Redditors Prove That Social Media Can Be Good for Your Wallet

Have you learned any skills or tips from social media that have helped you save money?

It could be from Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, or another social platform that has advice. Have any of them actually saved you any money?

Social Media

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Yes, there are a lot of channels, individuals, and communities that offer free advice that is meant to help people do better with their finances. But that runs down to… have any people actually implemented the shared ideas and saved money? 

Read on for what people have had success with. 

Appliance Repair

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A Reddit user posted in the “Frugal” subreddit, asking the community members if they have saved any money from the shared advice on Reddit. 

The original poster says he had a problem with ice appearing where it shouldn’t be in their fridge. They got free advice from the “Appliance Repair” subreddit and fixed the problem without buying new parts. 

He adds that this would have cost them at least $100 if they got professional repair. He adds that it would have been this low because they have American Home Shield. Without the AHS, it would have been costlier for them to get the fridge fixed. 

Another user who uses social media advice to fix appliances said, “I do my Rv repair, thanks to Reddit and YouTube, I’ve never needed to take my Rv to a mechanic except for an oil change.


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Nothing feels better than making or saving money doing what you like. 

One commenter jumped on the thread revealing how Reddit has helped her use her hobby for the best, “Some sewing subs have encouraged me to sew frugally rather than indulging in whatever the big sellers have (lower quality & higher prices at Joann’s). There’s a lot of wisdom on machine repair and access to free patterns or independent pattern designers…. It’s helped me enjoy my hobby and worry less about how much I have to spend on it.”

Curbing Drinking Problem

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You know it is top-tier personal financial advice if it helps you save money and also improve the quality of your life. One commenter says Reddit has helped them stop their drinking problem.

The subreddit r/stopdrinking helped me finally get a handle on my situation, and now I don’t buy alcohol. Major savings! I bought a couch after my first year, and my life is much better. Didn’t cost a dime to do, and the community there had my back.”

Relationship Advice

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One type of abuse often overlooked in relationships is financial abuse, but it is just as widespread as the other forms of abuse. 

One commenter says Reddit opened their eyes to matters of being married to a narcissist. They said, “Probably not exactly what you were going for, but a few key subreddits helped me realize that I was married to an abusive narcissist. While not a money-saver in the short term, it was a lifesaver. Financially, the long-term impact is genuine. I’ve since paid off the $30k in credit card debt stemming from his financial abuse and have more in the bank now than at any point in my life — as a solo parent, at that. And there are wonderful communities of solidarity and support here. All for free. 🙂

It may not be about directly saving money, but getting out of such situations can be a turnaround in your financial and mental health

Making Purchases To Save Money in the Long Run 

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You must have seen social media posts of people “influenced” to make purchases. It is what social media influencers do, and may or may not turn out well.  

But in this case, a user got convinced to buy a chest freezer from the Frugal subreddit, and he admits that it has helped him save in the long run.

Another commenter who got convinced to buy an appliance said, “This sub helped us decide to buy a deli slicer. We buy sandwich meats and cheeses in bulk from restaurant supply stores.” 

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