10 Best Products to Always Buy Secondhand or Refurbished

Most frugal shoppers know that a vast world of things can be just as good, if not better, when bought secondhand or refurbished.

One such frugal shopper takes to a discussion board online to ask others what products they will always buy used and why leading to a significant discussion of the benefits of secondhand purchases for various goods.

1. Solid Wood Furniture

Well-made wooden furniture is known to stand the test of time, so it’s no wonder many shoppers say they buy it secondhand. One notes that no matter how old solid wood furniture might be, it will always last longer than anything made of plastic bought brand new.

Another user highlights that even if these pieces are broken, it’s usually easy enough to learn how to fix them, or still more affordable to have a professional fix them than buying new pieces.

2. Cars

Many users say they will never go back to buying new cars. Some note that cars are a terrible investment but necessary for traveling. One in particular points out that through no fault of your own, a new car could be totaled after you’ve spent tens of thousands on it.

Others say that it’s not exactly a matter of choice as the price differences between new and used cars force them into buying used cars, but even if that were not the case, they’d choose to buy used.

3. Textbooks

Textbooks may be the most temporarily necessary physical good, so it makes sense that several users agreed it makes no sense to buy textbooks new. One even says they worked on paying things forward by buying used and then selling their textbooks fairly to other students when they were done with them.

Sadly, another notes that this is becoming more difficult as many classes require subscription codes bundled with new textbooks for online homework.

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4. Houses/Homes

An even larger ticket item than cars, numerous people agree that older homes are better than newer homes. Two cite their homes built in 1923 and 1939 as examples of why buying old homes is best.

On the other hand, one user argues that new homes are great, stating that they purchased their home new twenty years ago and it has been fantastic, but that raises questions about differences in the quality of homes built in the early 2000s and those made in the 2020s.

5. Appliances

Many frugal buyers say they only buy secondhand major home appliances like washing refrigerators and washing machines. One user notes that older appliances seem to last longer, and another says it’s always more cost effective to pay to repair older models than buy new ones.

6. Guitars

Countless musicians swear by buying guitars secondhand. One says they wish they had known to buy used guitars when they were younger as it would have saved them a lot.

Several people state that, as with other older items, some knowledge of how to fix up guitars can save significant amounts. Another guitar player adds that they buy their pedals secondhand as well.

7. Clothes

Thrifting clothes is a pastime for so many people that it’s no wonder several commenters say they buy most of their clothing secondhand. But they draw the line at underwear and socks.

8. Books

Similar to thrift store shopping for clothes, many people (myself included) love to peruse and buy books from used bookstores. One respondent says that they even prefer older books to newer ones. Another user notes that while used books are great, sometimes you have to buy new ones to support independent authors.

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9. Tools

Several respondents say they only buy secondhand tools, from screwdrivers to gardening tools. Two users highlight estate sales as especially great places to get good deals on sturdy and long-lasting tools.

10. Baby Products

Connected to clothes, but expanded from it, one user says that buying all baby products used makes more sense than buying new. Babies outgrow things so fast, from clothes to toys and carriers, that it makes no sense to buy new ones.

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