13 Hobbies That Will Make You Look Like a Trust-Fund Baby

Have you ever heard of or come across someone doing something as a hobby and realized that this must be a rich person? In a post that went viral on Reddit, a user wanted to know what hobbies screamed “Rich people”. Here are some of the responses from other users on this post.

Tennis in Sweden

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Apparently, Swedish people know that the rich love tennis; as one user points out, “In Sweden, it’s: Tennis. Even tho tennis isn’t super expensive, that’s where all the millionaires/their kids are.”

F1 Races

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One user shares a personal experience about this, “Was in London. F1 coming to Silverstone. Somehow my boss snags me tickets to take my client. Traffic will be bad, so we were to chopper in and out. My company sponsors BMW, so we were to be in pit/trackside.”

Yacht Racing

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Another hobby the rich have is racing yachts. One user said, “My neighbor is a yachtsman who makes a middle-class living racing rich people’s yachts. So, I would say hiring people to indulge your hobbies is about as 1 percent as one can get.”


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One user who worked for such a club shares his experience, “I worked at one of the largest polo clubs in America and had all sorts of celebs and former presidents go there. Made great money because how some of these people tip is insane. Not usually the celebs, but the moderately rich people always have a twenty.”


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A bartender shares an experience he had, “Two very cute girls from outta town sat at my bar. Equally cute guy walks in. Immediately buys them drinks. His opener was “So how often do you gals boat”. They were from Philly lol. When he said that, I couldn’t not smirk at it. He also tipped me like 130 dollars for 3 Jameson cokes.”

Sport Cycling

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Another user points out that sports cycling is as luxurious as golfing“…not utility cycling to the corner store for a gallon of milk. Mid-level road bikes are now $5000 USD. And it’s pretty common to spend low five figures on a complete setup. At least in the United States, the average household income of cyclists is quite a bit higher than golfers.”

Dog Showing

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The rich go all in when they want to earn bragging rights; as one user states, “You can do it cheaply, but if you hire a handler and special the dog, you can easily sink over $50,000 a year into it, all for a big ribbon and bragging rights. And I’m in what’s considered a “cheap” breed to show.”

Collecting Luxurious Watches

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Some rich people spend a lot of money on these watches for their collection, “I know a watch smith who works from home. It isn’t uncommon for them to have a few million in watches in their house,” says one user

Wine Collection & International Wine Tours

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“I’m talking about the types that have wine cellars worth thousands and will jump on a plane to attend wine-tasting tours around the world,” clarifies one user

Plane Camping

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People who love camping will be jealous of this. One user points out that the rich have a very different camping style, “Owning a plane and flying it to remote campsites others have no easy access to.”

Scuba Diving

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A scuba diving instructor explains in detail how this is a hobby for the rich, “… within diving, there are subsets of divers who have to be filthy rich. This includes divers who own multiple closed-circuit rebreathers ($8k-$12k each), plus the training needed to use each device safely, divers who do technical diving (deeper than 130 feet and require the use of specialized mixed gasses and planned decompression), and divers who need the most toys (the latest Shearwater computer (at least two, of course), a custom-fitted Santi dry suit ($4k), submersible music players for deco stops, etc.). This end of diving is typically made up of doctors/lawyers/MBAs/engineers who have cash to burn.”

Equestrian Sports

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Equestrian lessons are quite expensive; as one user notes, “Basic riding lessons are fun and affordable, but when you want to go higher.”

Pigeon Racing


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One user says people come from all over the world to see pigeons racing, “I have a friend whose uncle raises and holds races for homing pigeons. 90k for a pigeon. Wtf. People fly all over the world to come and race these birds.”

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