Escape to Beauty: 20 Exquisite Places To Add to Your Travel List

This world we live in is packed with more beautiful places than you can even imagine. Like, seriously, Mother Nature went all out and sprinkled her magic everywhere.

One Redditor asked, “What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited?” Many users jumped in to share their thoughts on the most beautiful places, and we have gathered the top 20 places for you to see.

1. The Porch

View of a large front porch with furniture and potted plants. Rustic, country style front porch seating with red Adirondack chairs and fresh flowers. Nobody,
Image Credit: Elena_Alex_Ferns/Shutterstock.

One user said, “My front porch. Early in the morning, drinking my coffee. Watching the birds feed from my feeders. 29 different species observed and noted.”

Another added, “it the simple things.”

Another replied, “Same here! Cheers to porches! Paragon of Paradise! ❤️❤️”

Now, take a look at the view. You’ve got a front-row seat to the neighborhood action. It’s like a real-life sitcom unfolding right before your eyes.

You can catch the kids on their bikes and the neighbors walking their dogs. It’s a symphony of everyday life, and you’re right in the middle.

2. Scotland

landscape of calton hill, Edinburgh, Scotalnd, UK
Image Credit: Richie Chan/Shutterstock.

Picture rolling green hills as far as the eye can see, dotted with fluffy sheep just minding their business. It’s like stepping into a postcard, except it’s real life!

A discerning Reddit user commented, “Sheigra Beach in northern Scotland was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. Magical.”

Someone wrote, “When in Scotland, you’ll be looking at the most beautiful scenery you’ve ever seen.

Then you’ll turn to your right or perhaps left for a bite of sandwich, to pick up your keys or for a kiss from your lover, etc. And guess what? You’ll see yet another most beautiful scene you’ve ever seen again. And then on your drive home, guess what?

It’s the most beautiful drive you’ve ever taken, which is strange because the drive OUT you’d swear was the most beautiful drive of yer life!”

3. Ireland

Ireland Coastline
Image Credit: Sina Ettmer Photography/Shutterstock.

Ireland is home to jaw-dropping cliffs that’ll make your heart beat. Just picture yourself standing on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher, with the wild Atlantic crashing below you. It’s a breathtaking sight that’ll leave you feeling small but alive.

And don’t worry, they’ve got those picture-perfect Instagram spots, too, like the Giant’s Causeway with its unique rock formations. It’s a natural wonderland, and Ireland is showing off, no doubt about it!

One said, “Ireland takes my pick. I believe it was called “Lovers Lookout,” more specifically?”

Someone else added, “I think Giant’s Causeway in N. Ireland was also magnificent.”

Someone else replied, “Ireland Coast -Cliffs of Moher the top.”

4. Halifax

Peggy's cove lighthouse sunset ocean view landscape in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Image Credit: Denna Jiang/Shutterstock.

Halifax is blessed with a stunning harbor that’ll make your jaw drop. You can stroll along the boardwalk, soak in the salty sea breeze, and watch the ships come and go. And guess what? They’ve got some epic seafood joints too!

A Reddit user wrote, “I went to Halifax for a couple of days this past January. My favourite band on the face of the planet is Sloan, and I wanted to photograph a “hometown” show. I hadn’t landed more than an hour, and I had my first of three offers to be driven anywhere in the province so I could see it.

I ended up finding a way to Peggy’s Cove on the most beautiful day I could have imagined for January. It was as warm and welcoming as the entire province had been.

I’ll (hopefully) be back there next year when Halifax hosts the Junos – and I plan on taking up every offer for a ride. 😁😊”

5. Iceland

Blooming lupine flowers on the Stokksnes headland on the southeastern Icelandic coast. Iceland, Europe.
Image Credit: Andrew Mayovskyy/Shutterstock.

Iceland is like a nature lover’s dream come true. You’ve got volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, and geysers all crammed into one tiny island. And don’t even get us started on the Northern Lights! You’ve got this mystical dance of colors lighting up the night sky. Seriously, Iceland, how do you manage to be so ridiculously beautiful?

