20 Lies That Everyone Tells (Yes, Even You!)

Have you ever lied to others to spare their feelings or escape an awkward situation? We’ve all done it at some point, haven’t we? These everyday lies may seem harmless, but they can impact our relationships!

One Redditor asked, “What is one lie everyone tells?”

This question had thousands of responses, but we have listed the most interesting lies for you!

1. TV Show Recommendations

Couple watching tv
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Someone said, “Oh wow yeah, I’ll definitely have to watch that show you recommended; thanks!”

Another added, “I’ll put it on ma list. My list of “shows that my friends recommended but I’ll probably never watch even tho they actually might be good.””

Imagine this: Your friend recommends a movie on Netflix, and you nod enthusiastically, promising to watch it. You might even say, “Oh, that’s on my list! I’ll definitely check it out!” But let’s be real here – how often do we actually follow through on that promise?

2. Missed Calls

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We live in a world where we’re bombarded with notifications 24/7. Our phones are constantly buzzing and beeping for attention. So, when we see an incoming call, we don’t always pick it up!

One user wrote, “Sorry I missed your call. No, I’m not; I was looking at the phone when it started ringing and chose to ignore it.”

Another replied, “I pressed the volume button to silence it too.”

Someone else commented, “I let it ring just to hear the ring tone then went back to my business.”

3. Conversations

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We’re social beings, and we value connection. We want to be polite, so we slip in that “It was nice talking to you” as a parting gift. It’s like a verbal band-aid, meant to cover up any awkwardness and smooth things over for our relationships.

A person wrote, “”It was nice talking to you” after being bored.”

Another responded, “I always dread that line. Anytime someone I just meet tells me that I never see or hear from them again lol.”

4. Being Busy

woman holding baby and screaming looking at a blouse
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Here’s the thing- Our schedules are packed, our to-do lists are never-ending, and we’re always juggling multiple responsibilities. So, it’s no wonder we occasionally use this as a shield to protect our time!

Someone said, “I’m sorry, I have other plans that night.”

One user commented, “It’s totally okay if your other plans are to stay home and relax.”

Another one hilariously added, “Who else is going to scratch behind my dog’s ear and/or feed my cats?? Priorities”

5. Calling Back!

Angry girl screaming on the phone
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One Redditor wrote, “I’ll call you back.”

Another responded with a personal experience: “Used to wait for my then bf to call me back when he’d say I’ll call you back and then sit down for hours waiting 😂😂 so naive back then.”

Someone else said, “I’ve never understood this. I always thought they’d call me right back. I always called back!! Such a weird thing to say and not mean to me.”

6. Quitting

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It’s human nature to procrastinate and delay changes. We convince ourselves that tomorrow will be different and that we’ll have the determination to kick those bad habits to the curb.

This user shared, “I’ll quit (insert bad habit) tomorrow.”

Another added, “Officially one week without a cigarette, after being a smoker for 17 years. Pats self on back.”

7. Job Interviews

Man in Office Looking for Help
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This user made up a sarcastic conversation: “Interviewer: “Why are you applying to our septic tank sanitation job?” Response: “I just love cleaning other people’s filth. Really gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment.””

Another confused user added, “God, those why are applying here type questions are so d*mb. “Because I like food and shelter for my family and me, and I hear you guys are trading labor for money” should be the expected response or some variation. Anyone who’s just passionate about the job should be the red flag. No one needs that kind of positivity on a hungover Monday.”

Here’s a suggestion to all the interviewers: let’s focus on questions about a candidate’s qualifications and experiences.

8. Terms and Conditions

Shocked handsome man with hands on head isolated on yellow
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Someone shared, “I’ve read the terms and conditions.”

Another replied, “Fr, it could say ‘we are allowed to come to your house and kidnap your firstborn,’ and I’d still hit agree.”

Before hitting that ‘ Agree ‘ button, do you read the entire legal list of terms and conditions?

9. Being Okay

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People often expect us to be strong, and it can be challenging to admit when we struggle. We worry that showing our true emotions might be a sign of weakness or that others won’t understand what we’re going through. So, we bottle up our feelings, smile, and utter those two simple words: “I’m fine.”

This Redditor wrote, “How are you?” “I’m good/fine/OK””

Another commented, “Usually when people ask me how I am, I feel obligated to tell them FINE, but in reality, I AM EXCELLENT!!!!!!”

