Need Cash ASAP? Here’s How To Make 500 Dollars Fast

I understand that in today’s fast-paced world, life can get hectic, and let’s face it, we could all use some extra cash every now and then. Whether it’s to cover unexpected expenses, tackle debts, or simply add a cushion to our savings, having an additional $500 can make a significant difference in our financial well-being.


The good news is that earning that extra $500 doesn’t have to be a hard task. With the rise of the gig economy and the abundance of opportunities available online, it’s easier than ever to find flexible and lucrative ways to boost your income.


That’s why I’ve put together a list of different ways you can explore to earn that $500. From online freelancing to creative side hustles, there’s something for everyone! The key is to find an opportunity that aligns with your lifestyle, skills, and schedule so you can start generating income quickly and efficiently. 


So, let’s dive in and discover the exciting possibilities that will have you on your way to that extra $500 before you know it!

Here’s how to get $500 fast!

Crack Down on Your Bills

By cutting back on your costs and using websites like Rocket Money, you may practically make $500+ every year. Before you go wild trying to generate money online, why not try to stop overpaying first?


Think about it. Are you paying too much for car insurance? Are you stuck on an expensive cell phone plan? Are your cable bills draining your wallet? And let’s not forget about those pesky credit card interest rates and electric bills.


Though everyone’s quality of life differs, it never hurts to have free bill negotiation services look into your bills and negotiate on your behalf to lower your monthly expenses. Imagine the savings! You could easily put an extra $500 or more back into your pocket each year. It’s like finding money you didn’t even know you had.

Get a Ridesharing Gig

Becoming an Uber driver is a straightforward process. Once you meet the driver requirements and get cleared to drive, you simply open the app and start accepting ride requests in your area. It’s as easy as that!


The best part? The earning potential is impressive. While it varies depending on your market and the number of hours you put in, it’s not uncommon for independent contractors to make $500 or more in just one week. Imagine that—a significant boost to your income in a short amount of time!


Of course, it’s important to note that individual results may vary. Factors like location, peak hours, and driver availability can impact your earnings. But with dedication and staying active for around 40 hours a week, you can expect to see that $500 goal within reach.

Become a Personal Grocery Shopper

If you’re at least 18 years old and looking for a way to make 500 dollars fast, becoming an Instacart shopper could be the perfect opportunity for you.


As an Instacart shopper, your main responsibility is to fulfill customers’ grocery orders placed through the Instacart app. The process is simple: just turn on the app, accept orders, and start shopping. If you have a valid driver’s license and an insured vehicle, you can even earn extra by delivering the groceries right to the customers’ doors.


The best part? Getting started is quick and easy. As long as you can lift 30 pounds, you can fill out an application and get hired within 10 days, which includes the time it takes for them to process your shopper background check.

Rent Out Your Space

Got some unused space at home? Why not turn it into a money-making opportunity by renting it out on Neighbor!


Neighbor is a platform that connects people in need of affordable storage options with those who have extra space to spare. Whether you have a basement, garage, shed, or attic, you can list it on Neighbor and start earning extra income.


All you have to do is provide details about your space, such as whether it has temperature control or any special features. Once your listing is up, you can sit back and watch the bookings roll in. Families without basements, the elderly looking for storage, or individuals going through life changes are often in need of convenient and affordable storage options.


So, if you have an unused space and want to earn an extra $500 (or more!) per month, give Neighbor a try. It’s a win-win situation — you’re making money while helping someone in need of storage.

Pick Up Freelance Gigs

Are you skilled in graphic design, digital marketing, writing, or web development? Freelancing could be your ticket to earning $500 or more quickly.


Freelancing offers a wide range of services that are in high demand. You can provide graphic design work, help with digital marketing campaigns, offer writing and proofreading services, assist as a virtual assistant, or even take on web development projects.


When pricing your services, consider what you’re offering and any additional add-ons you provide. It’s important to set realistic time frames for delivering your work. Choose your tasks carefully to maximize your earnings without wasting too much time.


Freelancing allows you to capitalize on your skills and offer valuable services to clients in need. With the right approach and quality work, you can quickly earn $500 or more. Start exploring freelancing platforms and marketplaces to find clients and kickstart your freelance career.

Resell Unused CDs, Dvds, and Other Tech Online

Do you have a pile of CDs, DVDs, books, or video games collecting dust? Why not turn them into cash with Decluttr!


Decluttr makes it incredibly easy to sell your unwanted tech items and media. Simply enter the ISBN number of the product you want to sell, and Decluttr will provide you with an instant offer. They even buy Lego building block sets, so you can clear out your old sets too!


Once you’ve entered all your items and accepted the offer prices, Decluttr will send you a free prepaid shipping label. Just pack up your items and send them off. Within a day or two of receiving your items, Decluttr will process them and send you payment.


You have multiple options for receiving your payment. You can choose PayPal for the fastest and most convenient option. Alternatively, you can opt for direct deposit to your checking or savings account or even receive a traditional check by mail.


Don’t let your unwanted items go to waste. Turn them into money with Decluttr and start decluttering your space while padding your wallet.

Have a Yard Sale

Selling stuff on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace is not for everyone. So, if you have some extra time, you may simply organize a yard sale and sell your unwanted or used stuff in person. In just one afternoon, you have the potential to earn $500 or more, depending on factors like the location of your sale, the types of items you’re selling, and your pricing strategy.


To make your yard sale more enticing, consider offering additional items like baked goods, refreshing drinks, or even homemade crafts. These extras can attract more customers and increase your overall earnings.


Remember, the key to a successful yard sale is to create an inviting atmosphere that encourages people to stop by and make purchases. With a well-planned yard sale, you can quickly declutter your space while earning some extra cash in the process.

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