One Redditor stated, “Iceland for me too. I did all the things I could, but the memory that sticks with me is, I went horseback riding on a south coast farm overseeing like 5 glaciers in January. But riding those horses in the golden sunlight that is always twilight midday winter, with the background is just burned into my mind. Then the farmer made my wife and I dinner, and we got to speak and share stories with him and his farm hands, which was also a beautiful moment.”

Someone on Reddit said, “Came here to say exactly that. There is no place like Iceland.”

6. Alaska

Chugach Alaska Range
Image Credit: xavitorrents/Shutterstock.

Alaska has got some of the wildest wildlife you’ll ever encounter. You’ve got grizzly bears, moose, and bald eagles roaming around like they own the place!

You can even take a boat tour and spot whales leaping out of the water like they’re auditioning for “America’s Got Talent.” It’s a whole zoo, and Alaska is the ultimate safari destination!

Someone commented, “Alaska is such an amazing place! Every inch I saw was unbelievably beautiful. I need to go back soon!”

Another responded, “I agree. Living in Northern California amongst giant redwoods is pretty sweet, but being on Prince of wales island and surrounding waters was all time.”

7. Norway

view on Bruges. Bergen Norway
Image Credit: Tatyana Vyc/Shutterstock.

One said, “I visited Lofoten on some travels around Europe the year before Covid hit and was lucky enough to see 2 fabulous northern lights displays whilst there, Norway’s is such a cool place!”

Another responded, “Here now, spent today hiking up Langfossen and driving around the Fjords, and I’d very nearly agree with you, but Plitvice lakes in Croatia still has the top spot for me.”

Norway has got some serious peak games going on. You’ve got the mind-boggling Trolltunga, where you can strike a pose and feel like you’re on top of the world. And let’s not overlook the iconic Preikestolen, a cliff that’ll make you feel like you’re walking on air!

So, grab your hiking boots and prepare to conquer these epic mountains.

8. Hawaii

Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii
Image Credit: Shane Myers Photography/Shutterstock.

Hawaii is a volcanic wonderland, and that’s where things get seriously cool. You’ve got volcanoes like Kilauea and Mauna Loa, ready to blow your mind with their fiery flows.

Someone shared, “Hawaii, specifically the Big Island, which is also called Hawaii (Hawai’i)”

Another person added, “Just came back from there. The entire southwest coast is amazing. Although, I loved Hilo for the food.”

Now that’s the ultimate adventure for all the thrill-seekers out there!

9. Yosemite

Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park
Image Credit: Andrew Opila/Shutterstock.

Yosemite is a giant playground for tree lovers. It has towering sequoias that have been around since the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. It’s like stepping into a fairy tale forest where every tree has its own story to tell.

One user shared, “Worked there for a while, sort of, and every time it got me. Even after a 100 visits it’s still worth just basking in now and then.”

Another added, “I’m rarely speechless, and that scenery had me in TEARS and making plans to go off-grid on a cliff face somewhere.”

So, picture yourself lying in a field of wildflowers, surrounded by breathtaking views of granite peaks. It’s a scene straight out of “The Sound of Music,” and Yosemite is the ultimate stage.

10. Zion National Park

Narrows in Zion National Park, Utah
Image Credit: Galyna Andrushko/Shutterstock.

Zion National Park is home to some of the most mind-blowing canyons you’ll ever see. We’re talking about places like The Narrows and Zion Canyon, where you can wade through waist-deep water and feel like an explorer on an Indiana Jones adventure!

One Reddit user wrote, “As someone who lives relatively close to Yosemite, and has relatives in St. George, I’ve been to both several several times. I know the popular answer is Yosemite but in terms of just pure visual beauty I gotta give the nod to Zion.”

Someone said, “I dated a girl who was from St George. That town is…interesting. I’ve never been to a place quite like it. It was also a bit of a culture shock, seeing 18-year-old men with Glocks on their waist. Also weird how outwardly oppressive it should seem, while everyone was insanely friendly. Also, fun finding beer in the beer aisle that pokes fun at polygamy and religion. That said – Zion was unreal, and I would visit again in a heartbeat.”

