100 Frugal Living Tips To Start Saving Today

Are you looking for a way to spend less and save more? Frugal living is all about mindful spending. It’s a great way only to spend what you need so that you can thrive financially.

Not sure where to start? Let’s dive into 100 frugal living tips, so you can start saving big today!

1. Create a Budget

Creating a budget for all your expenses is an essential step towards living more frugally. Once you’ve budgeted out all your money needs, you’ll see where you can spend (or save) extra. It’s a win-win!

2. Cook at Home

The cost of eating out can add up fast. Avoid spending a premium on food and start cooking more of your meals at home. Your stomach (and your wallet) will thank you.

3. Meal Plan

Meal planning is a great way to stay within your grocery budget. It also prevents the phenomenon of buying much more than you actually need.

4. Buy In Bulk

Buying select food or household items in bulk is a great way to save long-term. Not only are bulk prices often cheaper, but you’ll also cut down on gas and/or delivery fees.

5. Use Coupons

So many people forget to check for coupons before shopping! Whether shopping online or in person, coupons are an easy and rewarding way to save.

6. Shop Sales

If you shop during sale periods, you can take advantage of bargains instead of paying full price. Store sales are the best time to treat yourself at a fraction of the usual cost!

7. DIY Cleaning Products

Save money on expensive cleaning products by making do with what you have at home. From water and vinegar to baking soda and salt, DIY cleaning products can be simple and effective.

8. Cancel Unused Subscriptions

We all have that one subscription we never use but keep forgetting to cancel. Take a few minutes out of your day and cancel unused subscriptions for a quick money-saving hack.

9. Borrow Books From the Library

Books can be expensive when they’re bought brand new. Why not take a trip to your local library and borrow them instead?

10. Unplug Electronics

Do your electric bill a favor and unplug any electronics when they’re not in use!

11. Use Energy-Efficient Lighting

Energy-efficient lighting can help save you significant amounts of money per year due to its reduced energy usage. Plus, it’s good for the planet!

12. Walk or Bike Instead of Driving

We all know how pricey it can be to fill up on gas these days. Consider walking or biking instead. You’ll get some exercise in and save on car costs.

13. Shop at Thrift Stores

There’s no need to break the bank on a shopping trip. Thrift stores carry clothing, kitchen items, and even furniture. Take a trip to your local thrift store and see what treasures you can find!

14. Repair Clothes Instead of Replacing

Small stain on your favorite shirt? Instead of buying a new one, try getting it out at home. Simple home remedies can save you tons on your favorite clothing items.

15. Make Your Coffee at Home

Profile of a relaxed black woman drinking coffee and smelling aroma in a park.
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Do you need your morning coffee fix? Don’t worry; we get it! Consider making the switch to homemade coffee instead. It’s cheaper, and can be better for you!

16. Use Public Transportation

Don’t be afraid of public transportation! It’s a cheap and reliable option for getting around town when you aren’t in a rush. Plus, you can sit back and relax instead of being the one behind the wheel.

17. Cut Cable TV

So many people don’t even watch cable TV anymore – but they still pay for it! Why not just watch TV through your favorite streaming service instead?

18. Buy Generic Brands

Generic doesn’t necessarily mean low quality. Consider buying generic brands in everyday items to save big.

19. Use Cashback Apps

There are several apps on the market that will give you cashback for things you were already planning on buying. It’s like free money!

20. Cancel Gym Memberships

Has it been a while since you’ve hit the gym? Why not cancel that membership, and get your exercise in at home? From going on hikes to at-home strength training, there are plenty of options you can take advantage of.

21. Plant a Garden

There’s nothing quite like fresh, homegrown vegetables. A small vegetable garden will practically grow itself as long as you check on it daily. And it’s a great way to save on groceries!

22. Sell Unused Items

Do you have a garage or attic full of items you never use anymore? Sell them online or host a garage sale to get some money back!

23. Buy Second-Hand Furniture

Furniture can be crazy expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Plenty of second-hand furniture is still in great condition, and you can find it for a reduced price.

