Cool for Cheap: 10 Unconventional Ways to Score Amazing Finds

Want to get some things for free or cheap? Living frugally doesn’t have to be all about deprivation and doing with less. There are some cool and fun ways to get things for free or cheap to save you money.

Free and Cheap

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Retail therapy is responsible for most people’s joys and pleasures. Though fun, it can sometimes be straining on your wallet.

What if I told you there’s a way to reinvent your inventory cheaply? According to one frugal online community, these are cool ways to be thrifty and fun simultaneously.

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

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Who doesn’t love freebies? Just keep an eye out for trash pickup days in wealthy neighborhoods, as rightly suggested by someone. People will usually put their nice stuff out first as they’re happy if it goes to better use by someone, and that someone could be you!

Facebook Isn’t Just for Old People

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You can find tons of bizarre stuff on social media, from some being cheap to others being reasonably decent. This can be particularly helpful if you want something typically brought in bulk and may be disposable, like a plastic bag.

One person even got themselves a microwave, a bookshelf, and a printer! Isn’t that exciting? It’s time to harness your dormant Facebook account to utilize the Marketplace and Buy Nothing Groups.

Bookworm Bargains

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Try to watch for charities giving away their books for reasonably cheap. Some collections are so extensive that the warehouse would rival a bookstore regarding organization and variety.

As someone mentioned, you can spend $30 to buy a large box full of books. The bonus? Most proceeds go to charities since volunteers run these sales.

Estate Sale Extravaganza: Unearthing Home Improvement Finds

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Estate sales are where you will find tools and other home improvement items and furnishings for dirt cheap. You can find a massive pile of random stuff folks might want to eliminate. Someone said they found a carload of yard tools along with ladders. They hardly bought anything new for their house.

Snagging Food Discounts and Freebies

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Many have found a hack to get free or discounted purchases from the apps of some fast food joints, especially when they are running offers around holidays or sporting events. Here’s some incredible intel shared by a kind fellow: McDonald’s gives away a Big Mac when a sports team wins. Better be on the lookout!

Craigslist Chronicles

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People who use Craigslist are aware of the free section on the site. One can expect top-notch items from these free listings in the nicer areas. Someone found a complete patio set along with a glass-top table. How cool is that!

Reducing Food Waste and Your Bill With TooGoodToGo

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This interesting mobile app helps customers find restaurants and stores with surplus unsold food. As a result, they can collect meals from these places at lower prices. As someone informs, the app originated in the EU and is, therefore, quite dominant in the region. However, other areas seem to be catching up.

ThredUp: Fashion Finds on a Budget

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If you are looking for inexpensive clothing, someone suggested Thredup as a good option. Think of it as an online thrift store with limitless possibilities. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Sharing Is Caring With Olio

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Olio allows people to lend and borrow items for free, ranging from food to utensils. As someone states, the Olio community is welcoming and can offer unique tools and items.

LittleFreeLibrary Lovin’: Embrace the Joy of Free Books

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This website is a platform for sharing books, similar to a thrifting experience. You can find some vintage books and hot-selling ones like this fellow if you’re lucky. Additionally, this site has helped folks declutter their space by giving away spare books.

This thread inspired this post.

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