1 Way to Make Bedtime Stories Easier for Busy Parents

So if you know me or have been reading this blog, you will already know that I love reading. I also firmly believe that kids need to be read to, and kids need to be encouraged to read a lot.

Kids Need Stories

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Reading to Kids is Important

Reading to kids is a significant part of educating our children. We need to read to them a lot so that they learn new ideas, learn about language, and help bring a springboard into discussions about different things.

One of the best times to read to kids is at night before bed. It’s not only an excellent time to get reading done, but it’s also a good calming activity to help a child prepare for sleep and a good habit for your child to have. Reading before bed is a good way for an adult to put themselves to sleep as well, and I strongly recommend making it part of your habit, and your kid’s habits.

Telling stories to your children is an even better way to bond with your kids and open up their minds to new ideas or rehash old ones. I like to tell my kids stories about things that are relevant to them, so it helps them process what is going on in their lives.

Bedtime Stories are Important

However, at the end of a VERY long day and before I start a VERY long night of work, I sometimes struggle to think of stories to tell them. This is a bummer because they really like when I tell them stories (besides reading from a book). Books are so important, but they like having stories that don’t come from the page.

When they aren’t looking at the pictures, their imaginations can run wild, and they think of the most amazing questions and comments.

But what to do when your creative side starts to fail, and you can’t think of anything? I find myself reaching for a well-loved book and reading that again, instead of thinking of something new and creative to tell over.

Story Tyke Saves the Day!

Imagine my delight when I discovered this fantastic new service that helps facilitate this with ease. Anything that makes my life easier (FOR FREE!) is a winner in my eyes. That is why I was absolutely thrilled to find Story Tyke.

Subscribe to Story Tyke and get free bedtime stories! Click here to sign up!

Story Tyke is a FREE subscription service that sends a bedtime story straight to your phone. Story Tyke removes the need to search for the right story to tell. No more searching online or in apps and no more struggling to come up with a fresh idea. Instead, grab your phone, pull up your email, and on school nights, you’ll find a new story delivered to your inbox at 6 PM.

That’s right. Every school night Sunday-Thursday you will find a new story on your phone to read to your kids.

You can read original stories, traditional stories with a twist, or even stories that are customized with your child’s name. This is the perfect service for tired and busy parents. You get to tell your kid a story as they ask, but you don’t need to think of one. Just snuggle in and enjoy the bedtime routine.

Story Tyke send it straight to your phone, which gives you the reminder you need to make sure to take time to tell a story to your child before bed. It’s so incredibly important for your kids to have that touchpoint before they go to sleep.

Subscribe to Story Tyke and get free bedtime stories! Click here to sign up!

Story Tyke isn’t re-inventing the wheel here- they just make it easier for busy parents who love their children to tell their kids a story—making your life just a bit easier. As a mother, I certainly love anything that makes my life a little bit easier.

Free Bedtime Stories

Did I mention it was free? I love free things. I don’t have money to waste on anything, so it’s great that I can give my children this experience without having to spend even more money.

The genius of Story Tyke is in the delivery of the story- not the story itself. When your kid asks for a story- all you need to do is read it. Kids don’t care who wrote the story: all they want is for their parents to sit and spend time with them and encourage their imaginations. This is a perfect solution for that.

Is this subscription something you would consider? The good thing is that there is no downside because have I mentioned that its’ free? I feel like I have because I am sort of hung up on the free thing. I really love free stuff. I really love free stuff for my kids because I think that as parents in this crazy world, we need something to make out lives a little bit easier and to help make our parenting less stressful and absolutely more joyful and magical.

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