20 Most Unexpectedly Profitable Side Hustles

Ever thought about making some extra dough on the side? You know, that sweet cash that helps you pay for those midnight pizza cravings or maybe even fuel your dreams of owning a yacht? Well, guess what? There are some surprisingly profitable side hustles out there that might just turn your hobby into a money-making machine!

One Redditor asked, “What’s Your Most Unexpectedly Profitable Side Hustle?” Many users commented on this thread, and we have selected the top 20 ones for you!

1. House Cleaning

young housewife cleaning on white.
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A person commented, “Started a house cleaning business. I clean to relieve stress from my full-time job on my days off. Cleaning is like jogging or bicycling at the park for me. Making over $3k a month doing essentially a hobby.”

Another added, “Agreed started a house cleaning business with (mom) started at 2-3 a month. Last 3 months, we have profited 50-60 thousand. Started to advertise and spend more time cleaning thoroughly and added close to another 20-30 contracts. So far, this side hustle is now our main focus.”

Grab some cleaning supplies, create a catchy ad, and boom! You’re in the money-making cleaning biz.

2. Cook

Image of young happy lady standing in kitchen while cooking fish.
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Now, let’s talk about something we all love- food! If you’re a kitchen wizard, you can whip up some extra dough by cooking for others. You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay; even a mean lasagna or a killer batch of chocolate chip cookies can make you some serious money.

Someone wrote, “I used to work as a cook. So while I attended college, I would provide fine dining dinners, and I would charge rich college students $70 per plate. You would be surprised how much I made, especially when finals started.

On Friday nights, I would make about ~$1200, and On Saturday I would make about ~$1500 On Sunday I would make about ~$1300 This side gig paid for my tuition, insurance, room, and board.”

Another replied, “Cooking for rich ppl. Those 3 nights’ work doing what you love will earn you more than any white-collar degree job will get you…”

3. Game Ads

person hacking a computer
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Ever thought about creating silly web games? Well, guess what- there’s gold in those pixels! You can put ads on those goofy games and earn money while people play them.

Someone shared, “Creating silly little web games and putting ads on them. Made $50k last year.”

Another responded, “I have a Bachelor’s in Game Design and Development – you can build everything yourself for absolutely free if you know your way around some free programs. For web games, you really just need art and sound, for everything else you can just program yourself.

You will need to pay for a domain name and hosting but that will only set you back $10-$20 for something basic. That’s the cool thing about programming, it’s virtually free with nearly limitless upside.”

4. Renting Cars

angry man driving a vehicle without seat belt.
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Now, here’s a wheelie great idea- renting out your car. If your vehicle spends more time in the driveway than on the road, you’re sitting on a goldmine of potential earnings.

A Redditor said, “You’d need the capital to get a new car or buy a used one, but I had a truck on Turo and made bank. It’s basically airbnb for cars. Can easily make a few grand a month renting out the car.”

Another added, “I had an f150 all modded out in nice condition. I live in the mountains so perfect for kayaks, off-road, and family trips. I appealed to the market around me. You should easily be able to rack in 300-400 a week.”

5. Vintage Shirts

Woman drawing black stars on a white t-shirt. Handcraft talent and a little magic.
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Do you have a closet full of vintage shirts that you’ve been collecting since forever? Well, it’s time to dust them off and start reselling! Vintage shirts are all the rage, and there’s a market hungry for that old-school cool.

Someone wrote, “For me it was vintage tees. Quit drinking. Used the money I saved to buy vintage tees for myself. Started having offers. Turned into a small business. Ongoing. Addictive. Fun. Much better than nasty booze.”

Another replied, “Used to buy vintage tees for 1-5 dollars each from thrift shops or garage sales and resold them for 10 to sometimes 300 dollars each on grailed and ebay.”

6. Sell Things That Are Not Trash

man reaching into dumpster diving.
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Dumpster diving might sound crazy, but selling stuff people toss out can be a goldmine. Think about it: one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

A person commented, “Selling things people put in the trash… People throw away perfectly good stuff that can easily be sold on the market place.”

Another responded, “I picked a pressure washer with a Honda motor. It needed a new carb and ignition coil. $23 later, and it runs amazing, lol. I’m still amazed at what people will just toss.”