10. Babies

Happy mother with baby in hands
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A user said, “To a friend’s baby: “Look how adorable you are!” Friend’s baby…”

Another said, “I had a friend who, whenever he was shown something cringe that someone was proud of, would proclaim “What beautiful baby.” Most folks didn’t realize he was saying that because he thought it was awful.”

Let’s be real here – not all babies are textbook gorgeous. And that’s perfectly okay!

11. Being Late

Close-up shot. Man looking at red watch and sets timer before running.
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Someone said, “I’m almost there. (Shows up 20 minutes later).”

Another added, “I’m omw” Texts as I’m laying on the couch.”

We’ve all been guilty of using this little white lie to buy extra time.

12. Good Morning

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Someone else commented, “I usually just say “Mornin'” to people. Once in a while, someone will say, “What’s so good about it?” … And I tell them, “I didn’t say ‘good morning’, I just said “morning.”

Have you ever said good morning to others even when you don’t feel like it?

13. Favors

man wearing red tshirt looking upset
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A person wrote, “at a funeral, “if there’s anything I/we can do. just let us know.” I’ve always wanted to say something like, “OK, pay my power bill next month.”

Someone added, “I specifically avoid using this phrase unless I genuinely mean it.”

This user replied, “I did this recently!! Not a funeral, but I’m going through a divorce. My aunt said to let her know if she could help in any way, and I said, “Pay my mortgage next month?” It was kind of a joking tone, but she took me seriously and said she might not be able to do that but would absolutely send me a grocery card (like a gift card for grocery stores, I guess?). I was stunned.”

14. Judging Others

Photo of young girl disgusted dislike bad smell negative
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This Reddit user said, “I don’t judge.”

Another user commented, “Agreed. We all judge. It’s human nature.”

It’s like saying, “Sure, feel free to ask,” without any intention of following through.

15. Missing Toys

Little girl in modern brown and white scandi bedroom.
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We have all faced moments when we needed to make space, but breaking the news to our little ones can be challenging, especially when it comes to throwing away their toys.

A person shared, ““Ohhh, I don’t know where your really loud and annoying toy went, sweetie! It’s a mystery. How about you play with your coloring book instead? :)””

Another replied, “Nope, we’re all out of batteries.”

16. Just Friends

annoyed man and angry woman in background
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The classic “Let’s just be friends” line.

One person said, “No, it’s completely fine; we can just be friends.”

Someone else replied, “I said this to someone. Haven’t spoken more than ten words to him since then. Been eight months, haha.”

17. The Success Stories

funny guy holding money
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One person commented, “If you work hard, you will be successful. BS!!”

Someone else shared, “I did that. There were “formulas for success” as I grew up. Work hard, do well in school, go to college for a good field, graduate, and get a good job.

Another added, “What’s sad is that the top-tier have been destroying those formulas. Early in our marriage, my wife and I would walk in town through an area with condos frequently rented by med students. The parking lot was full of BMWs and similar, reflecting the anticipated earnings.

I was a bit annoyed because I’d been working for a decade or more and didn’t have a car as good. But that formula has been squashed, too. Now those parking lots are full of beaters.”

It’s one of those things we’ve all heard a million times, right? We’re always told that success will magically find its way to us if we just put in the effort and sweat a little!

18. The “We Don’t Care!”

young funny girl wear checkered shirt screaming breaking news message announce hands.
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One Redditor said, “I don’t care what others think of me,” Lots of people say this, but I don’t think it’s possible to not care.”

Another added, “I say this to myself knowing full well it isn’t possible not to care. But it is possible to care way less than most people would. The only times I actually care what people say about me is if they are important to me.”

So, remember that other people’s opinions of us don’t define our worth!

19. Feeling Good

happy woman
Image Credit: olly18 via DepositPhotos.com.

Sometimes, we put on a brave face and say we’re feeling great even when not.

Someone wrote, “I’m good.”

One commenter added, “I once said “I’m good” after waiting 3 hours for food to be ready. Then I doubled down on it because I was too anxious to correct myself. I ate 5 hours later when everyone left. That’s the reason I started working on my anxiety, and now I am not anxious anymore. Or at least barely ever.”

20. Flossing

Playful Young Woman Holding Toothbrush in Bathroom
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A Redditor said, “To the dentist: Yes, of course, I will floss every day.”

Another responded, “Dentist: When was the last time you flossed? Me: Bro, you were there. You don’t remember?”

Are you guilty of this lie?

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