12 Frugal Moves That Still Make a Difference Today

A Reddit user posted a question on the platform seeking to know the frugal moves people made that still make a difference today. He kickstarts the conversation by saying that he bought Samsonite luggage after saving up for some time after he got his first job.

This luggage lasted 12 years, has been to over 20 countries, and still works perfectly. He said he would not purchase any other luggage until the Samsonite ‘gives up,’ but he suspected that it would take some time before that happened. He asked other Reddit users to state frugal purchases they made that gave them value for their money.

Here are some of the best responses from other users in that conversation;

Good Pans

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“I actually discussed this with a friend. I spent a lot (for me) on a set of pans. I got a set of four, half price, for £100 (I think – around that, anyway). In the fifteen years I’ve had them, I think my friend spent double on cheap pans, paying for replacements as hers wore out. Decent pans are worth their weight in gold. Mind you, I paid so much for them that I looked after them,” says one user

Jansport That Lasted 20 Years

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Some products are meant to live forever, “My parents bought me my first Jansport on sale for 20bucks when I was 5; I’m now 25. Aside from some small fixes, it’s still my go-to.”

Food Processor for $1.75 That Still Works 8 Years Later

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One user says he made a good deal after coming from prison, “I was released from prison in 2015 and trying to rebuild my life at 33. I went to a pay by the Pound Goodwill and found a food processor that was missing the thing you push stuff down with, I paid $1.75. 6 years later, and making more than 50k a year, I haven’t replaced it. Every time I look for a new one, I feel guilty, like I’m throwing away a member of my family, lol. Still works fine, and I will keep it until it dies. I just cover the top with my hand so stuff doesn’t fly out.”

Cars That Live Forever

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One user had a Corolla that lasted almost two decades, “I just had to replace my Corolla after 18 years. I’d had her from brand new, but the old girls’ gearbox was going, and I couldn’t justify a new gearbox for her.”

Another user had a similar experience, “Kept my car (2002 Subaru Impreza) for 19.5 years. I can pay for my new car in cash. Nice not having a car payment.”

Chest Freezer

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“Buying a chest freezer has been a wonderful idea. It’s 11 years old and still working like the first day. Freezing is a good way to preserve food and helps to save a lot of money,” said another user 

A Waffle Iron From the 60S

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One user has a gift that may outlive her, “I have my mother’s waffle iron that she had back in 1960. I still use it, and it still works 60 years later. I’ve never had to buy a waffle iron.”

$25 for a Double Door Upright Freezer

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“I worked at Home Depot back in about 2001. I was asked to bring in a returned 25 cubic foot G.E. upright freezer that a customer was returning. It was brand new and did not cool. It sat in the warehouse of the store for a few months. The paperwork was never processed, and when it was discovered, it was too late to return to G.E. The store manager said to throw it away as he was not going to pay to repair it. I offered $25.00, and he said okay. I got it home and put in a warranty claim as I just bought it…. so G.E. sent out a repairman on their dime. The freezer needed a functioning thingamajig. The part was replaced about 20 years ago, and the freezer still works fine….” illustrates another user

Jogging Pants Bought 20 Years Ago

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Although the pair of jogging pants are not expensive, one user would never let them go for whatever reason, “Not exactly expensive, but my husband has had Nike jogging pants for about 20 years now, and he wears it almost every day. It was coming apart on the seams in the bottom, and he thought he would have to retire it. His happy face when I stitched it up and gave him back was so cute.”

Investing in Apple Instead of Buying Gadgets

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When his friends were buying Apple gadgets, he went for the shares, “I bought an Apple share, my buddies were all getting Apple watches, and I bought a share of Apple. Most of them don’t have their watches anymore, my share is worth more than twice what I bought it for, not even counting dividends.”

Studio Monitors That Last Over a Decade

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These monitors have given the user maximum value for money, “I’m a hobbyist musician, bought second-hand studio monitors for AUD $200, 11 years ago. They still thump.”

Quality PC Accessories

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A user realized that cheap accessories didn’t last long, “I stopped buying cheap PC accessories; I used to buy mice, keyboards, and headphones every year because I kept buying the budget stuff, and it just broke easily with use. I invested more on these 3 things and haven’t bought any new stuff for the last 6 years.”

Trash Can

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“Our trash service rents them for $3/month. I bought one for $70 at Lowes. That was 10 years ago,” explains another frugal user

Hair Clippers That Have Saved a Fortune

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“Getting proper hair clippers and getting my wife to cut my hair. My barber retired about 7 years ago, and instead of finding a new one, I convinced my wife to give it a try. We started with a consumer-level set of clippers for $35 and after a few years got a low-end professional set for $80,” says one user, “I’ve had a few funny haircuts, but most have been fine, and we have covered the cost of the clippers many times over.”


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