonely horse.
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One user admits her horse is expensive but cannot let it go, “I own a horse. He is my pride and joy, but it costs more to keep than a new car payment. He is in the budget under Sport, Entertainment and Mental health…”

House Cleaners

young housewife cleaning on white.
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Even though she is a stay-at-home mum, she feels good to know her house is always meticulously clean, “ I’m a SAHM and will cut back on everything before I lose them. The mental load that is taken off my shoulders knowing my house will be deep cleaned every other week is priceless.”

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