11 Frugal Living Lies That Bloggers Tell You

Bloggers and social media influencers have differing opinions on what people should do when living frugally to save money.

Recently, a tweet by a social media user by the name of Liz Harvey went viral. The image sparked a conversation on Reddit, with many users siding with the writer, citing that most bloggers have misconceptions about frugal living.

The Misconception

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The tweet said, “If your ‘tips on saving money’ starts with assuming I pay $5 for coffee every day, you already think I have more money than I do.”

Here are some of the responses from other Reddit users on this thread;

One quip sarcastically, “Here’s how we saved $60k in one year!” Well, first of all, you need to make more than $60k in a year…”

Join Survey Sites

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The suggestion to join such sites is not welcome to some users, “What irks me is the suggestion that I join sample and survey sites. Do you know what I’ve received from those kinds of websites? Spam emails. The surveys don’t pay out, the sample sites lead you in circles, and all you’re doing is selling your info.”

Daddy Can Pay For It

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Another sarcastic user showcases how detached some bloggers are, “Here’s a tip: rather than paying for Starbucks, instead, get your daddy to pay for it! This also works for cars and houses!”

Moms Should Step Up

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Another illustrates how detached from reality some bloggers are, “Oh my gosh, that article on how to pay off your student loans where the woman’s mom BOUGHT HER A CONDO. She moved out of it into a room in another house and paid off her loans with the proceeds. Hang on a second, calling mom…”

Quick Solution: Don’t Be Poor

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If you are poor, the best solution is not to be poor; as most bloggers state, 

“Problem: I’m poor.

Solution: Don’t be poor.

If only it worked like this.”

Some Ideas Are Unrealistic

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Telling someone to bike instead of driving may not always work, notes one user, “This and “why don’t you bike.” I gladly and sweatily would… Except I live in America. School is 20 miles away, and work is 5 miles away and starts at 6:30 a.m. Hell no.”

Spend Money To Save Money

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“Acorns has been bugging me lately with their whole “you should sign up and buy clothing through Stitch, and then we’ll deposit $5 in your account!” …encouraging me to spend money to save money,” illustrates another user.

Most Bloggers Recycle Lists

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One user said that most bloggers do not have new ideas; they recycle old ones, “I think the problem lies in the fact that whenever you see a new list like this online, it 8/10 of the same things as every other previous list that’s ever been posted, plus two new ones that are either stupid or just don’t apply to your particular situation. I mean, the coffee suggestion could be helpful to a few people, but it’s definitely not the only money-saving tip out there so it doesn’t need to be on every list.”

Skip Smoking To Afford Gaming

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One blogger had a great solution for one of the users, “Tested out the Star Wars Old Republic MMO, and someone tried to convince me subscribers had a better deal. Since I play like one weekend every 3 months, I said it’s not worth it to me. He told me if I just skipped a couple packs of cigs, I would have enough for a better weekend of playing. Complete stranger and our only conversation.”

Many Bloggers Have a Comfortable Beginning

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One user points out that many bloggers come from comfortable beginnings and tell you how to save, “Real talk though, so many ‘frugal bloggers’ are people who start from an astronomically higher place than the average person trying to save. I’m mostly looking at MMM and Frugalwoods. When he was saving for retirement in his 20s and 30s, he was making $70k+, and so was his wife. I’m sure I could save too if I made that much.”

Grow Your Own Vegetables

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You spend a lot just to harvest little food; according to another user, “Grow your own organic vegetables! You’ll only spend $250 on soil, plants, and a box garden, but you’ll eat at least 4 salads this summer absolutely free!!”

The Mentality Matters

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One user came to the bloggers’ defense, saying that the mentality is what matters most, “It’s the mentality of saving a dollar or two on your coffee that makes you financially secure, not the few dollars themselves. When you apply that to buying an older Camry rather than leasing a new car. Saving money by cooking affordable meals at home. Saving gas by planning your days and trips to the store efficiently. Drinking water rather than paying for a soft drink at a restaurant. And knowing how to treat yourself without breaking the bank.”

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