20 Products That Are So Overrated, You’ll Wonder Why You Ever Thought They Were a Good Idea

In today’s consumer-driven society, people often get caught up in the hype of the latest trends and products, sometimes overlooking the value and worth of what they’re buying. Some products that are overrated, and you need to stop buying them!

Overrated Products

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Someone posted on AskReddit, “What’s something extremely overrated that people buy anyways?”

And we have compiled a list of the top 20 responses; some of these hot takes will leave you amused.


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The iPhone vs. Android debate is for ages, as one user commented, “iPhones. You pay so much for so little, but hey, if you’ve got an iPhone you definitely have status, no?”

Another said, “iPhones. Y’all be paying premiums for phones that cant download half of the apps android can get.”

All celebrities have the latest iPhone in hand, which plays a huge role in its popularity. Do you agree that iPhones are merely a status symbol? Or is their hefty price tag justified?


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This comment garnered a huge number of responses from people.

One Redditor said, “Starbucks coffee, overrated but extremely successful. Probably the factor of convenience and now sentiment with holiday traditions but….I’ve found many other places where the coffee is just genuinely so much better.”

Another said, “Not just overrated, extremely overpriced as well.”

Especially if you consider the people or influencers who have a cup of Starbucks every day, the cost must add up!


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Someone commented, “As a smoker trying to quit cigarettes. Yes, I know they’re awful. I am trying. But seriously, some brands are near $10 a pack. There are people smoking 3, 4 packs a day. $40 x 7 = $280 a week. That’s $14,560 a year on smokes.”

Can’t argue with that logic! Paying that amount for something proven to be unhealthy doesn’t sound like a good investment either.


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One Redditor wrote, “Sneaker-heads baffle me, who is spending $150+ on shoes you won’t even wear outside??? Makes no sense.”

Another added, “I have a co-worker who regularly will spend upwards of $1000 on “old collector sneakers.” Blows my mind, but everyone has their thing I suppose.”

Some pairs have become collectibles; they even resell for a lot, so it makes sense.

Designer Clothes

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When a Redditor wrote “Designer Clothes,” people started sharing their opinions.

One said, “OMG yes. I walked into Burberry once out of curiosity and high-tailed outta there when I saw a T-shirt for like 150 bucks.”

Someone with a different opinion wrote, “What else is there nowadays? You can’t walk into the mall and buy a no-name brand t-shirt anymore, and if you somehow find one, it won’t last you that long. All the designer clothes I have are over a decade old. They last forever.”

Designer Handbags

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Someone left a comment saying, “Designer purses. I’d rather spend 5k on a trip to travel to another country than something that will get ruined if it gets wet.”

Have you ever spent money on getting a designer handbag? Is their quality and make worth the price tag?

Diamond Rings

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A Redditor wrote, “Diamonds are just the best example. Gemstones with acceptable hardness ratings and superior luminescence exist, and they are not valued because society has dictated that diamonds are the “reference truth” for what an engagement gemstone should look like. They are super overpriced and it’s just silly to me…because a lot of people buying them can’t even afford them.”

Custom Wheels

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One comment read, “Wheels for your car, when your car already has wheels, but you want to look cool, so you get different ones, when the factory wheels were just fine, nothing wrong with them.”

We’ve only seen the Uber rich with custom wheels; it’s something not many people go for. Have you ever bought custom wheels for your car?


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A  Redditor wrote, “Chick-fil- A. It wouldn’t be good if they didn’t have their good sauce. Fight me.”

Someone else added, “Yes! U can buy the sauce at certain grocery stores. I haven’t been to Chick-fil-A since.”

That sauce is the real deal! Makes everything taste ten times better.

Alcohol at Bars

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One user said, “Liquor and beer at bars. Go order a cocktail and spend $15 on 20 cents of Liquor. A bottle of Liquor is 750ml, a one-ounce jigger is 25.6 oz. Most bottles bought by bars are costing much less than $25. Talk about a markup!”