7. Abstract Art

blonde woman artist paints a colorful picture
Image Credit:
bezikus via DepositPhotos.com.

Now, let’s get artsy! If you’ve got an artistic flair, you can turn your abstract doodles into big bucks.

A Redditor said, “Good abstract art SELLS.”

Another added, “Abstract art. I made some interesting pieces, and someone told me to post them. Some folks in town saw the posts and asked to purchase them, so I said $400. Then an investment firm reached out, and I sold a piece for $2400, I was like ‘WTF is going on’ so I read a book on SEO and built a website…

I got a call from a designer in Brooklyn who needed a piece for an accounting firm, then a neutraceutical start-up wanted a huge 16’ piece for their headquarters, and by then, I was asking about $6-8K… then I got an art broker, and things started taking off…. Large financial firms, household names… it’s been amazing. Still have my day job!”

8. Account Bonus

Beautiful young woman in glasses with dollars in her hands
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Banks are desperate to get your business, so they offer cash bonuses for opening a new account. Someone wrote, “Checking account bonuses, get about 500-700 a month.”

Another replied, “I made a quick grand with the app and referrals. Easiest money ever. And opening checking and saving accounts won’t affect your scores. That only applies to credit accounts.”

9. Rent Costumes

Party people celebrating carnival or new years eve
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A person commented, “Bought adult-sized Olaf (Frozen) and Chewbacca costumes. Rented them around town for $50 for kids’ birthday parties. Just grab the costume from my house and bring it back in a few days. Easy money.”

Another responded, “True, rent costumes, and I even use credit card deposit/authorization and a signed agreement that it’s charged if the equipment is not returned or damaged.”

People love dressing up for parties, events, or just for the fun of it.  So, let people channel their inner Halloween spirit and pay you for the privilege.

10. Referrals

Man in Office Looking for Help
Image Credit: eric1513 via DepositPhotos.com.

You know all those friends who keep asking you about job leads? Well, why not turn those connections into cash? Companies are willing to shell out money for such employees!

Someone shared, “Referrals for jobs at the company I used to work for?”

Another added, “I work for a hospital that offers referral bonuses, and there are so many hoops to jump through, no one gets a payout, and we stopped referring people. Man, this one is awesome. My company pays 4k per referral… albeit very selective. I’ve only had 1, but it came in right before Christmas, and it was so nice!”

11. Renting Sawmills

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If you happen to own a sawmill or know someone who does, you can make some serious cash by letting people borrow it.

A Redditor said, “I have a portable sawmill. I will slice up your fallen tree for a small fortune. People are dumb enough to pay out the wazoo. I only do it on Fridays and Saturdays; last year, I made 45k Also. Cash only.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “I had to take down 30 trees two years ago, and I could get zero sawmills or lumber companies to even come out to look at whether the trees had value. Every friend and family member told me “omg you could make a couple thousand on that wood. sawmills will just slobber at all that timber.””

12. Sports Apps

Excited men watching football in streaming on smartphone.
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Ever thought that your love for sports could fatten your wallet? Sports betting apps let you put your sports knowledge to the test and make some extra money while you’re at it.

Someone wrote, “Sports betting apps / daily fantasy sports (US only). Many apps will pay you a 100% deposit bonus when you join and deposit. Those funds can then be hedged and withdrawn for a free 50% profit. Prize picks and sleeper alone earned me $100 in about 20 minutes.”

Another responded, “You have to play through the sports app funds, but I do what’s known as “hedge” betting, which guarantees you a win, so you can turn promo funds into withdrawable funds without any risk.”

13. Selling Weed

Handsome bearded man with hand at his fore head.
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via DepositPhotos.com.

Now, before you get any funny ideas, remember that the legality of this one depends on where you live. In some places, it’s as legit as selling cupcakes, but in others, it’s a one-way ticket to jail.

A person commented, “started selling weed to the neighborhood stoners; two years later, I owned farms in Mexico and California and was extorted by el Chapo himself.”

Another added, “Classic neighborhood stoners to cartel pipeline. Addiction makes you spend all your money; the guy who sold it played smart.”

14. Selling Bikes

Close up of asian old man wearing helmet is cycling a bicycle in the park - enjoying sport or hobby living healthy.
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Biking enthusiasts, this one’s for you- reselling bikes. You won’t believe how much people are willing to pay for a good set of wheels!

