83% of Americans Overspend Despite Monthly Budgeting

In a new Harris Poll survey with NerdWallet, overspending is becoming all too common despite monthly budgeting.

  • Ignoring the budget: Nearly three-quarters of Americans (74%) say they have a monthly budget. However, (84%) of those with one voice have gone over budget at some point.
  • Bailed out by credit cards: (44%) of those who have gone over budget say they usually pay for additional purchases with plastic.
  • And over eight in ten (83%) say they overspend, at least sometimes, especially on groceries (47%), dining out (34%), and clothing purchases (26%).
  • Planning for future overspending: One in 5 (20%) who have exceeded their monthly budget say they’ve dipped into savings explicitly for overspending to pay for additional expenses.

Making Extra Money

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The increase in inflation might’ve got you seeking ways to supplement your income while maintaining your day job or studies. It’s critical to make some extra money. 

These extra funds will undoubtedly come in handy, whether to pay off debt, save for an emergency fund, or have a little more money in your pocket.

Here are some ways to make money fast. 

1. Work Overtime

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If you have a job that allows you to work overtime, this is the easiest way to make extra money. This is the quickest and easiest way to get some extra cash in your pocket. Many companies offer extra pay for overtime hours, so you can easily make 300 dollars. Of course, most companies don’t pay out immediately, so you probably won’t see that money right away, but if you don’t need the money immediately, getting more money from your job is a legit way to make $300.

2. Drive for Uber and Lyft

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Depending on where you live and your availability, you can make $300 a week if you hustle. According to this article in Business Insider, this driver made about $257 for less than 14 hours of work — or about $19 an hour. That is only a few dollars less than the $300 you need to make fast. Put some more hours in, and you can get the $300.

3. Move Out and Rent

Woman is installing Airbnb application on Lenovo tablet. Airbnb is an online marketplace and hospitality service, enabling people to lease or rent short-term lodging
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If you have another safe place to go, consider sprucing up your place a bit and renting it out on Airbnb. Suppose you charge $100 a night or $300 a weekend; you will see that money soon.

4. Write for Listverse

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Listeverse will give you $100 for writing a list of 10. According to them, it works like this: You write your list (10 items per list minimum), you send it in, we reply and say, “Great—we’ll publish it,” and send you $100 by PayPal (don’t have an account? make one—it’s easy and free), or we reply and say “Sorry—it isn’t the sort of thing our readers will love—give it another shot.” Just remember, your list should be at least one or two paragraphs per entry. Do this three times, and you can easily earn $300 a day.

5. Sell 3 Sets of Non-Exclusive Printables

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Content is king! Bloggers and other content creators need to be constantly churning out content. This constant need for content can get difficult, so they look to others to create content that they can use for their sites. Create a printable and find a group of bloggers to sell it to. Many such groups exist, and if you make an excellent printable, you can sell the same one to numerous bloggers and make a bunch of money. Sell five sets for $20 each if you need $100 now. Do that three times, and you can make $300 fast.

6. Write 6 Articles or Blog Posts

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Good writing is in high demand, and you will get snapped up if you offer your services at a discount. Sell a bunch of articles or blog posts to make a quick buck. For example, you can sell two articles for $50 each and make $100 or 6 articles for $50 each and make $300 fast. If you think there may be a moment when you will need money quickly, network and find groups to sell your freelance writing services to before you need that $100 immediately. Then, when you need $100 now, you will have the platform ready for you to use.

7. Clean 3 Houses

Hygiene and cleaning concept. Tired overworked female in rubber gloves and sponge
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Advertise online or with papers posted in community centers, libraries, etc., that you are available to clean houses. This is hard work but can pay good money- usually in cash. Focus your advertising efforts on areas where people are more likely to have extra cash to spend. You can clean three houses and make $300 fast.

8. Sell Something

Woman taking photo of her used clothes in order to sell them online.
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This only works if you have something to sell, but look around your house and see what you have. Even things that may not be valuable can bring in some money. For example, old clothes aren’t going to make big bucks, but you can sell a whole bag of baby clothes for a few dollars, which can help you get quick cash. Set up a garage sale outside your home, and you can easily make $200 or $300 in a day. 

9. Mow 6 Lawns

cute man mowing lawn in the backyard of his house.
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Have a lawnmower? Mow six lawns at $50 each and make 300 dollars fast when needed. If you don’t have a lawnmower, you may be able to rent one, although you will need to mow some extra lawns to cover that expense.

10. Wash 6 Cars

Man worker washing car's alloy wheels on a car wash.
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Grab a bucket, some rags, and a vacuum cleaner, and get cleaning! Hang up some signs offering quick car washes and start making some money. You can charge $50 for a full cleaning or $20 for just a quick wash. Whatever you charge (and don’t charge too much, or else no one will pay!), keep working till you have the money you need.

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