12 Luxuries That Are Worth Breaking Your Frugal Habits For

Is there anything you splurge on after trying the more expensive version? What’s something you used to cheap out on until you tried the expensive version and could never come back? Some things are just worth the money and splurge!

Office Chair

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I’ll go first. I used to buy the least expensive furniture. However, I will never return after investing in an ergonomic Serta computer chair. Here are what others confessed.


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One user talks about how they use headphones daily on their run, and another uses them several times weekly at the gym. Unfortunately, with all that use and sweat, many headphones wouldn’t hold up for a long time.


One user says, “I used to burn through a cheap pair every few months until I got a nice pair. Not only is the sound better, but they have lasted me years with the replaceable parts.”

Work Boots

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Walking or standing on concrete all day at your job can be very hard on your feet. A good pair of shoes makes a difference. It would help if you had good support and comfort to keep your feet healthy.


One user commented, “I work with students, and they always ask what boots they should get when they get their job that requires a lot of hiking, and I always tell them this: your boots make you money. You are going to need them to do your job. So don’t go cheap.”



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Some people sacrifice their comfort by buying cheap undergarments. Ones that ride up or fit too tight or loose. But once you try a nice-fitting garment, you will never want to return to cheap, ill-fitting ones.


Another admitted, “I went to this store that functioned as a clear-out center for a large department store, and I bought this bra for $15 that was so comfortable and fit so well that I recently looked for the same brand at the regular store. $85! I don’t want to go back to the cheaper ones.”

Hiring Movers

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When you move, you must pack, load it all onto a moving van, unload it to your new place, and then unpack it all. It can be very tiring and days of work. Movers will load all your boxes and furniture into the truck, drive it over and unload it into your new place.


“Every time I moved in the past, I did it myself, with the help of friends and family, got frustrated, sweated all day, and tensions ran high. I hired movers last time, and they made it so much easier. It’s worth the extra expense. Your time and happiness are valuable. I’ll never go back.”


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When you buy cheap towels, you have a thin, non-absorbent cloth that doesn’t dry in-between uses. One user explained having to use cheap towels. They pushed the water around, and it felt slimy. A good towel is soft, thick, and absorbent.


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A good mattress can make all the difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad one. One can wake up with a sore back or hips when using a bad mattress without good support.


Someone noted, “I was super poor and slept on a used mattress I bought for $100 on Craigslist for many years. Then, a few years ago, I dropped a grand on a new mattress, which was a surreal experience. I had no idea a bed could feel this comfortable.”


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Cheap vacuums have awful suction and are prone to jams and wire tears. The cheap ones are also a miserable experience to try to fix. On the other hand, a good vacuum is usually easy to fix, should it even need fixing.

One user said, “Designed not to break because if it does, you will go back and use that warranty. Designed to be easily cleaned and serviced because they don’t want you making warranty claims.”


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A healthy mouth is essential. Preventing pain from cavities, bad breath, or gum disease can all be avoided with a good toothbrush. In the long run, a good quality toothbrush would save you money, less replacing cheaply made ones.


“Honestly, no matter how well I brushed, I seemed to always wind up with at least one cavity at my check-up every yea,” one confessed. “But, since switching to an electric toothbrush ten years ago, I haven’t had a single cavity, and my gums are no longer angry all the time.”


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Your car is one of the essential material items you own. Having good tires on your vehicle is necessary to keep your car getting you from point A to Point B.


“I would add that if you live in an area that gets snow and ice regularly in the winter, buy good winter tires,” one added. “Even the best all-season tires don’t compare to winter tires because winter tires have softer rubber that grips better. I live in Minnesota and will never go winter without winter tires again.”

Computer Chair

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How funny! Someone else agreed with me. When you work in an office and sit all day, a perfect chair can make your day tremendous or sore and bad. Someone worked at a call center for six months and ended the job solely on having back pain from the chair they had to sit in for eight hours.


“I always bought cheap ones until I tried a comfy office chair at a friend’s place. Buy in-store. That way, you can try them out.”

Plane Tickets

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Some airlines have a reputation for their poorly lit, shaky plane rides. Others are known for a more luxurious feel when flying. One traveler said, “I flew on a plane once, an airline I wasn’t familiar with. The plane shook so much I feared it would fall apart in the sky.”


Another agreed, “After realizing I might plunge to death if the plane fell apart, we were landing for our layover. The next flight was delayed for ten hours, and I can only assume they were putting duct tape on the wings to keep it together.”

Toilet Paper

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One thing to treat yourself to is good-quality toilet paper. “I’m not even sure why they make a 1-ply,” comments one user. You can spend a little extra and get a thicker, more absorbent ply, or splurge and get the super soft, thick, and absorbent ply.


“I agree, but then upgraded to a bidet for $100. Save so much more on toilet paper because, at most, I use like two squares for drying,” a final user commented.

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