How To Make Money in One Hour: 25 Ways To Earn Extra Cash

Looking for a simple and easy way to make a quick buck or two? Then check out this list of 25 easy ways to make money and learn how to make money in one hour!

There are times when you need some quick cash but don’t have the time to dedicate yourself to a regular part-time job. Instead, you want flexible schedules or just a little extra money fast. At such times, knowing how to make money in an hour or less can come in really handy.

How To Get Money in an Hour: 25 Ways

1. Sell Gently Used Clothes to a Thrift Store

Did you change your mind about a recent purchase? Have you lost the receipts? Selling clothes in near-new condition puts cash in your pocket and allows someone else to afford quality clothes.

2. Sell Unwanted Stuff to a Pawn Shop or at Garage Sales or Grocery Stores

These are all classic ways to raise cash fast. If you’re not keen on hosting a garage sale at your home, see if your neighborhood has plans for a community one. All are good ways to get rid of toys the kids have outgrown.

3. Sell Online

You can reach a broader audience for your unwanted stuff on social media sites. Facebook Marketplace is one good example.

4. Sell Gold or Other Precious Metals

A lot of people accumulate jewelry and other items with precious metals that they no longer use or need. These materials are always in demand and can fetch rewards fast.

5. Walk a Dog or Feed a Pet While Your Neighbor Is Away

This is an easy, stress-free task that takes little time. Bonus: your neighbor will save a lot by not hiring a service or using a kennel.

6. Babysit a Kid for a Great Hourly Rate

Babysitting is always in high demand. If it’s not something you want to do regularly, offering short-term services so parents can go grocery shopping or run errands is how to make money in one hour.

7. Do Yard Work

A lot of people hate mowing the lawn, raking leaves, pulling weeds, etc. Others have health issues that make these activities risky. If you like working outdoors, how to make money in one hour is as simple as some time in a yard.

8. Resell Unredeemed Gift Cards

Do you have unused gift cards for retailers and restaurants sitting around, ones you’ll never use? Sell them for less than their value; you haven’t lost anything, and someone else gets something they’ll use for a bargain.

9. Sell Scrap Metal

Scrap metal sitting around the house, yard, or garage isn’t doing anything but taking up space and looking ugly. Sell it off so that someone else can use it and you have some extra spending money.

10. Donate Plasma or Hair

How to make money in less than an hour is easy with one of these. Hospitals are often facing blood shortages, and blood donation could save someone’s life. Donating your cut hair can go towards wigs for cancer patients who have lost theirs.

11. Deliver Food or Handle Packages

Driving for a service like DoorDash lets you decide when you want to work. Bonuses also may come in tips for food delivery. Handling and delivering packages is in ever-high demand as online marketplaces continue growing.

12. Driver for Uber or Lyft

If you have a reliable car, flexible hours, and you like driving, this could be for you. Driving services like these are in high demand, and you’ll get paid more during peak or really off hours.

13. Drive Neighbors for Errands or Airport Runs

Elderly and disabled neighbors need ways to get groceries and take care of other errands. Depending on time or location, an Uber or Lyft to or from the airport can be really expensive. These are opportunities to earn extra cash with minimal time and effort.

14. Busk

Got some musical talent? You could earn some cash by providing audio entertainment. Busking is playing music on city streets or other public places where it’s allowed. It’s entirely based on donations, so there’s no guarantee you’ll earn much.

15. Watch Dogs Using or Walk Dogs With

Dog walking and pet sitting are in high demand among people with hectic schedules or who are away from home for extended periods. You can be a freelancer or you can work though one of the sites above.

16. Become a Freelance Writer or Graphic Designer

Freelancers in writing and graphic design get to decide when they want to work, what they want to work on, and what fees they want to charge. They can go entirely on their own or work through one of many platforms such as Upwork.

17. Become a Blogger

Blog posts are another way for skilled writers to make money. If your site generates ad revenue or has paying subscribers, an hour’s worth of work can produce a nice payout.

18. Rent Spare Space at

Got extra space at home? Many people have more stuff than they can store at home and have to rent expensive storage units. Save them money and earn extra for yourself by providing convenient storage right there in the neighborhood.

19. Scrounge for Spare Change

This won’t help you pay the rent, but you’d still be surprised at how much spare change you might find on counters, in couches, and inside your car. It might cover your next Starbucks run or takeout pizza.

20. Collect & Return Cans

In some places, you can return aluminum and steel cans to salvage and recycling agencies, and they’ll pay you a small amount per can. Pair this with a roadside cleanup to get two benefits at once.

21. Participate in Focus Groups

Who ever thought you could get paid for expressing your opinions? Some polling and other research agencies will pay you for your time as they look into trending political, consumer, and other issues.

22. Complete Online Surveys

Here’s another way to get paid while you sit at home and answer questions. Online surveys at survey sites like Survey Junkie are an easy way to get paid; all you need are a computer and an internet connection.

23. Clean Homes or Cars

Many people are in an in-between place where they don’t have time to clean their houses well but can’t afford a maid service. You can fill that gap by cleaning homes or washing/detailing cars.

24. Do Odd Jobs or Check if Your Neighbors Need an Extra Pair of Hands

Someone with skills as a handyman can find work completing odd jobs and short tasks that others don’t have the time or skill for. Neighbors also need some help moving furniture, loading a moving van, etc.

25. Try Tutoring

For tutors, the rewards aren’t just financial; they also can help improve the lives of struggling students. With the internet, you can be an online tutor, which makes scheduling and working easier than ever before.


How To Make Money in One Hour


How to make money in one hour really isn’t all that challenging once you know all the options out there. This has been a sampling; there are so many more opportunities to pursue. All of them are great ways to get cash fast without committing yourself to another full- or part-time job.


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