20 Things People Are Starting to Like Less and Less the Older They Get

As we journey through life, it’s fascinating how our tastes and preferences change. What once brought us immense joy might start to lose its charm as the years roll by. It’s almost like a rite of passage; as we grow older, certain things just don’t appeal to us as they used to.

One Redditor asked, “What are you starting to like less and less the older you get?” This thread received insights from many users, and we have compiled the top comments for you.

1. The Grind

Crisis stressed woman at sofa.
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Remember when working ourselves into the ground was considered a badge of honor? Burning the midnight oil, surviving on coffee, and sheer determination? Yeah, that used to be the dream.

A discerning Reddit user commented, “glorifying “the grind.””

Someone else added, “This is for me too. I used to pride myself on working until I was run ragged. I won’t do that anymore. My life outside of work is important, my sleep is important, my mental health and having boundaries that separate my work from the rest of my life is important.”

2. Work

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A Reddit user wrote, “Work. I’m getting older and more crotchety, and it’s getting harder and harder to put on my work face and pretend to get excited about quarterly earnings and whatnot.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “Oooh, this too for me. I used to be so motivated to advance in my career and climb the ladder, but at this point, I am okay with my position. I make good money, and I don’t have to manage/supervise people lmao.”

Now, it’s all about finding a job that pays well, sure, but also one that doesn’t suck the soul out of you.

3. Clothes

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One said, “Clothes that look good but are kinda uncomfortable.”

Someone else added, “The leotard tops… they are slowly coming off of the racks, but they are still there. So uncomfortable! Oh, and tight crop tops. Don’t miss me with that fr.”

Who cares if it’s not runway material? If you can’t breathe, count yourself out.

4. Heels

woman going Vintage shoe shopping
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Oh, heels are the ultimate symbol of both sophistication and foot agony.

Someone commented, “I used to wear heels to the office all the time, and now that idea is wild to me. Unless it’s a block heel.”

Someone else replied, “Yesss. Comfy shoes ftw! The pandemic just solidified my hate of heels. At most, I can wear chunky boots now, but mostly flat boots and sneakers.”

5. Facebook

Chiang Mai Thailand. Mar 08, 2020. Woman holds smart phone with facebook application on the screen.
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Remember when we used to post every little detail of our lives? Now, it feels like a chore.

A discerning Reddit user commented, “Facebook, it’s gotten old. Even the memes aren’t really funny anymore. It’s the same boring, repeated self-centered jokes about mental health issues, useless reels, people vying for attention; it’s just annoying at this point, lol.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “Facebook has become unusable. It’s all ads and videos. I just want to see pictures of my friends and their pets/kids, but I have to scroll through 15 videos of random nonsense first. I deleted it off my phone.”

6. Noise

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Remember the days when blasting music and partying till the crack of dawn was the ultimate vibe? Well, guess what? Now, we crave peace and quiet like it’s a rare gem.

A Reddit user wrote, “I grew up in a low-income neighborhood, and every time I visit home, it’s striking how loud everything and everyone is. People are screaming in the streets. TV’s blaring. Loud music. Just so much noise. It’s exhausting to be around. I don’t understand why people need to be soooooo loud.”

Someone else added, “This is the one I relate to the most. Noise sensitivity.”

7. Driving

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Zooming around town used to be exhilarating. The freedom of the open road, the wind in your hair – it was practically therapy. But as we age, dealing with traffic jams, aggressive drivers, and road rage? No, thank you.

One said, “Driving for sure. Like when I first started driving, it was freedom and going anywhere I wanted; now it’s just blah. And with all the other drivers out on the road, it is just stress-inducing anymore.”

Someone else replied, “Underrated reply. I used to get excited to drive anywhere, but now I just feel like it’s another chore.”

8. Staying Out

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Staying out late? Yeah, that used to be a badge of honor, proving our ability to party till dawn. Now, the mere thought of staying out past midnight is exhausting.

A Reddit user wrote, “Staying out late. I’m good with the occasional night out, but more often than not these days, I’m happy to be in my pajamas and on the couch by 7:30.”

Someone else added, “I’m gobsmacked when I hear people planning for dinner or outings for 9 pm or later. Absolute not. If it’s 7 p.m., the day is entirely over, and it’s far too late to be going out for me.”

9. Being Selfish

Portrait of selfish senior man crossing hands on his chest..
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Someone commented, “Selfishness. Society and its lack of compassion and empathy for others…and the fact that everything has to be made into a joke of some fashion as if things can’t be taken seriously. Yeah, I don’t like that.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “The “every man for himself!” “I don’t owe anyone any help! If I need help, I’ll just die.” energy is exhausting. People are lonely but also aggressively creating an environment that fosters loneliness. Also, sincerity is always read as embarrassing, always. Needing to be cool and polished and a brand instead of a person.”

We’re tired of the “me, me, me” attitude. Compassion is the new cool, and selfishness? Well, it’s so last season.

10. Fast Food

Excited hungry pretty girl eats fast food, cheap burger, holds a cheeseburger and soda, open mouth.
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Greasy burgers, fries, and sugary drinks used to be our guilty pleasures. But guess what? Our bodies are wiser now. We crave nourishing, wholesome meals that make us feel good from the inside out.