11. Kansas

Wichita, Kansas, USA downtown city skyline at dusk.
Image Credit: Sean Pavone/Shutterstock.

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking, “Kansas, really?” But trust us; there’s more to this state than meets the eye.

One wrote, “This is a tough question. I have been to tropical islands, to the South of France, to Norway, to the English countryside, to USA and Canada national parks.

But the most beautiful scenery that I have ever seen was also the most unexpected. I was driving through Western Kansas in late August. The land was absolutely flat, and wheat fields stretched as far as my eyes could see.

The sun was going down, and the wheat was waving in the wind like waves on the ocean. The wheat shimmered like some sort of an optical illusion. The sun was a dramatic orange through the dust from the chaff. I almost went off the road; I was so stupefied. I had to stop to take it all in. I will never forget it.”

Kansas is a state that’s got its unique kind of beauty waiting to be explored!

12. Rome

Young handsome couple at the Colosseum, Rome - Happy tourists visiting italian famous landmarks taking selfie photo.
Image Credit: illpaxphotomatic/Shuttestock.

A Redditor wrote, “As a proud Parisian, the only city I’ve visited that imo surpasses it is Rome.”

Another commented, “16-year-old granddaughter is currently in Paris with her history class. Before Paris, they were in Rome. She said she will save her money and go back to Rome after she graduates high school.”

Rome is not just about the ruins or the architecture. Rome has got that Italian charm that’ll make your heart skip a beat.

The locals are full of life and passion. They’ll welcome you with open arms and probably invite you to join their family for a home-cooked meal. It’s all being part of la dolce vita, the sweet life.

13. San Sebastian

San Sebastian, Spain
Image Credit: Botond Horvath/Shutterstock.

First things first, let’s talk about the beaches.

San Sebastian is a beach lover’s dream come true. You’ve got La Concha Beach, where you can soak up the sun, build sandcastles, and just live your best beach life. And then there’s Zurriola Beach, where the surfers catch some gnarly waves to show off their skills. It’s like a beach party, and San Sebastian is your ultimate host!

Someone said, “Igeldo, San Sebastian, Spain (or Basque Country rather than Spain according to some of the locals).”

Someone else agreed and said, “San Sebastian (Donosti in Basque) is a beautiful place. I was there a few years ago for a soccer tournament my son was playing in. Would go back in a heartbeat.”

14. Taos Pueblo


Ancient dwellings of UNESCO World Heritage Site named Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. Taos Pueblo is believed to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements in USA.
Image Credit: Nick Fox/Shutterstock.

Taos Pueblo is one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the United States. We’re talking about a place that has been standing for over a thousand years! It’s like a living time capsule, man.

One user said, “New Mexico. I had a goal of traveling to all 50 states, and so glad I did. Sure, it’s kind of a meme, but the Pueblos, Mesas, walking trails, wildlife? It’s definitely worth it to stop by if you can.”

Another person shared similar thoughts and mentioned, “Taos Pueblo is, like, Peak Indigenous. Just hang out and listen to the vendors gossiping about their cousins; it’s hilarious and so relatable.”

15. Japan

Mt. Fuji with red pagoda in autumn, Fujiyoshida, Japan
Image Credit: lkunl/Shutterstock.

Japan is a land of natural wonders. You’ve got the iconic Mount Fuji towering over the landscape like a boss. And the cherry blossoms? Oh boy, they’re like cotton candy clouds, painting the entire country in shades of pink. Now that’s a romantic dreamland!

Someone commented, “Kyoto, Japan. Tokashiki, Japan. Mount Koya, Japan”

Someone else added, “I’m doing Tokyo>Kamikochi>Kanazawa>Kyoto (plus some other stops on the way) in November. I can’t wait!”

16. Olympic National Park

The Hurricane Ridge viewpoint of Olympic National park in Washington, USA. The background is snow mountain
Image Credit: Yunpeng Li/Shutterstock.

