Are you Unemployed?

Being unemployed can be an extremely stressful and difficult situation. I’ve been there and to put it mildly, it’s not fun. Searching for a job can oftentimes be frustrating, upsetting and even demeaning.

The job search can seem endless and pointless. It is so hard to know what to do in order to get that perfect, or not so-perfect job. Most advice is empty and not concrete: Network more, Put yourself out there etc. Your worth is not determined by your job or your income but job-searching can easily make you forget that.

AsĀ  the job search goes on and the money starts to run out it can be increasingly difficult to go to interview. The cost of transportation, childcare, appropriate job-interview clothing can make a difference when you are on a tight, tight budget and every dime counts!

Looking for a Job

Once I was offered a job interview. I rearranged my schedule, got a babysitter, got dressed, took public transportation to meet with two people about the job. I talked, brought my resume and (hopefully) presented myself well. I emailed them the next day thanking them for their time and got back… Nothing. They totally ghosted me and I never heard from them again.

Another time, I emailed back and forth with someone about a Social Media position. We ended up on a phone call where he illustrated the job, what it entails etc. When I finally asked about compensation, he told me that it was “more of a learning opportunity for me, because I would learn from his experience, and so he wasn’t paying for the position”. It was a colossal waste of time as I needed a JOB to pay the bills not some half-baked non-paying internship program.

I am sure everyone who has ever looked for a job has some stories to tell.

How do I write a Killer Resume?

Your resume is usually your first impression. The first step in the hiring process involves someone looking at a resume and being impressed with what the see. It is so important that your resume stand out in the stack. You need a KILLER resume to move yours to the top of the pile and to the next step in the interview process. Your resume needs to knock them dead and make a KILLER first impression.

The Money Mix is trying to make the job-looking process a little easier by helping job seekers. Here is a KILLER post about resumes and a MUST-READ if you are actively (or not actively) looking for a job.

How To Make A Killer Resume And Stand Out From The Pack

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