10 Best Frugal Tips To Control Food Spending

Food is so expensive! Costs are going up, and everyone has to watch their grocery bill.

In a time where being frugal is key to survival, being economical with food spending is a big key. There are tons of exciting and fun things you can do to cut costs of food-related expenditures.

The following is a list of the top ten Reddit responses.

1.  Shop in Your House First

“Shop in your own cabinets for food and hobby stuff. Utilize the freezer for so many things. I have much less food waste since I realized and consider it,” one person replied. “Also, my partner has been shocked at how well I can do by shopping our basement first,” another added.

2.  Don’t Shop for Fun

“Don’t shop for fun or sport — not unless and until necessary, then do all the shopping and errands possible on the same trip – save gas. If you’re not 100% sure they’re open, call ahead,” replied one.

3.  Coupons and Clearance Items

One person stated, “Learn how to grocery shop frugally. Shop sales and coupons, and use grocery rebate apps. Also, find your cheapest grocery stores for groceries and produce. Shop different stores to get better deals. Finally, don’t buy prepackaged convenience foods or beverages other than water.”

4.  Food Banks

“If in a tight bind, please use food banks. Don’t wait until you have absolutely nothing. No one deserves to be hungry. If you’re feeling prideful, you can always donate food later when your finances are more stable,” one person stated.

5.  Make Breakfast Ahead of Time

“I HATE cooking in the morning, and if I don’t have breakfast ready, the chance that I’ll buy something goes way up. So I’ll do a big breakfast prep once a month: banana bread, pancakes, breakfast casserole, etc., and freeze it all. Or if food prep isn’t your thing, bagels from the store freeze nicely, so they can always be on hand,” another suggested.

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6.  Meal Plan for the Week

“Make a meal plan for the week. I don’t mean Spaghetti Monday and Taco Tuesdays. But make a list of five-to-six dinners you want to make through the week instead because what if something comes up on Tuesday?”

“You don’t want to be locked into day-specific planning. Spaghetti, tacos, chicken stirfry, breakfast for dinner, pork chops, and potatoes. And post to your fridge,” replied one.

7.  Check Prices

“Make your food at home, and check prices. More often than not, the cheapest item tastes just as good as the expensive one, depending on what you like. It might even taste better! I buy tons of generic, and you can’t tell the difference,” claimed one.

8.  Buy In Bulk

“Check out your local Asian store and get a cheap 25 or 50-lb bag of rice. Maybe some dried lentils or beans, dried noodles. You can then shop the bargain sections for meat and vegetables and freeze any meat immediately or cook any veggies that are getting old,” another suggested.

9.  Make Items From Scratch

“The first thing to do is learn to cook if you don’t know how. Do you have a crockpot, instant pot, good knives, and a cutting board? Do you have good pots and pans? Salad spinner? Muffin pans? I try to do everything I can from scratch,” one person shared.

10.  Automated Kitchen Appliances

“Get a rice cooker. And maybe a cheap air fryer. You can make some simple, cheap food with those two alone. Get creative with canned vegetables,” one responded. “I cook a bunch of chicken breasts in the crockpot and put in a few days worth in quart-sized zip lock freezer bags,” another said.


We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of frugal tips to help food spending. Also, check out these ways to save money on your groceries.

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