20 Craziest, Yet Still Legal, Things in Many Countries

You won’t believe what you can do legally in some countries around the world! From bizarre traditions to outlandish activities, there are some seriously crazy yet still legal things happening out there. Let’s take a wild ride through the wacky world of legal oddities that’ll leave you scratching your head and chuckling in disbelief.

One Redditor asked, “What’s the craziest yet still legal thing in your country?” Thousands of users shared these laws, and we have compiled the perfect list for you!

1. Stealing

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A discerning Reddit user commented, “A direct ancestor/descendant or spouse of an individual cannot file a theft complaint against that individual except if it’s essential documents, like an ID.”

Someone else added, “Yeah. My dad stole a lot of money from my mum, but nothing could be done about it. “Il n’y a pas de vol entre époux”.”

Talk about family drama reaching a whole new level of complicated!

2. Honey Bee Swarm

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Now, let’s hop over to Germany, where bees are apparently the bosses of the insect world. If your honey bee swarm decides to do a runner and find a new hive, you’re legally allowed to follow them right onto someone else’s private property.

Someone commented, “In Germany, you are allowed to enter private property to follow your honey bee swarm if the swarm is escaping and looking for a new hive.”

Another replied, “This is actually the case in lots of countries where I am; they can legally enter your yard to come get them.”

3. Playing Off-key

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In most parts of this musical country, anyone can hit the streets and sing their heart out or play the accordion to their heart’s content. But hold on, if you happen to be in Leuven and your guitar skills are a bit rusty, or your singing is more screechy than melodic, you might find yourself with a hefty fine.

A Reddit user wrote, “In Belgium, anybody can sing or play an instrument in the Streets. In the city of Leuven, however, you can be fined if you play your instrument off-key.”

Someone else added, “Especially with all the research into medieval music being done in Leuven… imagine whipping out some sweet early 14th century motets in Pythagorean tuning and getting fined, lmao.”

4. Guilty of Defamation

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Ever heard of a legal system that makes you scratch your head in disbelief? Look no further than a place where you can be found guilty of defamation, even if what you said is 100 percent true.

Someone commented, “Someone can be found guilty of defamation even if what that person said or wrote is 100 percent true.”

Another added, “Japan. e.g., if you expose someone for having an affair, that person can sue you for defamation. I suppose it’s an expectation of privacy. The only exception is if it’s in the “public interest” to know this information.”

5. Private Property

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A discerning Reddit user commented, “You can freely walk, bike, or ski in nature on any private property. As long as it’s not counted as a breach of domestic peace or you are not ruining their crop field or something.”

Another replied, “For example, even though you see a sign “private property” in the forest. You are free to go pick mushrooms and berries there.”

So, you might want to pack your hiking boots and head to countries where nature is your playground!

6. Stocks

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One said, “Being allowed to hold a public office while also being allowed to invest in or gain profit from various corporate entities.”

Someone else added, “And stock dumping right before the COVID shutdowns, but as the politicians were given briefings on the pandemic, but the public was not yet informed.”

You can be a lawmaker by day and a profit-making mogul by night.

7. Escaping From Prison

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Someone commented, “I don’t know if it’s really crazy; I personally think it’s good and reasonable, but here in Germany, it’s not punishable to escape from prison.”

Another added, “Of course, in reality, they might charge you with other things like property damage, etc., if you damage something or someone on the way out, but the act of breaking out itself can’t prolong your sentence because the need to be free is a fundamental human desire.”

You commit a crime, get thrown behind bars, and then you can just stroll out whenever you please.

8. Elected Representative

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Imagine earning all the perks of a representative without ever lifting a finger to do your job. Yep, that’s a real thing in some places.

A Reddit user wrote, “You can earn all the stipends of an elected representative without ever having to show up to do your job.”

Another replied, “Ah yes, Canada. There’s a conservative who was voted in but lived in Oklahoma during the pandemic.”

9. Parking

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One said, “People can park on your private property without permission, refuse to move their car, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Someone else added, “Annoyingly England allows this, further to that if you damage their car trying to move it then you can be done for criminal damage. Madness. I hate my country sometimes (most of the time).”

No towing, no fines – nada! They can just plop their vehicle on your lawn, refuse to move, and you’re left scratching your head, wondering how on earth this is legal.

10. Ignoring Citizen’s Rights

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A discerning Reddit user commented, “Notwithstanding clause allowing Canadian politicians to legally ignore citizens rights….”

Another added, “My issue with it is its potential for harm. If you agree to a charter of Rights, it should be binding… Otherwise, they aren’t rights; they are privileges. And that’s before getting into the argument of how much autonomy provincial governments should get over the feds. Tough balance.”

Isn’t democracy supposed to be all about the people? But nope, some politicians can do whatever they want, trampling on rights like it’s no big deal.

