11 Things Our Non-Frugal Friends Do That Make Us Want to Scream

We all have friends who are keen and dedicated to saving money by making deals here and there. We also have friends or families who are the exact opposite. They are keen to spend money. Sometimes, they spend ridiculous amounts on things that they do not need. Have you seen your non-frugal friend make a purchase that did not make any sense to you? Here are some perfect examples from the web.

Never Eating Anything That Didn’t Come in a Wrapper or Box

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One person says her ex was so obsessed with wrapped food that he never ate anything that didn’t come in a box or wrapped. This pushed their grocery bills very high, as whenever he went to the fridge and did not find his food in stock, he would panic.

Eating Takeaways Every Single Night

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Another spent over 400 sterling pounds a month ordering eat-outs every day and complained every time that his account was in overdraft. He hated cooking.

Leasing New Cars Every 3-4 Years

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One person wondered how his brother leased cars every 3-4 years to keep up appearances despite having so much debt. The brother could not fathom driving an old car and could not afford a new car outright.

Paying Full Price When There Are Coupons All the Time

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An employee of Jo-Anns says she feels frustrated sometimes when some clients insist on paying full price for a piece of fabric at the outlet when they have discounts as high as 40%—not using coupons or coupon apps when you can just drive us crazy!

Spending All Your Paychecks on Payday

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Another person says she has friends who are very adamant about spending all their paycheck on payday. They go to the store and buy everything they can until they run out of money. Then, they have to figure out how to survive until the next paycheck rolls in.

Getting Acrylic Nails Done Every Two Weeks at $50 per Appointment

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One person says her family members always complain about being broke, but they never miss their fortnightly nail appointments, where they leave $50 each per session. She earns more than everyone but cannot fathom spending such on nails per month.

Throwing Camping Gear After Camp Is Over

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One person says they went camping as a group. One of their friends bought a bunch of camping gear and accessories for the trip. After camping, he threw everything away because he was too lazy to pack it up for the 30-minute drive back home.

Spend a Year’s Salary on a Car

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How much of salary should one spend on a car? One person thought her friend was frivolous for spending $100k on a car when she made $120k.

Once the Food Goes Cold It Becomes Worthless

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There is a person who wouldn’t eat food once it becomes cold. And they won’t reheat. They send the food straight to the trash.


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One person has all her friends addicted to gambling. They waste thousands of dollars doing so but won’t give up the sport. 

Not Paying Health Insurance in the US

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One person wonders why someone would decide not to pay for health insurance in the US. Medical bills are insane, and if you do not have health insurance, you could suffer terribly financially.

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