24. Pack Lunch for Work

Always buying take-out during your work lunches? Pack lunch at home to save money and time!

25. Limit Eating Out

Eating out all the time can get expensive fast. Limit eating out to save money – and you’ll find that it’ll be more special when you do go out!

26. Use a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will regulate your home temperature when you’re away: and save you money in the process!

27. Avoid Impulse Buying

Impulse buying can be fun, but it’s a vice best avoided when trying to live frugally. Instead, buy what you need when you need it.

28. Make Your Own Gifts

It’s hard to budget during the holidays, especially when you’re trying to buy gifts for your loved ones! Consider making homemade gifts instead. They’re more sentimental, and they’ll save you money, too.

29. Use Reusable Shopping Bags

Many parts of the world charge you to use paper or plastic bags. Bring your own reusable shopping bags to save on bag fees.

30. Use Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are a reusable alternative to disposable diapers, saving you money in the long run. Plus, they’re better for the environment!

31. Cut Your Own Hair

We all know how pricey salon visits can get. If all you’re looking for is a quick cut, consider doing it yourself. Even better, enlist the help of a friend with some experience!

32. DIY Home Repairs

From paint jobs to lock changes, the price of home repairs can add up. Try doing some basic repairs yourself, instead. You’ll even pick up a new skill or two.

33. Barter or Trade Services

Are you great at babysitting, but you need someone to fix your sink? You can trade services with neighbors, friends, or family. Everyone gets what they want – and it’s practically free!

34. Opt for Free Entertainment

You’ve likely heard that “everything costs money these days.” But that’s not entirely true. Some forms of entertainment are free compared to others. Things like hiking, going to the library, or volunteering are completely free. And they’re fun, too!

35. Buy Clothes on Clearance

Does your wardrobe need a serious overhaul? Shop the clearance section first to seriously cut down on spending!

36. Mend Clothing

Little rips in clothing can be fixed – and you can even do it yourself! Grab a cheap sewing kit and learn how to sew if you don’t already know how. It’s an easy and practical life skill that you won’t regret.

37. Limit ATM Fees

Limit inconvenient ATM fees by going to an in-network ATM through your bank.

38. Use Free Online Resources

The internet is filled with handy online resources, many of which are available for free. From recipes to music, there’s no limit to what you can find online.

39. Avoid Bottled Water

Bottled water is expensive, bad for the planet, and usually has to be purchased regularly. Instead, invest in a refillable water bottle that you can clean and reuse every day.

40. Use a Clothesline

Dryers are expensive to purchase or fix and use up large amounts of electricity. Why not try out the old-fashioned way? A clothesline is easy to assemble, and air dries your clothes just as well as any modern dryer could.

41. Repair Appliances

Is your oven not getting hot enough, or is the refrigerator running too cold? Don’t immediately run and buy a new one! Try troubleshooting your appliances at home – or even consulting with an expert.

42. Plan No-Spend Days

Do your paychecks seem to be gone almost immediately after they arrive? Consider scheduling no-spend days into your week to make your money last longer!

43. Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies

Make your cleaning supplies at home instead of running to the store to buy new ones. You can find plenty of simple ideas for free online.

44. Use a Slow Cooker

A slow cooker uses very little energy and can turn a few cheap ingredients into a delicious meal. Start dinner before you leave for work, and it’ll be ready by the time you get home!

45. Carpool With Coworkers

Save on gas charges by carpooling with your coworkers to and from your shifts.

46. Rent Instead of Buying

Considering purchasing a product you won’t use often? Why not try renting it instead? Renting is a reliable, short-term option to try out new or little-used products.

47. Host Potluck Dinners

So you love going out with your friends, but you’re trying to save money. Consider hosting a potluck dinner – plenty of food to go around, and you aren’t paying!

48. Avoid Unnecessary Bank Fees

Avoid bank fees by always making your payments on time and by setting up alerts for suspicious activity.

49. Use a Refillable Water Bottle

Middle-aged Latin man with headphones drinking water from a reusable water bottle.
Image Credit: Juan Pablo Olaya Celis/Shutterstock.