A discerning Reddit user commented, “Eating fast food. It still tastes good, but it doesn’t feel good.”

Someone else replied, “Yeah, fast food really takes it out of me. Like it takes days, sometimes a week, to feel myself again. I’m slowly but surely heading towards teetotal, I think.”

11. Drinking

Young woman drinking wine.
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Ah, the wild nights, the crazy parties, the legendary hangovers. Remember when we thought that was the epitome of fun?

A Reddit user wrote, “Getting drunk. Having my Saturday or Sunday gone is a miserable existence.”

Someone else added, “This is exactly why I quit drinking a while back. I couldn’t stand being hung over and wasting most of the day trying to cure it. I used to be able to drink until 4 a.m. with friends in my 20s and get up for work the next day just fine. These days? I so much as look at a mixed drink the wrong way, and I’m hungover.”

12. Music

modern technology instead of reading. listening music in park.
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New music, oh boy. There was a time when we couldn’t wait for the latest hits, the freshest beats. Now, with all those auto-tuned voices and repetitive lyrics, we find ourselves longing for the good old classics.

One said, “Definitely new music. Everynoise.com (& Chosic.com) changed my perspective on music. I had NOO idea there was so much out there.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “New music 100%. I was trying to find new songs to put on my playlist for the gym by scrolling through the popular pop songs on Spotify. They are all so terrible. So I’ll just continue listening to the same songs that I have been for the past 10-15 years. Lol”

13. Political Debate

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Political debates used to be our jam – arguing, discussing, and proving our point. But nowadays, it feels like banging our heads against a brick wall. People are so set in their ways that it’s like talking to a brick wall, literally.

Someone commented, “Participating in online discourse. Especially political debate. It’s completely useless and maddening. Was good for honing my ideals and testing my convictions for a while, but I think I’m good now.”

Someone else replied, “Same. I don’t even like talking about it with friends and family anymore. Even when they have the same viewpoints as me. Trump gets my mom so worked up and upset, and I’m always like, please stop; you’re doing exactly what he wants. Can we just have a nice dinner?”

14. Socializing

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Socializing, oh, the joy of constant social interaction. Or not. Don’t get us wrong, we love our friends, but the constant need to be out and about? Nah, we’re good.

A Reddit user wrote, “Socializing in general. God, I love isolation.”

Someone else added, “I love just sitting in the backyard looking at the birds in peace. Maybe a book.”

15. People

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A discerning Reddit user commented, “People. 100%, it’s people.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “Yet most people will rage on you if you suggest reducing the population in any constructive way. It seems like everybody HATES you until you put a baby in this country.”

People can be exhausting with their drama, their issues, and their endless quirks.

16. Instagram

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A Reddit user wrote, “Instagram is mostly videos and ads, and they change the algorithm every flipping month.”

Someone else replied, “Instagram; it makes me sad because I now don’t have a way of keeping up with people from the past, but the app is just not enjoyable anymore.”

We’re over the pressure to post Insta-worthy pics. Give us real moments over perfectly curated feeds any day.

17. Change

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Change – that’s a funny one. When we were younger, change was exciting, a new adventure waiting to happen.

One said, “Just got a new phone, and I really didn’t like the change. It’s weird, but I guess I’m old and get annoyed with some things changing needlessly (in my opinion). A couple of years back, Google changed all their app icons significantly, and I was crabby about that for a while, too.”

Someone else added, “There were recently some updates to Microsoft Office, and in Word particularly, I HATE the changes, like why did they change it? It worked just fine😭.”

18. Video Games

Excited young handsome man playing video game and keeping mouth open while sitting on the couch at home.
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Video games used to be our escape, our ticket to magical worlds and epic adventures. But now, the idea of spending hours glued to a screen, button-mashing our way through virtual challenges? It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

Someone commented, “All video games, even AAA games, yes.”

Someone else replied, “Ya totally this. Can barely play anything for more than 10 mins nowadays without feeling bored or annoyed; there’s a learning curve that I do not feel is worth the time/effort.”

19. Soda

brunette woman 20s wearing fashion earrings drinking beverage or soda from big red paper cup and straw
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A Reddit user wrote, “Soda. I always think I want one, and after one or two drinks, it’s wasted.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “Definitely relatable. I gravitate towards orange soda because I drank a ton of it as a kid. I can’t even finish one! So sweet!”

Goodbye, soda-induced sugar highs and crashes – hello, hydration and steady energy.

20. Waiting In Lines

angry woman
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A discerning Reddit user commented, “Waiting in long lines. I used to be one of those foodies who would wait in line for hours to try pop-ups and try stuff like ice cream with gold foil lmao. Now I’m over-trying new wacky food trends unless it actually sounds good. But still not willing to wait in a long line for it.”

Someone else added, “I can barely stand to wait in a long line even for basic sustenance when I’m hungry. I attended our local Renaissance festival this summer and was fiending for a smoked turkey leg and a glass of mead. The lines for almost every concession stand were about 60 people deep. It’s part of the experience to enjoy those foods, but I wasn’t about to wait an hour.”

Whether it’s at the grocery store, the DMV, or the amusement park, standing in line feels like a colossal waste of time.

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