16 Frugal Ways To Decorate Your Home

Just because you are on a budget does not mean you get to live in a space you wouldn’t be comfortable bringing guests in. There are numerous ways to decorate a house; some are outrageously expensive. Take wooden floors, for instance. They make any room look classy, rich, and refined. But they can be pretty expensive.

However, you can always find cheaper ways to decorate your home with accessories you already have or can get at a great price. Here are some of the best ideas for frugal ways to decorate your home.

Add Color

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Color can make a huge difference in your home. It brings out your personality. Bubbly people love to paint bright colors, while conservative people love slightly dull colors. To improve a space, keep permanent fixtures painted with a neutral pallet and then experiment with other places, including walls with whatever color you love.

Add Simple Paintings

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A simple painting, such as a tree branch or flowers with leaves, can quickly transform a dull wall into something worthwhile.


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Use multi-colored fabrics to create different accents inside your home. Turn fabrics into curtains, cushion covers, or pillowcases. Ensure they are in sync with other colors. The trick is to keep it simple.

Textured Wall Paint With Accent Wall

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Select colors that match your fabrics and furniture for the accent walls

Use What You Already Have

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Re-purpose what is at your disposal. For instance, you can transform a large tray to create a coffee table. 

Raid Thrift Stores

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You can get great cheap pieces to accessorize your space from thrift stores, garage sales, yard sales, or the online marketplaces near you.

Rearrange the Furniture

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Sometimes, all your house needs to have a fresh start is a simple furniture re-arrangement.

Add Plants

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Plants will freshen up your space and transform it into a ‘living’ space. Plant size depends on the area you want to accessorize.

Use Lighting To Create Warmth

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Experiment with different kinds of lighting in different places. Bedrooms require warm lighting that sets the mood for deep sleep. Buy unique lamps and fairy lights to transform your space into a welcoming abode.


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These are good decor options for people living in rentals. You do not want to risk destroying your landlord’s house through painting. There are many kinds of wallpapers. Go with what works for you.

Recycle Old Items

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Items that would have normally gone to waste (such as used jars, bottles, and cans) can also be decor items. 

Rugs and Carpets

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Get rugs and carpets that match your house’s theme. Pick the right size and right quality for different areas.

Artificial Grass Turf on Balcony and Terraces

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This turf is easy to install and maintain and transforms a space wonderfully.

Use Photos

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Do not keep your walls blank when you can transform them into wonderful galleries. Use the walls to hoist your family’s pictures that evoke wonderful memories. They are always a conversation starter. You can also buy abstract photos and paintings to decorate walls.


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Mirrors make any room seem larger. Use them with caution, as you do not want to have a lot of reflection going on inside the house.

Fresh Flowers

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These are good for neutral places. Ensure you have bright flowers inside the vase and change them occasionally.

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