A refillable water bottle is an eco-friendly way to save money (and the planet).

50. Cut Down on Meat Consumption

Not only is meat expensive, but too much meat in your diet isn’t always the healthiest. Cutting down on meat consumption is a great way to save on grocery costs.

51. DIY Gifts and Cards

Consider using handmade gifts and cards for your friends and family this year. You’ll save money, and they’ll appreciate how thoughtful you are.

52. Limit Impulse Shopping

Try limiting impulse shopping trips by knowing what you need before you leave to go shopping. Make sure you only get what’s on your list.

53. Cancel Magazine Subscriptions

Still spending money on magazine subscriptions that you rarely look at? Cancel the subscription and save more money annually.

54. Use Public Parks for Recreation

Public parks are free and open for anyone to use. Why not take advantage of the local parks in your area, and enjoy any recreational activities there?

55. Repair Electronics

Struggling with some glitchy electronics at home? Instead of buying new tech, try getting your devices fixed instead. It’ll be cheaper, and you might even learn a thing or two!

56. Do Your Own Landscaping

Why hire someone to mow your lawn when you can do it yourself? Plus, doing your own landscaping means you’re always happy with the result.

57. Make Your Own Snacks

If you’re a big snacker, you likely know how quickly the prices can add up. Instead of buying snack mixes at the store, try making your own with what you already have.

58. Buy In-Season Produce

Produce is typically cheapest when it’s in-season: plus, it tastes better, too!

59. Reduce Water Usage

Reduce your at-home water usage by taking shorter showers and always remembering to turn off the sink!

60. Use a Library for DVDs and CDs

Are you a big movie or music buff? The library has tons of DVDs and CDs that you can borrow – just remember to return them when they’re due!

61. Fix Leaky Faucets Promptly

Fix a leaky faucet right away to avoid unnecessary water waste. Don’t let your money go down the drain!

62. Make Your Own Beauty Products

Beauty products can be quite expensive, especially if quality is important to you. Try making your beauty products at home with natural ingredients. It’s cheaper, and it can be better for you, too.

63. Use Online Freebies

Before you shop anywhere, always check the internet for freebies! From coupons to discount codes, you don’t want to miss out on reduced prices.

64. Repurpose Items

Before you throw something out, think about whether or not you could repurpose it for another use. Repurposing items is a great way to save money and time.

65. Turn off Lights When Not Needed

Leaving a room? Don’t forget to turn the lights off and save electricity.

66. Meal Prep To Avoid Eating Out

Meal prepping is a reliable way to save money and time! Use your spare time to prepare several days worth of meals and freeze them for when you need them.

67. Repair Shoes

Is your shoelace broken, or is the sole coming out? Buy a new lace or reattach the sole instead of rushing to buy a new pair of shoes.

68. Buy Used Electronics

Half length portrait of cheerful caucasian female in trendy wear spending time on street using smartphone, beautiful millennial hipster girl blogger looking at camera in town holding mobile phone.
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Many people sell their used electronics online, and some stores offer used products, too. Used electronics can still be great quality, plus they’re cheaper.

69. Use Public Wi-Fi

Use public Wi-FI whenever it’s available to avoid using up cellular data.

70. Use a Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

A prepaid cell phone plan can be cheaper and come with more benefits than its competitors. Consider using one to save money and as a reminder to stay on top of your bills!

71. DIY Holiday Decorations

We all love getting ready for the holidays, but all those decorations can be expensive. Consider making your own decorations at home to cut down on holiday spending.

72. Bundle Insurance Policies

When you bundle your insurance policies, your insurance company often offers you a cheaper rate. Consider bundling your policies and saving big today!

73. Buy Quality Items That Last

It can be tempting to always buy the cheapest option on the market, especially if you’re trying to save. But sometimes it’s worth a little extra to buy quality items that will last you longer!

74. Avoid Late Payment Fees

Avoid late payment fees by always making your payments on time or even before they’re due.

