10 Stylish Bedroom Ideas for Women

Transform your bedroom into a dreamy hideaway with these ten different bedroom ideas for women.

Out of all the rooms in our homes, the bedroom is often the space we spend the most time in. And it is the one space where comfort and restfulness should be priorities.

So if you are searching for quick, budget-friendly ideas or looking to revamp your space completely, these bedroom ideas for women will help you create a fabulous spot to unwind and truly pamper yourself. 

10 Stylish Bedroom Ideas for Women

Go Boho With Plenty of Plants

Create a chilled-out boho-style bedroom by incorporating natural materials, natural textures, and lots and lots of gorgeous plants.

This style is all about effortless styling, so don’t overthink it. Crinkled sheets? Absolutely fine.

Is a windowsill full of mismatched plants and plant pots? Perfect.

The key to creating a perfect boho bedroom is to choose a simple, pared-back color palette.

Fill your space with handcrafted elements like macrame wall hangings, lots of natural materials like reclaimed wood, and soft, relaxed textiles like linen sheets. Focus on individuality to make your bedroom feel unique and beautifully eclectic.

Keep It Classy With Some Hotel Luxe

Capture that luxury feeling of a 5-star hotel at home with some quick tweaks to your bedroom. This style is all about luxurious fabrics and lots of textures.

You’ll want to make your bed the focal point of your room, so place it in the center of your space and layer it with lots of textiles. Plump cushions and a plush-down feather duvet are a must for creating an irresistibly cozy hotel-style bed.

Knowing what to invest in is the key to pulling off this style without spending a fortune. Cheaper bedding can still look and feel great, especially if you opt for crisp white sheets.

Spend a little more on good-quality inners for your cushions and a plump duvet. These will create the expensive, luxurious look of your favorite 5-star hotel.

Make It Bold and Beautiful

Add a pop of vibrant color to your bedroom to create a fun, carefree space that will put a smile on your face every morning. From rich blues to sunny yellows, the choices of color are endless, so pull out a color wheel and have fun selecting your bedroom color palette.

This look can be super budget-friendly to create. A simple tin of emulsion could be all you need to create your mood-boasting bedroom for women. Paint an accent wall or have fun experimenting with color blocks. Add some accent cushions and throws to your bed in the same color to create a cohesive look.

Choose Scandinavian Simplicity

Get inspired by Scandinavia and opt for a humble approach to your bedroom décor. Simple forms, understated colors, and clean lines will create a laid-back, cozy retreat you’ll love to escape to when decorating in this style, stick with light, warm woods like birch and pine and combine them with other natural materials like wool and cotton.

Choose a light color palette of off-whites and greys and bring in plenty of textures to add depth and warmth to your bedroom décor. Layer multiple rugs on your floor, add some sheepskin rugs to your bed, and incorporate plenty of cushions and throws for a Scandi-inspired sanctuary.

Bring in the Glam With a Vanity Area

Embrace the ritual of getting ready in the morning with your very own vanity area. A small space in your bedroom dedicated to beauty and clothes prep is a great way of staying organized and tidy.

Even the tiniest of bedrooms can fit a dressing table, it’s all about finding the right solution for you and your space. Incorporate lots of storage and plenty of interior organizers for optimal organization to help you stay zen in the mornings.

Create Tranquillity With Plenty of Storage

Don’t forget to prioritize your storage when searching for women’s bedroom ideas. We store a huge amount in the bedroom, so finding a solution that tackles all of our storage needs can be extremely tricky.

Moving away from the traditional, boxy wardrobe and choosing a wardrobe alternative is a great choice if your bedroom is small and your budget is smaller.

Alternatively, consider maximizing your storage space by utilizing your walls. High storage is a great spot for storing out-of-season clothing.

Opt For Eyecatching Monochromes

Think Channel chic. You can’t go wrong with a simple monochrome palette; when done right, this look can look super stylish and expensive.

You don’t have to be strict with your color choices. Adding a hint of warm browns to your palette can stop your bedroom décor from feeling cold and sterile.

Place some classic black and white prints into frames and lean them against your wall for a relaxed, chic look.

Go All Out Blue

Say goodbye to gender stereotypes and hello to an all-out blue bedroom décor.

Women’s bedroom ideas do not have to be full of pinks and florals; that is why we love a deep blue bedroom for maximum impact pair dark blue walls with crisp white bedding. And for a little extra luxe, add some gold accents to your bedroom with accessories.

Make a Statement With Dramatic Wallpaper

Adding striking wallpaper to your bedroom is a great way of adding some feminine glam to your space. Wallpaper can be a super affordable way of updating your bedroom without spending a fortune.

Choose one wall to wallpaper to keep costs down, and don’t be afraid of opting for something cheap. I have used many cheap wallpapers that have a better quality and look than their expensive competitors.

Don’t waste money hiring someone to install the wallpaper for you. Paste-the-wall wallpaper can be a little easier to install if you have never wallpapered before. Most wallpapers are very forgiving and will easily slide into place or pull off if you make a mistake.

Create a Fabulous Gallery Wall

Get creative and curate a gallery wall in your master bedroom. A gallery wall is ideal for adding a unique and personal feel to your space.

Go big and bold by filling a wall with frames, or keep it simple and refined with just a couple. A gallery wall can be a little more expensive upfront but can last you a lifetime.

You’ll easily be able to change the look of your bedroom by switching out the prints, which can be a super cheap way of refreshing your space.