However, bars are more about the atmosphere and the opportunity to socialize. Is there a markup on the drinks? For sure. But the price you pay is for the ambiance and the setting. What do you think?

Call of Duty

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A user came in with a hot take which might upset many gamers. The person said, “Call of Duty. It’s the same game every year with a different coat of paint slapped onto it. But the worst part is that they charge full price, and people buy it anyway.”

Do you think this opinion is justified? Where are all our Call of Duty fans at?

Air Fryers

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A Redditor said, “Air fryers. Many toaster ovens and regular ovens have a convection setting already.”

Man, is that a money-saving life hack? Are air fryers unnecessary but effectively marketed?

Soda Drinks

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One user said, “Soda destroys your gut health, rots your teeth away. You’re better off only drinking tea, water and occasionally coffee.”

Sodas or other carbonated drinks are not very healthy. They’re filled with sugar but have been marketed as a staple in nearly every fast-food meal. But if consumed in moderation, it’s not as harmful to your health. After all, they do taste great, can’t deny that.


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One Reddit user commented, “Vapes,” which led to another user sharing their personal experience with vaping: “My biggest advice to anyone trying to quit cigs. Don’t ever, ever ever ever, get a vape and think that will help wean you off. Now I just smoke inside and do it to the point I don’t even realize until it starts to make me sick. Woefully addicted to nicotine and it honestly frightens me.”

Flagship Products

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When one person wrote, “Flagship products,” another user left an interesting reply: “I shouldn’t say that because I work in the industry and flagships literally pay my yearly bonus BUT… You are so right… People don’t even understand why they pay more. All that matters is that there is the word “Ultra” in the product’s name.”

Do you think the new flagship releases every year are basically the same product as before but with a higher price tag and little to no upgrades?

RGB Lighting Equipment

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A  Redditor shared, “Anything related to RGB. Woah cool lights on that headset you’re not gonna see during your playtime. I just don’t get the hype that’s all.”

Another agreed to say, “I never understood RGB gaming stuff. It’s just a distraction to me. I had a controller for my original Xbox that could light up. I thought it was cool for about a week and then kept the lights turned off.”

Ripped Jeans

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A user shared their interesting pov, saying, “Ripped jeans. For one, I just don’t get how wearing ripped clothing is at all stylish, and for two, why are some of them so expensive? Like what am I paying extra for? The fact that you ripped it? I can rip them on my own, I don’t need to pay $40 extra for you to do it for me.”

Do you think if something is trending, that justifies their higher price?

Prime Hydration

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Many users commented, “Prime Hydration products,” with one of them stating, “I’ve seen a lot of people praise prime hydration, but I tried it, and it was WAY too sweet. It felt like I opened a koolaid packet and poured it directly onto my tongue. It was just a way worse alternative to Gatorade.”

Their drinks surely are pricey. Have you tried Prime? What are your views?


Angry woman cleaning carpet with blurred vacuum cleaner in living room
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Dyson is a very popular brand with some innovative products. However, their price ranges are well above the market standard.

Someone wrote, “My $89 Hoover lasted longer, had better suction, and was an overall better vacuum than my 0 Dyson was. I’ll never buy another Dyson. You’re buying the name, not a quality product. My Mom still has one, and I can’t stand it. No way we both got part of a bad batch…”

If you’ve ever used a Dyson product, is their quality worth the hefty price?

Smart Tvs

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One Redditor said, “Smart TVs. If you have a PC or laptop which you can connect to your TV by HDMI,  you don’t have to overpay for one more “castrated” technical solution in your house.”

Another wrote, “Can you even buy non-smart TV anymore? I used to be very against smart TV since my PlayStation did everything the TV could anyway. But now if you want any sort of quality TV it will be smart by default.”

Most Overrated Things

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We hope this list helps you understand that price or popularity does not always determine the value of a product or service. We should always do our research before making a purchase. By being mindful of our spending habits, we can avoid buying overrated items and instead invest in things that truly bring us joy and fulfillment.


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