A Redditor said, “I just buy e-bikes wholesale and resell them on offerup, Facebook, Craigslist, and mercari. I sell 2-5 per day @ 200$-800$ profit per bike.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “Regular bikes are way easier. Electric bikes are hard to sell for good money. But not for me. I’ve tried both, I make 7x more money in a month with e-bikes compared to regular bikes”

15. Book Cover Model

Fashion portrait of a beautiful girl with bright painted lips
Image Credit: Androlia via DepositPhotos.com.

Authors and publishers are often on the lookout for fresh faces to grace the covers of their books. So, if you’re photogenic and don’t mind striking a pose, you could find yourself on the front of the next bestseller.

Someone wrote, “Book cover photography. Take a few shots and be famous and earn well too.”

Another replied, “I saw someone else mention this recently. She was selling an eBook about it. It sounds so interesting…but it’s something I know nothing about. Safe to assume you’re taking photos with a DSLR and are well-versed in Photoshop/something similar?”

16. Pressure Washing

man wearing red tshirt looking upset
Image Credit: vova130555@gmail.com via DepositPhotos.com.

Someone shared, “I did pressure washing for a while $250 minimum for a house wash; it’s really easy work since the pool shock worked well. No pressure is needed from The pressure washer, so no worries about tearing up people’s houses.

Once I had it all down perfectly, I showed up, unloaded my gear, set everything up, washed the house, packed up, and left in two hours. Usually made around 0 a house. Always upsold on the driveway wash.”

Another responded, “If you actually want to get into it, you can use a regular pressure washer as long as it’s a single-story house. just get a downstream injector a jrod, and have pool shock run through your lines; it’ll do all the work and take no real effort. You can look into it on YouTube and watch videos on how to do things.”

People are willing to pay good money to have their grimy driveways, decks, and fences blasted clean. Get yourself a pressure washer, put on some shades (because you’ll be dazzled by the cash), and start power-spraying your way to profits.

17. Babysitting

Children sleeping under colorful blanket
Image Credit: FamVeldman via DepositPhotos.

Parents are looking for responsible adults to watch over their little bundles of joy, and they’re willing to pay big bucks for it. Plus, it’s like getting paid to play with Legos and watch Disney movies. What’s not to love?

A Redditor said, “Babysitting. I make over 60k a year. Always have clients. Easy work”

Another added, “Go on Facebook babysitting groups in your area and continue advertising. You will have to pick up babysitting on the side, and then, when she finds the right family, fully switch over. Bam, that’s how you make money.”

18. Scrapping Metal

Photo portrait of mature handsome man arguing irritated face annoyed raise palm wear trendy green garment isolated on blue color background.
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A person commented, “Scrapping metal…. copper alone right now is crazy.. see a cord or something with an electric motor? Take it..”

Another replied, “My dad scrapped for his weekend money for as long as I can remember. He literally stacked up aluminum for about five years sold it during a high-paying time, and used that money to pay off his house. I am a data analyst, and my 65K from my home, working 35 hours a week (I love it). I still scrap for my fun money.”

So, find discarded metal, like copper, and haul it to a scrapyard. They’ll pay you by the pound, and it can add up fast.

19. Selling Egyptian Cotton Products

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You know that plush Egyptian cotton towel or those silky sheets you’ve got at home? Well, there’s a market for that luxury stuff now!

Someone wrote, “Buying Egyptian cotton products wholesale on Alibaba and reselling them on eBay. I just took a chance, and it worked out.”

Another responded, “Made a decent amount flipping Egyptian cotton products back in the day. Definitely didn’t expect to get more than “the products I wanted for free” but, 2016 I think I made a little over 10k in profit.”

20. Selling Car Part Designs

person hacking a computer
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If you’re a gearhead and have a knack for designing cool car parts, this one’s for you. Create blueprints for custom car parts, sell them online, and let car enthusiasts turn your designs into reality.

A Redditor said, “Designed a part for a new car that was something that I wanted but also other people wanted as well. Ended up “selling” the design to a company which packages and deals with the whole kit for me, and I just collect royalties for each kit sold. Just some passive income, but I have an engineering day job.”

Another person agreed to it and said, “I am a graphic designer and randomly made some cool bike and car engine parts, and now companies want my designs. A cool money-making opportunity.”

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