15 Things Boomers Blame Millennials For, But They Didn’t Actually Do

Millennials might have you fooled with their pumpkin spice lattes and Hogwarts house knowledge, but did you know they really seek to destroy all the industries and innovations we love? Just kidding, but you would think that from looking at one of the many headlines accusing the generation of just that.

Keep reading for some of the things Millennials “killed,” aka couldn’t afford to buy or simply didn’t like as much as the previous generations. 

Starter Homes

Couple buying their new house
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The soaring real-estate market is really only good for those that currently have real estate (or 50 years of savings), first-time homebuyers, not as much. 


man toasting with beer
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With every generation drinking has gone down, and what seems like a relatively good thing is doom to the alcohol industry. Millennials are being credited with beer brands being unable to stay afloat in a non-drinkers world. 


Girl wiping face with napkin after eating, hygiene and etiquette, happy client.
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Millennials are opting for folded paper towels at the dinner table instead of napkins. While essentially the same thing, the napkin industry is devastated apparently. 


golf ball on grass with golf driver
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Disregarding the fact that Millenials just aren’t as interested in golf as previous generations, there are other reasons why golfing is on the decline. From club memberships to specific dress codes, the cost is not worth the appeal.


motorbike on the road riding. having fun driving the empty road on a motorcycle tour journey.
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Given the increase of cars on the road and the increase in deadly crashes, it should really be no surprise that Millenials simply don’t want to risk death to get on a motorcycle.

Department Stores

Redhead woman in sunglasses with shopping bags on yellow background.
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Maybe it’s the rise of online shopping that killed the department store, nah, let’s blame Millenials for that too.


Happy healthy young African American woman working out in a gym with a pair of dumbbells.
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Ok, this one might be fair. Millennials love the group exercise-style classes like SoulCycle. Gyms are seeing memberships drop in favor of these “boutique studios”. We’re sorry.

Designer Handbags

In a accessories store beautiful lady customer looking at the bags from the shelves while one charismatic salesman wants to help the customer
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Most of these seem to tie back to money. Millennials are more into function over having a $200 name-brand bag. Not just because they don’t put much stock in brand names, but they also just don’t have the money. 


Grocery store shelf with boxes of various brands of breakfast cereal.
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A small study found Millenials don’t like cereal because it was “too much clean-up”. Obviously, frosted flakes are now at death’s door, despite the still booming cereal industry.

Casual Dining

Grilled salmon with mixed salad and avocado cheese burger sitting on table with white table cloth in fine dining restaurant with window light.
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Sitting down to eat outside the home is just not something Millenials are interested in. Apps like Uber Eats and smaller cafes are all the rage with the healthy and slightly introverted, Millenial crowd. 


Lafayette - Circa May 2020: Hooters Dine In Restaurant Location. Hooters operates and franchises over 430 locations..
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Speaking of restaurants, Hooters has jumped onto Millenial’s kill list too, but for a very different reason. Recent years have brought about a specific change, that is, not wanting to ogle at scantly clad women with your family present. 


Oil worker turning valve on oil rig
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Millennials aren’t only using oil less by way of walking or public transport; they are also against the oil industry. While devastating to the oil industry, a big plus to the environment.


Silicon Valley Bank logo at high-tech commercial bank headquarters
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Banks don’t just make their money from storing your money, they also offer car loans and home loans. However, when the majority of Millenials can’t afford those things, banks are seeing the ‘death’ of their income.


Cruise ship holiday travel vacation – Happy couple enjoying in cruise
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This one almost feels laughable to write. Let’s all guess why Millennials aren’t taking weeks off work to take multiple thousands of dollars cruise around the world.


A young joyful couple is with their daughter in the cinema, watching an exciting movie.
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Home streaming is the introverted Millenials go to, it seems. Plus, who really wants to spend $20 on one popcorn in this market?

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