12 Ways To Have Fun While Being Frugal

A Reddit user posed this question on the platform, seeking tips from other Reddit users on having fun while staying frugal. The OP mentioned that he lives in Dallas with his girlfriend. Both are in their early twenties. Although they have a decent budget, the OP feels that they sometimes spend too much money over the weekend simply because there is too much stuff to do in Dallas.

The OP has ADHD and hence finds it hard to stay at home all day during the weekend, and when they leave the house, they spend a lot of money. He wants to be more disciplined and is currently looking for ways to be more frugal when they leave the house over the weekends. He was thinking of a picnic in the park or looking for free events and social functions, such as art galleries, to visit instead of going shopping.

The Reddit community came in handy with tips everyone can use to have fun while remaining frugal;

Disc Golfing

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The original investment may be a bit stiff, but the sport is free after that, illustrates one user, “The reason I like disc golf is that after the initial investment of discs, it’s free.”

Use the Local Library

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“Your local library is free and often has movies and tabletop games you can borrow,” says another user


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Make money from your hobby once you get bored, “Also, get into a hobby that you can sell whatever you buy. Want to kayak? Buy a used one for a few hundred and sell it after a few months. I do this with almost everything and probably come out even on almost all hobbies, including sailing if you buy at the right price.”

Make a Weekend Budget

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Stick to a budget and do as you wish, “Make a weekend budget and take that amount in cash so you don’t overspend.”

Take a Walk Outdoors

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You will come across something new in your neighborhood, “On Saturdays, go take a walk together and explore something in your area you haven’t seen before. Make it an adventure, and maybe do a scavenger hunt-type deal. Before you go make lists, stay together, and the first one who spots the item on the list gets the point. Loser does dishes that night!”

Check Out Museum Discount Nights

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Take advantage of such discounts, “I just saw you’re in Dallas. Check out museum discount nights, theater in the park, flea markets (make it a game and see who can find the craziest thing for under $2).”

Learn How To Cook

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Cooking is fun and can help save some money; as this user highlights, “Imagine how fun, creative, collaborative, healthy, cost-saving and useful in the long-term it could be if you both developed an interest in cooking. Shopping on a budget for ingredients, trying out different recipes, and meal planning together… maybe even hosting dinner parties for friends and family someday to put more of a social spin on it.”


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“It’s expensive at first—bikes are not cheap–but then it’s hours of entertainment and exercise for nothing. I pack a PBJ and a PowerBar, and I’m gone for the day,” says another user

Find Free Days at Art Galleries

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“Art galleries, museums, etc., usually have free days. You can also check with your library to see if they have free passes to anything in your area,” urges another user

Walk a Dog

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If you don’t have one, you can borrow one from a dog shelter, “If you like animals, foster a dog from a local shelter, or just walk dogs from the shelter if you can’t take one in. Take the dog to dog parks, hiking, and adoption events.”

Take Turn Hosting

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Hosting, in turn, may help you be frugal, “Make a group of friends. Take turns hosting each other at home for a potluck meal and an active game you enjoy. When the weather is better, take your fun outside.”

Try Gardening

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According to one user, gardening can be rewarding, “Get into gardening, particularly native plants. Check out Home Gown National Park (Doug Tallamy’s non-profit). It is as rewarding as it is inexpensive!”

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