12 Surprising Non-Frugal Habits of Otherwise Frugal People

A Reddit user was curious to know the kind of frugal habits or expenses people had. Hers was splurging on facial care products. Other users came in to share their take on this, as they mentioned the least frugal habits and expenses they have on this thread. We have sampled some of the best ones in this conversation.

Feel Good Items

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“Massages. Fresh fruit. Fancy cheese,” mentioned one user.


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Others note they would rather spend more on tea because it is worth it, “Green tea. Some incredible stuff right from Japan for $30-40 more than your average tea, but it’s noticeably more delicious in so many ways.”


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Others have a shoe fetish.

“Shoes. Have RA that affects joints in feet, and comfy, supportive shoes are invaluable. Can argue that’s frugal as a concept, but where it becomes my least frugal is my desire to have multiple colors and styles when I could be in comfort with just one pair,” One notes.


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Another spares no expense on traveling.

She says, “You can budget for traveling by booking hotels + flights in advance, but I am not sacrificing for food when I travel. Sometimes, you just have to get that $7 tiny cup of coffee in Switzerland because there is nothing else around it. And you don’t want to cook when traveling. Might even be more expensive because you have to get the spices, oil, ingredients, etc.”

Pet Treats

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Pets also get treats.

“My dog. She is older. Larger, eats science diet sensitive stomach. I give her bully sticks almost daily. Very expensive. But 100% worth it,” notes a dog lover.

Expensive Gifts

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Another user makes us wish we all had friends like her because she does not go cheap on gifts, “Gifts…when I’m buying gifts for family and friends, I can’t help going a lil overboard.”

Cheese and Coffee

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“Good cheese and coffee. Makes the world of a difference,” says another user

Love for Cheap Things

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One user says she buys things she does not need simply because they are cheap, “I have a bad habit of splurging on little cheap things, like a $5 dress at the thrift store that I don’t really need, because it’s only $5, and 6 months later you realize you’ve bought two dozen different little splurges without really thinking about it. My house is full of weird thrift store art and chachkies I couldn’t say no to because they were $3-$5.”


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Another person is frugal in all aspects except when it comes to groceries.

“I am so careful with every dime I spend… except for my weekly groceries. I don’t prepare a list; I don’t look at the sales flyers; I don’t keep a pantry stocked with low-cost basics that can be used to prep different meals, I don’t use coupons (often). My only frugal behavior on groceries is that I’ve stopped buying junk foods unless they are deeply discounted, and I buy whichever meat is on sale and use that for my dinners that week,” she noted


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Another tries to enjoy her best experiences, “Experiences, just paid for orchestra tickets for my group so we can have a fantastic night on the town, and I bought a new dress for the occasion.”


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Some people cannot get over good yarns, “I buy yarn secondhand when people with good taste in colors get rid of it in bulk. But then you get one or two skeins in the same color, and it’s difficult to plan something big. Recently I’ve had to buy new yarn. It’s not that expensive, but it can be. I wait for sales and made a hand purse with about $15.”


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Some people can learn a lesson from this user about tipping, “I tip like an Italian father at this his daughter’s wedding. I remember being a broke waitstaff. They need this extra $20 way more than me.”

Art Supplies

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Drawing is a hobby to other users, and they do not go cheap on these supplies, “I specifically color pencils and quality paper. I find drawing relaxing. Now that I’m past the initial investment, I don’t really spend that much, just replacing individual pencils as needed and paper as I run out. I don’t need tons of space and can set up my kitchen table or on the couch. Finished pieces can either go on the wall or in my portfolio book. Sometimes, I get people asking me to do a commission which helps too.”


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Others take the entertainment notion to a whole new level, “Movies. He still buys DVDs. We have almost EVERY streaming service. We go to the movies together at least once a month. He will go to the movies solo probably 3 or 4 times a month.”

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