30 Awesome and Fun Things To Do at Night

When the sun goes down, the day is far from over. There are a lot of fun things to do at night. Some are purely nocturnal activities like stargazing, but others are daytime activities with a whole new feel.

30 Fun Things To Do at Night

1. Stargazing

In areas free of light pollution, there’s nothing as dazzling as the night sky. Look for constellations and planets, admire the Milky Way, or just lie back and take it all in.

2. Movie Marathon

Get the popcorn and your favorite beverages. Stay up late and watch your favorite trilogy or a variety of films you love.

3. Game Night

Gather friends and family around a table or island countertop. Enjoy card games or board games and spend some real quality time with your favorite people.

4. Night Photography

Get creative with the flash and other lighting sources. Or learn how to use a tripod and a really slow shutter speed to create amazing time-lapse photos that reveal “star trails.”

5. Explore Night Markets

The city has a different type of feel at night. One way to experience the night vibe is to tour night markets. Even if you don’t buy anything, it can be an unforgettable cultural experience.

6. Try a New Recipe

Feel like staying home? Make that recipe you’ve been wanting to get to. Pair this with movie night or game night for a full, low-cost evening of fun.

7. Visit a 24-Hour Cafe

24-hour restaurants aren’t just for college students with the munchies at 3 A.M. A late-night cafe stop might be a nice way to cap off time spent exploring night markets.

8. Dance Party at Home

Here’s another fun way to enjoy an evening at home without spending any money. Dance parties mean enjoying your favorite music with family and friends and seeing what it brings out in them.

9. Attend a Nighttime Event

Nighttime events like sports games are popular ways to enjoy a night out. Some, like holiday light shows, are seasonal, so don’t miss out on them.

10. Karaoke

Karaoke lets people discover that their voices aren’t as good as they sound in their heads. However, that doesn’t stop people from having fun. Plus, every once in a while, you get to enjoy someone who actually does have a really good voice.

11. Night Hike

Grab your headlamp, sturdy shoes, and a walking stick and hit the trail. Some of the most magical night hikes are to waterfalls, mountain lakes, and 360-degree panoramas that let you gaze at the stars and look upon the flickering lights of small towns in the valleys below.

12. Watch a Play or Theater Show

The stage has been a way to captivate and entertain us for thousands of years. Spend an evening immersing yourself in a timeless classic or a contemporary hit.

13. Bonfire and S’mores

Some people can’t imagine a campfire without s’mores. You can do this at a beach, campground, or right in your own backyard. Spice things up a bit with ghost stories appropriate for the ages in the audience.

14. Night Bike Ride

Make sure your bike has lights on both front and rear and that you remember to wear a helmet. Head out on a dedicated bike path and enjoy the cool night air as you cruise through it.

15. Visit an Observatory

Observatories are usually in high places with little or no light pollution to interfere with viewing the sky. Staff or interpretive materials can also help you identify some of the most significant features you’re seeing.

16. Bowling

Bowling is a low-cost way for families and friends to have some fun outside the house. If you’re good at it, you might really enjoy joining a local bowling league and playing competitively.

17. Nighttime Picnic

Who says you can only picnic for lunch or dinner? Wait until the sun sets, then spread out your chosen food and drinks. At night, you usually don’t have flies buzzing around.

18. Attend a Concert

Live music is always a big draw, and there’s a special sense of being part of something bigger as the crowd comes to life. This can be especially awesome in the summer when things cool off after dark, and concerts are held outside.

19. Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golf

Lots of people enjoy after-dark mini-golf, but that’s usually at a course with a lot of bright lighting. For something different, try a glow-in-the-dark experience. You might never want to go back to regular mini-golf.

20. Museum or Art Gallery Visit

Daytime is the peak time for visiting museums and art galleries. It won’t be as crowded at night, and you can take more time to enjoy the exhibits.

21. Attend a Late-Night Yoga Class

Some people prefer going to the gym late at night because it’s practically empty and much quieter than normal. If you enjoy yoga, you might like a late-night class for the same reasons or just as a pick-me-up.

22. DIY Craft Session

If you’re good with your hands, or even if you’re not, you might enjoy spending a few hours on DIY crafts. If you want more guidance, try a painting class where the instructor shows you what to do on your canvas from start to finish.

23. Ghost Tour

Many of America’s towns and cities are rich in legends of ghost activity. On a ghost tour, you’ll visit the sites of alleged ghost activity and learn the stories behind them. Maybe you’ll see something!

24. Escape Room Adventure

Do you like puzzles? Do you perform well under pressure? Get a group together for an Escape Room adventure and see if you can follow the clues and escape in time.

25. Late-Night Beach Walk

Late at night is a delightful time to walk along the beach. The sand is cool under your feet, the breaking waves somehow sound different than they did during the day, and there’s an air of mystery and romance.

26. Visit an Open Mic Night

Open Mic night is different from karaoke. Here, amateur musicians or comedians perform all on their own, and you’ll find that a lot of them are really good.

27. Starlit Boat Ride

A dinner cruise or late-night ride is a great way to see the city or countryside from a different perspective. Many of these also teach about local history or feature murder mysteries for the audience to solve.

28. Indoor Trampoline Park

If you want some activity and adrenaline, go to an indoor trampoline park. Bounce and flip to your heart’s content and then go get a snack or dinner.

29. Nighttime Amusement Park Visit

At night, an amusement park is an entirely different experience. You still have the same fun rides, but the lighting creates a vibrant atmosphere. With that and the music, things seem more charged and exciting.

30. Night Spa or Hot Springs Experience

There aren’t many better ways to relax yourself before heading home and getting to sleep than a nighttime soak in a spa or hot spring. Have a cold beverage close by and take in the breeze and the night sky.


For a lot of people, night is their favorite time of day. Some are just night owls who like the dark, but there are also a lot of fun things to do at night. In fact, there are so many, and they’re so fun that you may never want the night to end!


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