10 Limits Even Frugal People Have About Cheaping Out on Things

What things can you not be frugal about, no matter what? I’m not a fan of store-brand soda. However, there are far worse things. After asking for other examples, these were voted top items that spared no expense.

1.  They Will Never Try One Ply

Two-ply toilet paper is the only acceptable answer. One admitted, “I can’t stand one-ply,” and preferred something quilted. So they would never hesitate to pay the extra “$4 difference for a two-ply” bath tissue.

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2.  I Would Rather Live Alone

Many agreed that living alone and paying the total amount of rent or mortgage is far better than living with “bad roommates” to cut costs. Furthermore, they continued that their mental health is worth the sacrifice of eating “rice, beans, and ramen” for a while.

3.  Cheap Shampoo and Conditioner Destroy My Hair

Somebody said they won’t use cheap shampoo, not because they don’t like it but because it “makes their hair feel like straw.” Another agreed and stated they only want good shampoo and conditioner, “a bottle of Matrix shampoo lasts a long time. Aveda is good as well, but quite expensive.”

4.  Do Not Buy Value Packs

One person said they would “spend more money for an individual snack displayed at the cash register” instead of the value packs to make it an occasional treat. The “method to my madness” is not to have many snacks readily available.

5.  Real Maple Sugar Over Everything Else

Some said they “grew up with Mrs.Buttersworths,” and when they experienced real maple syrup for the first time, they were shocked at the difference. Another shared they were a 20-something-year-old New Hampshire native who hadn’t had real maple syrup until recently when it was manufactured in their home state.

6.  I’ll Spend Money on Good Work Shoes

Rather than buy a cheap pair of work shoes, several would browse the “clearance sections at Alegria stores.” But unfortunately, the cheap brands don’t give comfort throughout the day, and many people end up limping around by the end of the day.

7.  Buy From Local Farmers

For one Thanksgiving this year, another recalled purchasing a turkey from “a local meat market” instead of the chain grocery stores. Everyone at Thanksgiving dinner raved about how this turkey was the best they had ever had.


Of course, buying from the local meat market is a bit more expensive, but “it was worth every penny to help support local butchers and their local producers.”

8.  Alcohol

Wine and liquor are not to be skimped on, according to many. Several agreed that it was worth it to spend more money on quality alcoholic beverages. “I’ll gladly spend $250 on Hennessy XO that I can sip now and again versus the $50 Hennessy VS that tastes like trash and lasts half as long since I need to drink more to forget how bad it is.”

9.  A Good Cup of Coffee

To start your day with a good cup of coffee is a necessity, various Redditors decided. They told us they would rather not have coffee than drink a terrible cup of joe. When you brew your coffee at home, “it costs more than the cheap stuff but lots less than Starbucks.

10.  There is NO Budget Spending on Vacation

Frugality is something many people practice regularly in today’s economy. However, several noted that vacation is meant to be a luxury compared to everyday living and to “treat yourself a bit.”


We hope you enjoyed these Reddit confessions about the limits frugal people have about cheaping out.


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