75. Negotiate Bills

Consider calling your utility companies and trying to negotiate your bills with them. Some companies are willing to negotiate one-time rates or even recurring rates.

76. Cancel Unused Memberships

Have any memberships that you just never get around to using anymore? Make sure to cancel them to avoid getting charged for a service you don’t need.

77. Buy Generic Medications

Often generic medications will do the job just as well as name-brand. Buy generic medicines to keep around the house for when you’re sick!

78. Use a Bike-Sharing Program

A bike-sharing program is a great way to get from one place to the next for relatively cheap. These services are sometimes free of charge but are always more affordable than driving!

79. Use a Fan Instead of an AC

AC units are expensive to install, use, and fix. If you live in a cool enough climate, consider using a fan instead of an AC.

80. Share Subscription Services

Share subscription services with family or close friends to cut down on monthly fees.

81. Use Loyalty Rewards

Sign up for a loyalty program with the stores or businesses you frequent most often. You’ll be able to earn rewards that you can redeem for later purchases.

82. Make Your Own Yogurt

Yogurt is easy to make at home, and it can be used in a ton of different recipes. If you make enough, you could even try selling it!

83. Wash Laundry in Cold Water

Young couple doing laundry View from the inside of washing machine.
Image Credit: emprise via DepositPhotos.com.

Washing laundry in cold water uses less energy than hot water. That means a reduced electric bill for you!

84. Use Natural Light at Home

Open up the curtains and fill your home with natural light. It’s free, and it comes with a variety of health benefits.

85. Refinance Loans for Better Rates

Have you had a loan for at least a few years now? There’s a good chance you can refinance it and get a better rate in return.

86. Repair Small Appliances

Small appliances, like garbage disposals or coffee makers, sometimes break all too easily. Consider repairing them instead of getting them replaced to save money.

87. Limit Impulse Online Shopping

It’s all too easy to impulse-buy when shopping online. Limiting impulse online shopping is a great way to save since oftentimes you buy things you don’t even need.

88. Use Free Community Resources

Take advantage of free community resources, like libraries, food pantries, and parks.

89. Cut Down on Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most expensive drinks you can buy: and it’s not even good for you. By cutting down on alcohol, you’re saving money and improving your health.

90. Practice DIY Home Beauty Treatments

Spas and salons are a lovely treat, but a lot of the time, they’re overpriced. Learn how to do your hair, nails, and tanning routine at home. You’ll be saving money and learning a new skill!

91. Batch Cooking for Efficiency

Batch cooking is when you make a lot of food at once, then store most of it for later use. Not only does this save you time, but it can help save you money on grocery shopping, too.

92. Plan Low-Cost Outings

Everyone needs to get out sometimes – but you don’t have to break the bank while doing it! Plan free or cheap activities whenever you’re going out. You’ll have fun and be saving money.

93. Repair or Repurpose Furniture

Don’t throw out your furniture once it gets old! Consider reusing it somewhere else in the house, or try fixing it up and returning it to its former glory.

94. Utilize Free Workout Videos

There are thousands of workout videos available online for free. They can help you stay fit without having to pay for a gym membership.

95. Mend Household Items

Try mending household items when they break or get worn instead of immediately buying new ones. Many items can be repurposed with just a little bit of fixing up!

96. Use Public Restrooms

Using public restrooms when you’re out and about is a great way to avoid using your toiletries at home.

97. Limit Paper Towel Usage

Paper towels certainly come in handy, but using them too often can end up being expensive! Instead, try only using them when you need them. Or, use reusable washcloths or rags instead.

98. Reuse Gift Wrapping

Whoever said you need to buy new gift wrapping every time you get someone a present? Reuse gift wrapping from things that were gifted to you to save time and money!

99. Use Homemade Insect Repellent

Insect repellent is easy to make at home, and it’s cheaper than store-bought options!

100. Avoid Unnecessary ATM Withdrawals

Many ATM withdrawals come with an extra fee, so you’ll want to avoid using them whenever possible. Instead, get cash back when you go to the grocery store or when you visit your bank in person.

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