The 8 Netflix Shows That Are Total Flops (But People Still Love to Watch)

Why bad shows? Some of the worst shows are best for specific times. When you are looking for some background noise when you work, turning on a bad show is a great way to have background noise without getting distracted.

Worst Netflix Shows

Inventing Anna. Julia Garner as Anna Delvery in episode 103 of Inventing Anna

Someone posted an unusual request, “I’m about to clean my apartment, and I want to put on a show for background music. But I don’t want to stream a good show because if I stream a good show, I don’t want to be cleaning as I’m watching it. If I stream a good show, I would want my undivided attention on it.

So what’s the worst show you have seen that’s a Netflix original? What show should be my “cleaning show?”

Here are some of the best responses.

Answers have been lightly edited for clarity. 

The I-Land

The I-Land Season 1. Ronald Peet.
Image Credit: Michelle Faye Fraser/Netflix.

One person answered, “The I-Land, the worst show on Netflix, no competition.”


Another added, “Came here to write this lol. It’s the worst show me and my husband ever watched (also couldn’t finish it even on off-screen)”


Devil in Ohio

Devil in Ohio. Heather Feeney as Purple-Robed Nun in episode 103 of Devil in Ohio.
Image Credit: Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix.

After one person wrote, “Devil in Ohio,” another person commented, “My mom watched it, and she said it’s terrible. She told me not to even bother.”


One person had a different perspective, “Tbh, I also binged the whole show whilst continuously complaining about all the plot holes and characters, and then the ending was also so annoying. I actually like bad TV, though.”


13 Reasons Why

Image Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix.

“People have mixed feelings on this one, but I personally hated 13 Reasons Why. I couldn’t finish the first season, and I usually finish every tv show I start even if they go downhill. The show made me uncomfortable in the way that I’m not sure if this was the point, but I honestly disliked Hannah (the character that {unalived}). If that’s what it’s supposed to do then I guess good job, but I just felt weird disliking her and I didn’t like her parents either. I didn’t feel bad for her or them,” one person said.


Keep Breathing

Keep Breathing. (L to R) Jeff Wilbusch as Danny, Melissa Barrera as Liv in episode 106 of Keep Breathing.
Image Credit: Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix.

One person joked, “There are certain episodes where you can literally go to the fresh market, comes back, and the story still didn’t develop any further.”


Emily in Paris

Lily Collins as Emily in episode 306 of Emily in Paris

“Emily in Paris… Cringe max,” one person responded.


“There was a big controversy over it lol. It definitely wasn’t great. I liked the concept, but they made it in all the worst ways,” someone added.



Echoes. Michelle Monaghan as Leni McCleary in episode 106 of Echoes. Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2022
Image Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix.

“I knew within the first 10 seconds the show was going to be bad. I lasted 1/2 the first episode. I was surprised too, I thought the main actress was usually pretty good. But ugh,” someone wrote.


Another added, “I am not picky, and usually, if a show has a decent storyline but is garbage, I will keep watching. This was the first show I’ve actually turned off. I don’t even think I looked up the ending because it was such {junk} it didn’t even matter.”


The Protector

Image Credit: Netflix.

One person explained, “I feel I’m pretty open-minded to many genres and humors but this show I just struggled so hard to finish. I managed to finish it because each season is slightly better than the last but my brother and SIL got to watch me struggle a many a night trying to finish it and I repeatedly told them, ” ill never recommend this show to anyone but I must finish it for my peace of mind,” but alas here I am recommending it. You will miss nothing.”


Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna. Julia Garner as Anna Delvery in episode 103 of Inventing Anna

“That show sucked. The acting by the girl playing the reporter was awful. The character development was terrible too,” someone complained.


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