Someone said, “Olympic National Park in Washington is pretty spectacular.”

Another replied, “So much diversity in landscapes there! From glacier views to rainforests to crystal clear Lake Crescent. We did the hot springs while we were there, too. All so beautiful!”

Olympic National Park is home to some seriously cool rainforests. Yeah, you read that right – rainforests! You don’t need to book a flight to South America to experience the lush green wonder. Just head to the Hoh Rainforest or the Quinault Rainforest and prepare to have your mind blown!

17. Teton Range

John Moulton Barn, Grand Teton National Park
Image Credit: anthony heflin/Shutterstock.

A discerning Reddit user commented, “I watched the sunrise over the Tetons on a clear morning from my tent about 15 miles east of the range. It was in the upper 50s, light breeze; the sun hit the peaks before it washed over the valley. My wife and I got up early and just opened the tent to watch. We were completely alone with the exception of our dogs. I think about that image every day.”

Another replied, “I hiked in the Tetons for 3 days last year; big bucket list checkoff for me.”

The Teton Range is home to some seriously cool animals. You’ve got moose, elk, bison, and even some sneaky foxes roaming around. So, you are in your own personal National Geographic documentary now. Just make sure to keep your distance and respect their turf. We’re guests in their home, after all!

18. New Zealand

View of the Wellington Cable Car, New Zealand
Image Credit: Victor Maschek/Shutterstock.

A Redditor wrote, “New Zealand. It’s a place where pictures actually can’t do it justice. When you show up, you can hardly believe what you’re seeing.”

Another replied, “Yeah, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a lot of places on this list (new Zealand, BC, PNW, Zion, Yellowstone, Iceland, etc).”

New Zealand is an adrenaline junkie’s paradise! You can bungee jump off bridges, skydive over mind-blowing scenery, or go white-water rafting down some lakes. It’s an amusement park for thrill-seekers, and nature is the ultimate ride designer. Don’t forget to scream your lungs out!

19. Myanmar

Swe taw myat buddha tooth relic pagoda, Yangon Myanmar
Image Credit: Patrick Foto/Shutterstock.

Someone on Reddit said, “Bagan, Myanmar. It’s an ancient city of literally thousands of temples that range in age from hundreds of years to possibly before Christ. It felt like being transported through time; you can go into and explore literally any temple, you hear Buddhist chants waking you up with the sunrise as hot air balloons rise up over the temples with the morning dew, and it is surrounded by fields with farm workers plowing fields by pushing water buffalo. I had the opportunity to visit there during the relatively quiet, safe period in 2015 before Myanmar’s government went a little crazy again.

And the people were incredibly nice. One thing that was strange but endearing was that if I told someone I was American, multiple people would respond to me, “Ooh! America! See you later, alligator!” And if I responded, “In a while, crocodile”, they would just absolutely LOVE it. No idea what in popular culture there made that such a thing for regular everyday people to think that first when they meet an American, but it was hilarious to both me and them.”

Myanmar is home to some of the most beautiful temples you’ll ever lay your eyes on. We’re talking about places like Bagan, where thousands of ancient temples are scattered across the landscape. You can even catch a sunset that’ll make you weak in the knees and snap those Instagram-worthy shots!

20. California

Bixby Bridge (Rocky Creek Bridge) and Pacific Coast Highway at sunset near Big Sur in California, USA. Long exposure.
Image Credit: Nick Fox/Shutterstock.

California’s got some of the most stunning coastlines you’ll ever lay your eyes on. It’s like a surfer’s paradise and a blogger’s heaven.

One said, “Big Sur, California.”

Someone commented, “Catalina Island, California. The water was so clear and beautiful.”

Another person pitched in to say, “California’s beaches. There’s honestly so much more beautiful scenery in this world, but I loved the different types of people I saw there. I’d imagine something like Burningman or Electric Forest would also rank high if ever presented the opportunity.”

So, grab your flip-flops and get ready to soak up some serious Vitamin Sea.

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