11. Prostitution

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Someone commented, “Prostitution is legal, but soliciting prostitution is illegal.”

Another replied, “The reason being that they don’t want to make prostitutes afraid of coming forward about abuse or violations, which is very common.”

Do you think this should be illegal?

12. Child Beauty Pageants

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We’re talking about glitzy outfits, makeup, and talent shows for kids who barely know how to tie their shoes.

A Reddit user wrote, “Child beauty pageants. Glorified Pedophilia and the moms are pimps.”

Another added, “I feel like it’s more projection from parents than creepy pedos. I say this knowing nothing about pedophiles in patients, but I 100% see creepy moms trying to live vicariously through their 6-year-old.”

13. Drugs

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You can’t possess them, sell them, or buy them – that’s a big no-no. But, hey, if you want to use them, knock yourself out!

One said, “You cannot possess, sell, or buy drugs. But you can use them as much as you want.”

Someone else added, “You cannot smoke weed here, grow plants, or again sell/hold/buy. But you can find rolling papers in every traffic, find bongs all around the city and specialized shops for weed as well…”

14. Owning a Tank

The photo shows an American M1 Abrams tank, which has been provided to the Ukrainian military to bolster their armored capabilities in the ongoing conflict, and is a formidable force on the battlefield.
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Someone commented, “I CAN OWN A TANK!”

Another replied, “Nothing on a federal level prevents it so unless it’s illegal in your state, you can buy one. The cannon on it is legal, and the vehicle is legal. The only illegal thing would be the ammunition or countermeasures that would be classed as destructive devices and need a serial number. That would still be legal with some paperwork, though. Watch FPS Russia’s video where he uses the drive-through on a restaurant in a tank.”

Who needs a sports car when you can roll down the street in a massive military vehicle? It’s legal in some places, and it makes you wonder about the kind of neighborhood disputes that might arise from someone having a tank parked in their driveway.

15. Murder

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A discerning Reddit user commented, “You can kill someone and be free if his/her family forgives you for the murder.”

Someone else added, “So in my country, the killer would just threaten to kill more people of the family or loved ones and force them to forgive the killer in court or in worst case scenario they’d kill more people to send a message and get forgiveness in court.”

It’s like a get-out-of-jail-free card that hinges entirely on someone else’s forgiveness.

16. Forced Intimacy

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Can you believe that in some places, it’s perfectly legal to harm your spouse physically?

Someone commented, “In the United States of America (I think there are about twelve states), there are state law loopholes where being physical forcefully is totally legal if it’s with your spouse.”

Another added, “Those laws are like 30 years old in Australia and the UK; scary how recent that is.”

17. Aircraft License

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A Reddit user wrote, “If an aircraft weighs low enough, you don’t need a license or any kind of training to fly it.”

Another replied, “You can also get away with a lot with homebuilt “experimental” aircraft. If the only person you’re likely to hurt or kill is yourself, I don’t see a problem (with ultralight).”

Forget about years of flight school and rigorous training. If your plane is light enough, you can take off into the wild blue yonder without a care in the world.

18. Child Marriage

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One said, “Child marriage and the fact there are parents perfectly okay with their 12-16 yo daughters marrying a grown man.”

Someone else added, “Between 2000 and 2018, some 300,000 minors were legally married in the United States.[16] The vast majority of child marriages (reliable sources vary between 78% and 95%) were between a minor girl and an adult man.[16][17][18]”

It’s hard to fathom that, in this day and age, some places still allow children to be married off.

19. Irish Citizenship

Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom - june 30, 2011: The classic Belfast city hall building with columns and cupolas on Donegall square, the headquarters of city council.
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Someone commented, “Before a specific kid was born, a child born on the Island of Ireland could get Irish citizenship. So far, so normal, right? Except that there is this pesky part of the UK on the island. So, 2 people in the UK on a tourist visa could have their child in NI, then apply for it to have Irish citizenship despite them and the kid never having been in the Republic of Ireland.”

Another replied, “And with Irish citizenship comes EU citizenship; as such, the parents are also allowed to be in the EU because otherwise, it’d somehow violate the kid’s right to freedom of movement. Even though the kid can still freely go around the EU.”

The paperwork might be legal, but the whole situation is a head-scratcher of epic proportions.

20. Pharmaceutical Ads

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A discerning Reddit user commented, “Pharmaceutical ads. Pharma companies are paying doctors to prescribe their drugs.”

Another added, “This bugs me. Imagine how much money goes into their marketing budget. Prescriptions could be way cheaper.”

You’ve probably seen those commercials on TV with cheerful people frolicking in fields while a voiceover lists a dozen side effects. And the fact that these ads are legal is mind-boggling.

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