10 Household Supplies You Didn’t Know You Could Borrow From Your Library

Did you know that many libraries offer more than just books? In fact, you can borrow all kinds of household items and tools to help save money and reduce waste.

The library is a great place to get really good books, but you can get so much more than free books from the library!

Here are some examples of items you might be able to borrow from your local library:

1. Tools

Libraries often have a tool lending program that allows patrons to borrow tools for home repairs or DIY projects. This could include hammers, screwdrivers, saws, drills, and more. Instead of buying tools you may only use once or twice, consider borrowing from your library to save money and reduce clutter.

2. Musical Instruments

Always wanted to learn a new instrument but can’t afford to buy one? Check with your local library to see if they offer instrument lending. You may be able to borrow a guitar, keyboard, or even a trumpet for a few weeks to try it out and see if it’s something you want to invest in.

3. Board Games

Looking for a fun game night with family or friends? Check out the selection of board games at your local library. You might be surprised at the variety they offer, from classic games like Monopoly and Scrabble to newer favorites like Settlers of Catan and Cards Against Humanity.

4. Kitchen Appliances

Do you only use your blender or slow cooker occasionally? Consider borrowing one from your library instead of buying one. Many libraries have a small selection of kitchen appliances that patrons can borrow, including blenders, mixers, and even bread makers.

5. Science Kits

If you have children, check out the science kits available at your local library. These kits often include experiments and activities related to biology, chemistry, and physics, and can be a fun and educational way to spend time with your kids.

6. Sewing Machines

Do you have a sewing project you’ve been wanting to tackle but don’t have a sewing machine? Some libraries offer sewing machine lending programs, which can be a great way to get started on your project without investing in an expensive machine.

7. Sports Equipment

Want to try a new sport but don’t want to commit to buying all the equipment? Many libraries offer sports equipment lending programs, which can include everything from basketballs and soccer balls to tennis rackets and even bicycles.

8. WiFi Hotspots

If you need to stay connected on the go, consider borrowing a WiFi hotspot from your library. This can be especially helpful if you’re traveling or don’t have reliable internet access at home.

9. Art Supplies

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or just looking for a fun new hobby, your library may have art supplies available for borrowing. This could include paints, brushes, canvases, and even easels.

10. Camping Gear

Planning a camping trip but don’t want to invest in expensive gear? Check with your library to see if they have camping equipment available for borrowing. This could include tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and camping stoves.

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